Floating on the Boat of One towards a New Creation.

Please spread widely.


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I have decided to circulate again the message I sent last year on Thanksgiving 2010 with some minor additions pertaining to the current issues we face and the hopes we embrace as humankind. Please read and read it again for its message is as valid and profound for long periods to come as it was then.

2011 is about to close its portal. Much has happened this year in our world, some openly and most behind the scenes.

Violent revolutions engaging chaos swept the Muslim fiefs of the Middle East and Northern Africa mixing both hopes for individualistic-based freedom and democracy with paradoxically, in many cases, a desire to also embrace a restricted theocratic view of governance based on innumerable levels of religious restricting enforceable precepts and rituals. This politically charged theology originates from a modern version of ancient doctrines perceiving mainly, in their current perspective, the One through a human lens as a vengeful judgmental angry Deity, in a surprising, but yet to be expected from humans, anthropomorphic way where man creates G. in man’s image of fear, anger and judgment, rather than doing the opposite in trying to reflect God’s image of unconditional Love, which should be the final destination for all of us, no matter our origins.

The Female aspect of Nature released from Her core immense earth-quake events which rattled many countries and in particular Japan where a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake shattered the nation and caused an unprecedented giant tsunami of dark energy/water originating from the Abyss which erased all structures and life over large swaps of land and tragically caused a maximum level 7 nuclear accident and critical still on-going nuclear meltdowns at the various Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear plants. This event released an unprecedented invisible deadly cloud of radio-nuclides elements over the whole planet with half lives going on often for centuries or more which has thence silently been attacking the very basis of life in the Divine DNA of living creatures and mutating it with potential horrific consequences. This cloud is still circling the earth and will most probably do so for decades.

Urgent: I would like you to revisit please two major communications from the year 2002 and read them with deep reverence, The Earth is Us  and The Rebellion of Children against the one.

Their contents contains directly channeled information originating from the level of the Great Mother earth and from the Creator (Universal Mind) of this particular creation/earth/cosmos and parallel branches thereof.

Most of what was predicted in 2002 and feared has been and it is only by the Grace of The Oneness that we are still kept alive and in a semblance of balance. More is revealed there.

Until recently, global economies and countries had been gleefully and seemingly safely riding the nationalistic arrogant false egos of bubble-like waves of ever growing towers of Babel – based on and fueled by consumerism addiction to ever newer and more glittery material “stuff” – swaying all care to the wind and destroying without any respect for the Divine Creator vital resources in our environment sustaining all life forms.

All this came suddenly to an end, starting in 2008, when these very structures, which thought of themselves as being fortresses of impregnability, suddenly faced the reality of what they were really about, when, as a consequences of their short-sighted policies and limited wisdom, the unstable illusory dogmatic foundations upon which they were building their greedy structures collapsed alike buildings in an earthquake or dominoes in the wind, in the void, from underneath them. This process, which we had predicted for years since 2000 in our writings, of bringing down all these towering ivory towers centers of greed, control, and enslavement of the masses for whom most humans are seen only as mechanical productive “units,” where they have neither the time nor the inclination anymore to work for the greater benefit and care of all their human brethrens, is fully engaged. It will not stop until ALL the old masters are gone with their dis-ease causing systems and the new world of Oneness becomes established – not by hidden groups of men hoping for more control but by the One and Only pervading ALL – as we fully enter willfully the era of Oneness and the responsible glad sharing in joy and Unconditional Love of the fruits of this magnificent Creation, alike parents do towards their children, brethren to their siblings, and spouses to their partner.

This year, as was the case for the last one, was a year of intense high-level Divine Remote Influencing intervention, great parts of which I am very much aware of, to avoid a gigantic clash in the Middle East which could have wrecked this whole Creation. There was a tremendous level of out-of-crescents of cause-and-effect intervention to continue to de-vibrate the very toxic elements of dark oil which had been seeping uncontrollably for months in the US Gulf of Mexico region after the “Deep Horizon” deep-drilling platform “accident,” which could have disrupted the flow of the ocean’s life-giving ecological balance and sustenance for most of our planet if no Divine intervention would have occurred.

