Hear Oh Israel!

December 31, 2013


Gerald O’Donnell, 12.31.2013: As I lay down, I felt the familiar presence of the One coming and enveloping me as a cloud of solid Living Light, within and without. I totally lost the perception of having a biology, and the following words came out of my lips…
Please concentrate and give value to the message, and not as you usually have always done, give attention to and judge the messenger, for the messenger is irrelevant. I am you, part of the same Global Consciousness. I am here only to convey Truth during these challenging times:


You were My pride and I begot you.

I watched as you walked your path in so many Waters.

You followed your heart and often lost the reason for which I Created you.

You had to show my Way to ALL of My Creation.

You were to reveal My Presence to all that I had Created!

Every possible way to achieve this was made available to you.

You chose instead to restrict My Light and Presence by distorting My only Purpose which is to bring ALL that Is, My children, to the realization of what Is and can only Be.

So many lost dreams, restricted lives, and great distortions about who I Am!

So many barriers; so much suffering in vain!

The time had come for Me to gather you back for a last attempt.

And so it was Created by Me, for Me.

So much hope was present when you were brought back to where you had been Created!

Great Heavenly Forces were brought to your point of gathering in order to protect, guide, and sustain you.

And so you were again established as the last attempt to unite all My children, on all planes.

So much Love poured towards you!

You were a wonder to all nations as you grew into a power to be respected.

The hope was and still is that you would let go of old distortions you had created around the Unity of My Loving Presence.

Many within your branch and most other nations had invented distorted beliefs about who I Am and My desires.

False beliefs had spread throughout My Creations and caused so much havoc and conflicts amongst My beings!

You, Oh Israel, could have brought this to a point where My real intent and full Presence would have been forever and ever established!

You were born, all of you, with this pure knowledge about My Being.

Nevertheless, you chose, most of your time, to keep it hidden.

You created walls and barriers, and cried as you faced them!

My Being knows no walls, no barriers, no separation!

My Being flows everywhere!

There comes a time when the Godliness needs to restate Its Presence to All that Is!

There comes a moment when nothing nor anyone can, nor should, block that!

My Creation has turned into too much conflict and almost total chaos, and that cannot be allowed anymore!

My children need a strong reminder that I flow and Am everywhere, without boundaries, without end, without any restrictions!

My children need to understand why I created them!

Great uneasiness is upon the land; great turbulences are upon My horizon!

I will not allow My Beloved Earth to be pillaged by so many of my unruly children anymore!

I hear Her cries, Her constant wailing, as She implores Her Beloved to come down and engage Her and all of Her children in order to stop the immense suffering that they have imposed upon Her magnificent Being and upon each other!

I constantly hear Her PAIN and cannot stand aside anymore!



No force or power will stand upon MY WAY and create obstacles to MY HOLY DESIRES!



A time has come to GATHER ALL of My children BACK TO THEIR SOURCE!

A time has arrived to reunite ALL the parts that form the REAL ISRAEL onto My Holiness and My Holy Name!


Soon, I will Myself break all the dark barriers YOU have created or allowed to be imposed upon your eyes and hearts.

Nothing that you are convinced of shall remain the same; everything will be revealed!

Nothing will be able to hide from My Truth, for I need to reveal My Truth to all the parts that form Me.

FOR NOTHING ELSE IS TRUTH,  but merely shadows in the mirrors of My Mind.

Be prepared, for I Am soon to arrive!

PURIFY your Selves and all of your environment, for soon only purity shall be.

Impurity shall cease to exist at all the levels that form Me!

Gather your strength, for you will be told your task and will not doubt the source of your guidance anymore.


Remember why I created you, OH ISRAEL, MY CHILD, MY SELF, for soon I will gather All of you into my Bosom and My Awareness!

And on THAT DAY, Oh Israel, you shall be ONE, one child, one country, one belief in UNITY!




Please read these Important Clarifications from Gerald about the message he received:


The Unmanifest Eternal One (One Source to all sub-sources/creators) is saying that ALL people and Beings are His children and in Fact ISRAEL (the Holy Name of The One).

This message is addressed to ALL, but starts by addressing a direct Pure Divine Core connection made thousands of years ago ( in fact eons for Creation is not linear in time because of all the parallel universes) to an ancient small tribal people which He thenceforth called by His Holy Name, and whose descendants ended up in physical and spiritual exile, having forgotten to fully and unconditionally spread to all of mankind the knowledge about the Pure Love and Oneness of The One and Only, although they had been given originally a deep understanding of The One and their true mission.

This is very symbolic of all of us, for we all erred like lost sheep. Since physicality is the ultimate manifestation in our world, the symbolic but very real return to Source needed also to be anchored on the earth plane. The Direct reconnection to Sourcing Oneness was supposed to start again in physical Israel where it had all started eons ago, and then spread to the rest of our world and beyond.

That is how the One always operates, from a non-dimensional Dot (portal) expanding up to the immense multiplicity of the manifested many.

The One sends stern communications to some of His children and groupings of them who are injuring so extensively His female counterpart: Mother Earth, and wows to save Creation and break all barriers and shadows, for none exist at Its Holy level PENETRATING ALL.

This message is multi-dimensional and extends from a point of intense focus and protection on physical Israel to Everywhere. It starts talking to Israel as we understand it to be, and ends by calling all mankind Israel, for all beings are the children of The One who is the real ISRAEL (Yashar EL which means being straight the One as EL) which is His Holy Name.

The ultimate Dream of the New Creation is that Oneness will reign across and break all old barriers, and the whole world will then be called as One’s people, One’s country, One’s child, One’s core belief in the Oneness of ALL, by the Holy name of the One and Only: Israel.

I need to respect the way this direct communication streamed down, word after word. The One always talks in metaphors and on multiple levels.

I am trying to help you understand.

You will get all the guidance you need by reading this very important communication again and again, as much more will reveal itself, and especially by connecting within to The One and gaining clarity. 

Happy 2014 and far beyond!

Gerald O’Donnell

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