An Interview of Gerald O’Donnell by Kevin Moore

“There comes a moment, a point in Illusory Space/Time, when Truth needs to Reveal ITSELF to all of Its Selves/souls. This is one such crucial moment.”

Originally Recorded in Boulder, Co, in May 2018


I ask you to listen carefully and Integrate WHO you really are.

And because of what we have become as a Creation, this needs to be told and integrated rapidly if we want this very advanced Creational experiment to continue.

So PLEASE share this with as many brothers and sisters as possible, and use this and all the tools we provide, so that we ALL Re-Member Being the Only TRUE BEING there Was, there IS, and will only BE: ONE.


Here is the recording of the direct word-per-word transmission from the One and Only received on April 24, 2018 and the transcript of Its communication as received:

With Great Love. Gerald O’Donnell


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