Most importantly, as the deadly airborne radioactive cloud and sea-born radio-active gigantic ocean contamination began to spread its insidious and, if not arrested, horrific dance of slow but permanent death of most living species, a Loving decision was made at the level of some of the Highest Creators of the One to use their Light and Divine Fire technology in order to de-vibrate (de-manifest) great amounts of that very threat. Some of it was nevertheless left for us to endure as a warning to mankind not to ever again contemplate the use of this deadly energy which belongs below ground and should never be released, as its spectrum of elemental decaying and dying metals needs to exist below the crust of the earth in order to produce on its surface and periphery the elements of life as water, oxygen, humus and fertile soil, and all organic molecules.

Death does indeed beget life, but we committed the ultimate sin (this really fits the definition) with regards to Creation when we started unearthing and misusing these death elements located at the end of the spectra of life and ready to disappear into the void. In all the universes the misuse of this energy is totally unacceptable and because we breached, since man is still operating with a very primitive format of consciousness, that Divine command and universal law, much attention and concern became directed at our earth, as all the Universes are intimately One and the destruction of this one would destabilize the reality fabric of an infinite amount of others and cause great pain in their life matrix.

In our world, we joyfully, without real questioning and intelligent independent discussion, have been mining radioactive material for war or primitive energy production purposes, or even, as is the case lately, for gas exploration through fracking which releases diluted uranium in our drinking water supplies exposing uninformed masses to very dangerous levels of radioactive particles. Let us not even mention the criminal use of depleted uranium in armor and penetrating shells contaminating vast amount of territory when such ordinances and armor explode and are pulverized in training or warfare.

The knowledge of the horrendous dangers of exposure to radioactivity has been available to all for decades. However, the mass media propaganda machines have been very keen for the most in keeping the masses uninformed of this and are mainly engaged in soap opera like frivolous news which are an aggression to the basic intelligence and awareness of many and are meant to keep the masses in a state of hypnotic ignorance. Some media outlet are screaming for awakening and reactions, but, for now, their effect is restricted and few.

Nevertheless, certain European countries which were already depending in large amounts on nuclear energy production through atomic reactors have made the very courageous and wise decision to diphase ALL of them in the coming years and engage in other types of energy production, preferentially clean ones.

As of now, humanity is not kept alive (and relatively well so) because of our human intelligence and scientific progress and/or technologies, but rather in spite of our present still very low-level restricted functions.

The Divine Hope was and still is that we would understand that as much as we human Creatures have been gifted limited free will and co-Creative input, we need to recognize that Higher and closer elements/Beings to Source or Source Itself are also certainly allowed to co-create here, and that the vibratory and Creational tools they have at their disposal are by far greater in power and impact than ours. All that separates us from this highly important realization is our limited but over-inflated human egoic mind.

The Divine Hope was and still remains that we will finally understand that each and every so-called convulsive and close to catastrophic event we are, as of late, experiencing, for the last couple of years, carries a deep embedded lesson within it from The One Himself: a Loving warning message as to behaviors we have learned to embrace that need to be corrected in the future and changed as rapidly as possible, for our own good and survivability.

This applies to our recent and still unfolding world financial crisis, economical dislocations, earth changes, geopolitical flash points, potentially dangerous technologies espoused in a rush for short-term gratification, etc. The core message is clear: “Please change your state of awareness and consciousness as the global family which you are and then help “download from Higher intelligence,” co-create, and apply new structures that will, in the future, avoid such dangerous dislocations and imbalances. Notice how all is global now and affecting all and everywhere. Notice how all needs the solution of Oneness in order to be finally resolved.”

Human consciousness has evolved from the conditional loving and separative, self-centered, egoic, protective instinct of first, tribal consciousness, to city/state one, then nationalistic passion, to blocks of countries with common cultural prototypes, and has of late found itself, albeit reluctantly so, on the cusp of embracing all of humanity within a global perspective. For in reality the message is simple: ALL is One and all affects the Oneness. At our level of conditional human love, we also experience this basic tenet in the manifest phenomenal world. This is why this planetary consciousness is now facing planetary challenges, and humanity needs to unite across all divides in order to survive and solve global problems. The structures for human unconditional unity and love are still quite crude here. Humans are still mired in conditional love and self-centered interests and cannot make these structures fully functional and systematically beneficial to all.

