Dear friends:

Time may seem or be claimed to be an illusion since by definition all we really live in and are is the present. However, timing is all there is, and at this junction of our lives it may be propitious to reflect and pause, as turmoil takes away our capacities to contemplate gently upon the dance ahead and the swirls we are engaged in now.

It has been over 11 years since I have, sometimes softly, sometimes insistently, prodded your awareness to wake up to what it is we are all engaged in as a human family and how we need to take away the loads of superficial activities and concerns from burdening the rising tide and demands for simplicity and purity.

Many silent screams have been intoned by Higher Intelligences but in the cacophony of dissonant sounds swarming and swallowing our creation, few if any have been heard, especially if they did not fit the self-centered aspirations of the moment.

Maybe, if there is one wish I can make, it is for all of us to find the strength to pause in the middle of the madness and scream “quiet” and listen to the Inner guidance of the Holy Silent Voice within which is sending all of us messages of intended union, brotherhood, and peace, for such is our final fate on our long arduous journey as one family.

How many of us will resort to disconnect from madness to rejoin, albeit for single moments in our days, the quiet basking of Love personified within the song of the One and Its manifestation in nature and our Inner Heart, and connect ourselves to this Gentleness surrounding us and begging for sanity?

Remember that you are the Light shining forth the paths you walk in, and that if you do not shine your life upon them, they disappear, for without your consciousness they do not exist.

You are all blessed with the capacity to say “enough” and walk away from the old patterns of fear-gripping models that have enslaved us for so long. No need to explain why, to justify it to anyone, just turn your attention and direction away and new paths will form and shine forth.

The Golden road has already been created, it is up to us to walk it and experience its enchanted fragrance and be imbibed with its nectar. Why won’t we decide as a family to engage in its path, gently at first, as we take our first steps, and thenceforth more assuredly as we start to witness it magnificence?

Do you really trust and believe that the old journeys and answers lead us anywhere anymore? How often do we want to reinvent and repeat the same history?

Simplify, clean, purify, and throw the old patterns and enslaving knowledge and systems out.

In this gentle revolution of Love and simplicity where we all seek to embrace all of ourselves again and our common Source as One lies the key to the Golden way.

Remember when you basked in the quiet cradle of Love as you emerged into this world, all trusting, all loving, all hoping. This is you real Eternal Being.

Go back to this feeling. See yourself as newly born, newly fashioned in the image of the Eternal Love you originated from, and forget all the superficial burdens, the luggage of the land-to-nowhere, embrace yourselves again. Hug your self and yourselves, if only for a single moment, when you reclaim your real Being in the quiet silent voice of the Eternal Magnificence you really are, as you softly whisper “enough,” in the caressing wind of Spirit softly whistling :




May you be blessed with the ability to turn away from the howling swirling madness of old crumbling impure structures and shift and remain in the One Eye of the great peaceful new cleansing Hurricane that will then expand and thence quiet down as it overtakes all land and sea into a new Creation of Peace and gentle renewal.

In Oneness and with Love

Gerald O’Donnell


I have made available a newly updated version of our Remote Influencing E-book which you should please consult again and again for it contains many gentle but powerful understandings that are key to help you overcome the burdens of these turbulent times. Please feel free to send the link or distribute it in its original format to anyone you wish to, as it needs to permeate as many minds as can be, so that we all finally and permanently awaken to the fact that WE ARE ALL ONE – Creator and Creatures alike, and totally live and integrate the fact that when one of us is blessed with happiness, we all become happy, and when one of us suffers, all of us suffer in the process.

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I have also given 2 more interviews which I think you will enjoy listening to.

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