The Era of One

To the One within each of our hearts:

Part 1

This message is to be read and read again with great patience and reverence until it is fully integrated and lived as One. Please share it and spread it rapidly as widely as you can.


Message from the One

Jerusalem: November 19, 2005


After experiencing the incredible contraction involving all energy levels of the Tree of Life. As I laid down, I felt the familiar presence of the One coming and enveloping me as a cloud of solid Living Light, within and without.
I totally lost the perception of having a biology, and the following words came out of my lips…
Please concentrate and give value to the message, and not as you usually have always done, give attention to and judge the messenger, for the messenger is irrelevant. I am you, part of the same Global Consciousness. I am here only to convey Truth during these challenging times:


The One is telling me the following:

He is thanking me for my audacity, tenacity, and courage. Everything had been created for eons to make sure that this event would happen. Nevertheless, of all the elements that have been prepared for this day, there remained some doubt in the eyes of many of the High level Creators who were preparing this with The One, as to whether I, as a human entity, who carried a possible connection to all the Higher energies within, could sustain the connection of so many disparate and tremendously powerful opposing energies and go through with this process. Many High level entities thought that this was too much for a human being to bear. I have freewill. Had I quit, because of the physical injuries I was sustaining, this whole process would have been a failure.


This is a Direct Message from THE ONE Addressed to Mankind


The One is telling me that this is the beginning to a new era in Creation which has been prophesized for eons: The era of One

From now on, the One, will not accept to be called by anything, but by what He really is which is One.

One is not a name, but a number – an attribute.

He will not accept anymore to be called by a name.

He has no name for He encompasses all that is called by name.

Therefore to call Him by name is just to address a reflection of Him, a certain facet: a subtract of Him. For He is All, and in that Allness, He is One.

Therefore, He will not manifest or express preference in being called by one name over another.

He will only manifest when He is called One and when beings manifest that Oneness that He is within their unity of operation and of perception.

This is the end to the era of competition. From now on, Creation will operate based on cooperation.

If groupings still insist that competition is the only way by which excellence is achieved in mankind or in Higher Beings, He will oppose this negation of Oneness to a great extent, up to a point where they, on their own, will realize the folly of what they have done, and will go back to the notion of Oneness and to the perception of One watching over His Oneness.

The One has no need for worshipping. He knows Himself for what He is.

Nevertheless the One has great need for Love being addressed at Himself and especially being addressed at one’s self and at all the elements that create the Oneness of Creation.

The One does not listen or pay attention to praises which do not take into account the Love that He feels for all parts of what He has Created, and for the desire that He has that this Love, unconditionally gifted and given, should spread amongst all the entities, who very often tend to focus more on separateness than on the unity of all-without-exception.

What has happened has been a difficult process of reunification within the energies that allow for Creation to exist.

The One now is as adamant and as tenacious as any, in insisting that in a rapid time frame of what we perceive as time, a similar unification of perception around the notion of the One Mind, The One Energy, should be instituted within the hearts, souls, and eventually the minds of all human beings.

The One connects to the hearts of all entities. He knows them through their heart, not their mind.

And it is through opening their heart to the Spirit inside that they all carry – The Spirit of Life: the Spirit of One – and opening their heart to the same One living everywhere around them in the hearts of others, that the One finds great rejoicing in His Creations.

Major corrective decisions have and are to be taken in the coming months and years.

The One is going to be active this time in Creation from within, and not without.

He is going to connect to all the parts that form manifest Creation from within their hearts.

He is going to heal their heart, their soul, and influence their minds.

Nevertheless, man will always be given a certain amount of free-will, and within that parameter of free-will man can achieve greatness, or man can cause great imbalance.

The One is monitoring every single entity in Creation from within. He knows every single thought they have. He knows truth. He is Truth.

From now on, Truth will be the only rule by which He will allow Himself to operate, for untruths, lies, and deceptions will be exposed by the will of One, at all levels of their operations.

Nothing, absolutely nothing can hide from the will of One.

All shall be revealed. All shall be known.

What is known inside by One, shall be exposed on the outside by One, and nothing will stop this.

Truth shall lead the world, and Love will connect all.

Nothing else is really important.

If man is willing to expose the truth of what he really is, which is One, and live in the Oneness of all, and love that notion and that reality – seeing it reflected everywhere in the magnificence that Creation shines upon him, man shall bask in the peace and unity of One forever and ever so.

This is all.

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