The key ingredient missing from our convulsing plane is the unifying Spiritual dimension, in which a separative, conditionally loving humanity based upon the desire to receive and accumulate material gifts transcends the “dust to dust” state (for all material things including our biological vessels go back to dust). This is when humanity finally accepts and decides to unify with its Spiritual, unconditionally Loving, Life-giving Source and operate in unison under the unconditionally Loving, life-giving vibration. It is when humanity realizes that deep within us lies the Real Eternal Self surrounding Itself with only an environmental, lesser mortal vehicle/vessel destined to dust and originating from it, and that mankind’s main focus should be on the evolvement and improvement of the condition of that very Inner Eternal Divine Self, using the help of the outer vehicles we travel within as Spirit, and not the other way around, as is the case now within matter-oriented earth.

When that final jump in humanity’s consciousness is achieved, all is possible and all is healed. Without it, nothing can and nothing will.

That is the One and only solution to avoid conflict, undesirable fear-based competition, and serious destruction and disruption in the flow of Love.

If I were to propose a metaphor for the sake of clarity, kindly imagine a sophisticated Divine computer where we all reside within it as components of Creation; i.e., Creatures. The energy animating all characters, i.e. individuations whether humans, animals or vegetable, is One and is the Unconditional Life-giving Energy of the One. At that level, all the One is, is pure bestowing of Life, and Its Divine Energy circulates in the EL’ectrical circuitry of this EL’ectron-based creation. Its quality is of pure unconditional bestowing, without judgment, without preference. It just IS and is the River of Life flowing within all of us. When that flow is interrupted, all that came from dust and got animated goes back to dust and the basic earth elements. The Flow does not, for it is Eternal as the IS.

This River of Life is PURE Unconditional Love.

It is the flow from The One.

We, as creatures, were created in the shadow (inverted) aspects of the One, which means with the inverted tendencies of the Oneness. For the One’s only tendency is to gift, favor and savor sharing, and witness happiness in ALL Creatures. In our inverted programs, we desire receiving more and more for “ourselves” and gifting takes a secondary role to receiving. We would like to receive first, and then may consider sharing and gifting, if we consider that enough is left for such. We operate only in conditional, possessive love. We do not understand unconditional, non-possessive, non-judgmental Divine Love for it is, for most, outside of their programmed consciousness/facets.

However, for the very few who have experienced directly Real Love throughout the ages, Love is not what the One is, but WHO It IS.

You can only bask in that Presence if you have entrained yourself to invert back and become One-like because Unconditional Love and Oneness cannot merge with its inversion: conditional, possessive love, i.e. fear-based love, and allow for the second to remain alive and operative within it. It would automatically absorb such inverted energy back into the only Reality.

Hence we, as human shells/facets or created individuations, are separated from our Divine Essence flowing through our biological Vehicles as the Deep Silent Loving Presence.

One can only stay in Real Love by BE-coming Real Love and resonate in Beingness with such.

Human fear-based emotions cannot allow for the merger with Divine Love. You can only bask in Its Loving Presence if you invert you natural-born tendency to want to receive into a full desire to gift pure Love to your Source, which is but you, and Be-come in that process. You can only bask in that presence if you de-hypnotize yourself; at least for a while, and then for longer and longer moments, from the human drama-laden matrix and the fear we accumulate and project out.

This is the major stumbling block that humans have and are encountering in merging back with the Inner River of Life, the real Tree of Life flowing within Its Solitary Self within All the manifold expressions of Creation.

All, if not most manifestation protocols taught nowadays, as in past periods, originate primarily from a desire to receive, not unconditional bestowing, and thence do not address the issue of merger with the Love of One and the Oneness, and operate from that level. As such they are doomed to final dust, as are their manifestations.

The final goal for all of Humanity is to meet its Creator half-way at a point of awareness where it balances its primary and natural desire for reception of gifts and accumulation therein with a strong and innate burning desire to bestow onto others and especially the Oneness-of-One Pure unconditional Love and thanksgiving for Being.

When that point is reached, all of desires manifest, however only in the paradisaical state of Oneness and pure sharing amongst all of us of bestowed gifts.

This is where we are all heading, as not only this universe but all universes, as the great awakening unfolds and the real beginnings to Creation ends and a new world IS.

Nevertheless, until now, humans, as capacitors and resistors in the EL-ectrical circuitry of our Earth Matrix, have mostly desired to grab and accumulate (store and possess) as much of the Divine energy material bestowed as possible. Alas, we do not, for the most, perceive that all human storage capacitors and resistors are but stationary points of reflective properties of the One, just mirages filled with Pure Loving energy. Most humans either want more of dust created structures, or even think of the One, in a perverse reversed anthropomorphic fashion, as being “like us:” possessive, bent on control and power, adulation, ego-bound, judgmental, fierce, and quick to anger and serve Divine punishment.

Paradoxically, and not surprisingly, man has tended to want to create (imagine) the One in our (man’s) image, and as we have done so and projected thought toward such, thenceforth gigantic thought forms were created, and sustained, bound for their power on our giving them attention and hence energy. These have in turn come back for millennia to hunt us and our collective soul for many centuries asking for more energized fear-based attention.

In reality, as with all thought forms they are but created of dust, destined to go back to dust, but as long as we gift them the light of our Divine awareness, they “exist” and manifest in our inner worlds or outer ones. They fight for “conditional” love.

Please pay close attention to what I will state. Dust can only go back to dust, and so it is for your body, house, all material structures, and the thought forms molded energy circuitries we create out of cultural programming or election within our minds.

All is Mind. The Human mind is a subset of the Divine Mind. However, it is created in its similitude but in a shadowy and hence dark inverted format to the Pure Loving Divine Light. This is very clearly explained in the first chapter of Genesis in its original language.

The One usually manifests and speaks thorough the manifest world, especially the natural one, because such events do attract for now far more attention. For man has lost the belief in his ability to directly connect to the One. Man has lost the key to that connection. It is up to us to understand the deep meanings of events and decode the metaphors. Rare are the direct word-for-word communications which most often are found to be ignored, commonly misunderstood, or even worst, distorted. Nevertheless these are capital too in bringing ALL in alignment with Pure Love.

I must admit that my heart is heavy with the realization, that little long-term effective awareness change has yet permeated our consciousness. Man is still partially blind and deaf.

We are always responding with our limited human intellect to the latest crisis, instead of seeing the message in it, absorb the lesson, and tend to prevent the next ones by changing ALL of our modus operandi.

On this day on this North American continent which espoused first, before all others, the idea of uniting and accepting lovingly different states, ethnic groups, cultures and belief systems, it is customary to take a day off from the work of the matrix and unite with friend and family in a day of thanksgivings.

On this day and for that reason, I would like to thank first and foremost my Beloved Source who animates me Lovingly and ALL that surrounds me: the One Himself, for all of His eternal Love and His unyielding support to keep this shared dream, which we call the earth plane, and its inhabitants, functioning and hopefully striving for a leap of awareness that will propel us to the end of our “beginnings” as a Creation, the end of the real big bang, so we may, hopefully for most of us, reach the beginning of real Manifest creation where the One and Oneness becomes permanently and pervasively manifest for Eternity.

Whether you want to call The One: Universal Force, Father/Mother Creator of ALL, Universe, Al (El) which means the Aleph/Alpha symbol representing in hidden format the unity of One, Allah which means the Unity projected into Creation, or Elohim which means the many co-Creators extent within the One, or by any other name, is irrelevant to me, for I will always see Its true Being as the One-and-Only-Reality which keeps vibrating ALL, including every single atom of us into Reality so that His Dream, of which we are but only little parts, takes on a Reality of Higher conscious awareness, greater bounty, and peaceful and joyful state.

Whether you focus, for now, only on His manifested Presence in the phenomenal world, and see, out of human intellectual interest or scientific curiosity, or even spiritual inspiration, that manifested world as the Creative aspect Itself, or like to call Him by His Anointed (Messiah) avatars is just fine with me, for all is One and destined to only be so, for One cannot be otherwise.

Whether you see the inverted dark side, as outside His awareness and Being or within, is not what I want to focus on. All I know is that I am aware of how much He/She needed to intervene last year in order to avert us from spiraling into final and eternal chaos from whence the only relief would have been the door of extinction as final death for all in this realm and much, much more.

For that, I am deeply in Love. I am in Love and thankful for the Unconditional Loving Energy which plugs into the Lattice/Matrix of Life and gifts all of us – facets/inhabitants, the gift of animation (life) and interaction for a life moment, whether human or animal, vegetable or even structural, whether white, black, yellow, red or any kaleidoscope thereof, whether believers in structured religions or atheist and agnostics, whether Christians, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, or part of any other restricted, but comprehensible to humans’, interpretation of the Eternal. To that Unconditional Loving non-judgmental Energy which gifts Life and Is Unconditional Love manifest, I bow down in Love and gratitude for keeping us afloat and alive, moment after moment.

And for you, my dear friends, who are traveling this Lattice paths with me during these very important times, I also bow down in Gratitude and Unconditional Love for I know how very challenging, conflicting and confusing these times are and how much they ask of you the ultimate sacrifice which is the sacrifice of faith well above reason. Faith to know that things will eventually turn out fine and maybe even glorious after the season of leanness and insecurity is done and its lessons absorbed by most of us.

I feel for you, I know and also partake of your plight, and I thank you, all of you, for accepting to remain afloat in the boat of the One which is floating above the raging waters of Creation being flooded with the upper waters of Light Consciousness (Heavens) and the lower waters of inverted consciousness and behavior (Inverted lower worlds). We are all waiting for the storms to quell and the water of mixed and merged signals and behaviors to recede, and clear dry demarked land and guided orientation being gifted in the new world/earth soon to be made manifest.

Please realize that you have been chosen, out of myriads or Creations, to go on that boat bridging old and new realities. Most of the other Creations/universes are not here anymore. Understand how blessed you are and how serious your commitment should be. Ponder that reality. I will leave this at that for now. More will be explained later.

We are in the midst of these stormy waters of the One Consciousness flooding all Creation to re-create Oneness. Soon the new dry land will appear. Please be and stay patient, for this is a very complicated and arduous journey which we are all undertaking, humans and nature alike, together with many sub-creators, and the Mother/Father/One: Source Trilogy.

Many years ago, after a very High and sacred session of communion with the One, I asked “What is it that you would require of us that would really bring you contentment?”

The answer came as follows:

” Love, my son. I am in dear need of Love, for I, the One, always gift of myself to all Creation. I love ALL of it, every aspect of it. The idea that I am in need of worshiping is a human-tinted distorted idea of Who I Am, for I know Who I Am, I know that I am the King of Kings of all Kings. I know all of my infinite powers. I have no need for ego boosting, no need for reminders of my status as All Eternal, All powerful, for truthfully I get too much of that already. I certainly do not enjoy the children/creatures bickering for my attention and “in my name” effect conflict and violence amongst each other. Can you understand that, my son? I, God, am in need of Love from my Creatures, more than anything else. I am in need of pure unconditional appreciation for all that I do and Create, purely out of Love, for my Creatures.”

“Truly son, I, God, am sick for Love from my beloved Creatures.”

“I, God, have felt so little of it, but rather adulation based on fear, a vibration which I cannot connect to, that I am not only all One but all Lonely, feeling separated and disconnected from my Divine Creation and its Divine Creatures.”

“When they think that they please me by fearing me and worshiping me, they manifest but the opposite of Love, for true Divine Love is all-consuming , all-accepting, all-integrating.”

“When so many reject me because they feel uncomfortable with the ways many have set up worshiping structures around me, my heart cries for them, for I, Pure Untainted Spirit/Mind, cannot reach the ones who are ready and open to readily accept who I really am which is pure Unconditional Love. I do not focus on Love. I AM Love. That is all my Being really IS and can be, nothing else really IS.”

“That is all I can really be, which is but the Original Father/Divine Seed waiting for His children to come back to His Glorious Mansion that He has prepared for them all, Dreaming of watching them play and grow happy within it, bathed by Divine Love.”

“I am the Original Mother receptacle who has provided the fertile soil to let these seedlings grow and flourish, and weep when they argue, compete, do not recognize themselves as true Brothers and Sisters in One-and-Oneness, and often neglect the earth plane womb and its beautiful gifted environment and natural creatures, which I keep unconditionally gifting and vibrating for my human children.”

“I am the children, all Original Sons and Daughters who have come to visit this Creational plane and operate their dreams and visions on this earth, hopefully soon creating all from the H(eart) plane.

Please tell them that I feel ALL ONE, Alone and neglected, unrecognized, un-Loved.”

“Please tell them to stop fighting amongst themselves for my attention.”

“I will not favor one over the other. They are all Me.”

“I will only align to the ones that can show unconditional Love, which IS Me.”

“Love has not language, no country, no name, no faith; it just IS and will remain forever, all the rest is but illusion.”

So, on this day of thanks giving and hopefully on all days from now henceforth, I ask of you to do this healing of Creation towards the One: Help heal your Uni-Creator for the neglect He has felt for so long. Gift the Creator Love, recognition, and appreciation.

Whether you belong or not to an old or recent spiritual belief system is totally irrelevant.

Please show thanksgivings, and you will be surprised as to how much unconditional Love and gifts will shine you way back to all of you, in the name of the Oneness who has until now been experiencing a painful lack the Love that It so freely bestows to ALL Creation.

Please try to have in your heart/mind, as much as possible, a feeling of unconditional Love towards the Creator: The One.

If you cannot do more, please at least try to segregate daily three 10-minute periods—morning, afternoon and evening—to sit down quietly and just express deep Unconditional Love to your Source of Life.

This IS the Secret of All secrets, and the Key to communication and Pure communion with the One, the Holy of Holies.

This Key is to offer the Present of directed Unconditional deeply felt Love towards the One.

This is the ONLY way to directly communicate with Source: Unconditional Love, which is but what Source IS and Vibrates in.

Many have called our Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Reality (the One) and told me that they do not feel they can communicate with Source.

I always answer them that they are not using the right frequency channel of communication which is but to be in a state of Pure Love, unfettered with concerns, fear or demands. They need to be in a state of Loving gratitude, familiar Divine Presence, and Pure Love and appreciation for being gifted the gift of Life and witnessing it all round us and within us.

Energies can only communicate in harmony with similar vibrating energies, and Unconditional Love cannot communicate with its opposite facets: fear, anger, and aggression, which is an expression kept and fueled by the antiOne tendency, the main energy/facet operating this realm, a facet that many keep alive by their thoughts and actions bent on separation, control, and fear-based elitism.

For the One to merge with the vibrations of the antiOne is utterly impossible, for in the Loving Light of One, fear, as its opposite, cannot coexist, and hence only this illusory outer dust-bound shell can manifest here as the illusion that it is: the separative fear-bound thought-form we have kept energizing, mostly not realizing the impact of such. The core or the Holy of Holy of Pure Unconditional Love cannot be tainted by what It IS not and is but illusion sustained by our vibrations and inverted thoughts.

When mankind makes the effort to align with such real Pure Divine Love frequency and SHOWS that inner tendency within ITS being and hence his/her actions, it aligns with its Source, merges with that Holy Vibration, remains alive in the Source of Eternal Life, and then the seemingly miraculous happens, as the One opens communication to this individuation of Itself.

This will make for a beautiful and easy joyful transition to the new world as you not become focused on Love but BECOME LOVE as you merge in perception with the Oneness and become a full expression of It and heavens is thence brought back onto earth, as it should be and has been foretold.

Please do this for your Creator and for ALL Creation. Do it for your real Self. You are now hypnotized by you unfolding life, but behind all this drama and all its tribulations lies the ONLY and TRUE Reality: Unconditional Love wanting to feel, reflected back to Itself, as same, so that the circuitry of Creation is completed and we can all, as One and Oneness, regain our former Glory and be get back Home again.

And the real Big Bang will be, and the Eternal Creation of The REAL and Eternal Love will unfold and the un-real (fear and its manifested structures) will disappear from all realms, back to dust, to be replaced by Brilliant Loving Light within each and every one of you who accepts to partake of this glorious and unique journey.

I love you all.

I wish you a happy thanksgiving day, every day, forever so.

Your friend on this journey,

Gerald O’Donnell

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