March 10, 2014


Dear friends:

As you must have noticed recently lots of major and very fast moving geo-political global events are engaging our consciousness and forcing us to make responsible and far-reaching decisions as to where we want our reality to evolve into. Even though many are preaching isolation in actions and especially in consciousness in various messages and encourage us to focus only upon one’s own shores and positive dreams, all oceans of consciousness are becoming united as the Unity shift is fully engaged, and that very United Field is now throwing waves after waves of wake-up calls to our individual, global and in fact multi-dimensional realities.

We are sons/daughters of Thought Itself: Pure Divinity, and as such our thoughts Create within the Creator’s Mind.

As predicted and announced on our site for over a decade now, we are at this very junction in time/space facing a fatidic crossroads between either a glorious best future case scenario of gentle and wonder-filled easing into a totally new paradigm of much Higher Loving expression of Creation awaiting our embrace, if we chose individually and as a family to operate in Oneness and show deep care to all the spectra of Life Itself.

Or, we may soon experience a somewhat temporary but very painful fall into the pits of the abysmal old programs and energies that have over and over again been proven to help bring to humanity gigantic chaos, violence, and intense suffering under different periods and formats of expression covering eons of history.

We have free-will to make the choice to re-engage in them and they indeed are appearing with their ugly heads on the horizon of our consciousness in order to be our most painful teachers. Their lesson is always the same and follows the modus operandi of forcing us to re-experience ever more painfully so, when we espouse these power based separative programs and attitude, how much we as the human family erred away from Divine alignment and the magnificent Dream Our Sourcing Origin has always had for all of us. Even though these beliefs and accompanying energies have time and time again proven to be failed experiments and systems, our obsession in re-visiting them in so-called modernized versions is very disturbing to the Core of Higher Expressions of ALL Creation.

Nothing operates in a vacuum. Natures and reality abhors it, and in fact we are all One, all connected, and there is no real vacuum anywhere.

Therefore, although all our little bubbles of reality seem somehow individual ones, as we have no full acquaintance of the full connection and unity of the background implicate field which unites and sustains ALL life, we affect ALL and affect the ALL Itself by our individual choices.

All philosophies, of old or recent origins, which continue preaching and encourage us to only affect our own single evolutionary awareness and soul, and to try to ascend and/or manifest purely on an individual basis, as an individual mission, are to increasingly be proven to be failed and false systems of ego-centric misinformation which have been allowed until now by the Creator, as a test.

From now on, real ascension, correction of our soul’s purpose and consciousness evolution is to become a global and fully interconnected phenomenon. On an individual basis the rate of ascension may vary, but what is capital is for all segments of humanity to engage and become aware of how important it is to do so. We cannot ascend anymore purely individually unless the global field engages also in such, and vice versa. So the work starts within each and every individual, and the reflective operation is then manifested on-line and on-life as we see the fruits of this total and full shift of Creation and operation.

Thenceforth, the rules of manifestation using thought merged with energy need to embrace the new paradigm of global ascension, not so much in an additive sense using the power of global focused meditation, but far more in a inner conjunction and acceptance of the new paradigm of Oneness which needs to be rapidly engaged and acted upon by each single individual. In that holy mission, all old dissonant programs/systems that have enslaved us for so long are to be erased by us, for us and our common future.

We have the power, the ultimate power: the Power of Thought and choice.

In fact, regarding the two only possible choices we are to engage as a human family, no matter what we choose as paths, mankind will end up in the same destination, Oneness and One. However, if we do not choose rapidly Oneness, the participants might be quite fewer, the reconstruction far harder, and the memory of what happened and what could have instead been so easily chosen and traveled, very much etched in the memory banks of future mankind as a hard but capital lesson.

I again encourage you to listen carefully to my prior two interviews which were oddly blocked by certain ISPs and even countries. To speak of Loving Oneness and sharing care is not only often looked as puerile and naive in the modern memory banks of mankind, but in fact arousing more than plain scorn in the form of censorship and even more… Pure Oneness is not very politically, socially or even spiritually “correct” anymore. Hoarding of energy and “things” as a reward system for efforts has overtaken our family and the holy sense of humankind being one Divine family.

In a world where power, as money, rules all, the sweet silence voice of Original Purpose has a hard time to be heard above the cacophony of louder power/money-based media.

Money was never meant to be a master enslaving all our thoughts and actions, but an artificial energy media that should circulate easily and gently amongst all bringing us balance and the ability to engage in higher creative endeavors far beyond the dreams of basic survival or primitive over blown ego. We have now sadly, for most, bowed to the Golden Calf and made it our god, our idol. We party and fest around it. We circle its dead fake energy as it hypnotizes all of our endeavors.

Money is, for now, important as a means of exchange and should be mainly directed at the Great Shift and especially the ones who are ready for it and helping it in so many endeavors and fields.

But that is rarely the case lately, as nations, and corporations hoard and spend it on often destructive even dangerous or frivolous operations.

This cannot continue as the shift to Oneness is engaged in ALL levels of Creation, and I am afraid and also deeply know that The Oneness Itself will regain its Kingdom in ways which may become unpleasant to many as It fully destroys the Golden Calf and the orgiastic party of excesses around it, replacing it with a holy energy of connection and a new focus for humanity’s consciousness towards the Oneness of all, as mankind is made to rise up from the ashes of un-consciousness.

That is why I need you to help me and engage others. There is little time left. I am not trying to be dramatic. I ask you to be aware of what our environment has turned into in all spheres in the last decade and which direction it shows to us as our reflective mirror. We are living in and creating a immense amount of sewage and poisonous waste and thoughts. Sure, as a polar response, many realize the enslavement and seek enlightenment, but they increasingly feel choked on the growing stench of the toxic fumes. Many search refuge into denial as a defense mechanism. We need to stop this movement towards potential oblivion.

So yes, please focus on the positive, the beauty, the wonder, the potential, but most importantly also focus on teaching your brother and sister the importance and the meaning of Oneness and The One Creator. Become a living model of it. Align, embrace, forgive, care, share, and love!

When I see lately in cyberspace the types of videos and messages which often become easily viral, my heart tears as I realize how difficult it is to raise awareness to what is core, what is foundation, what is real. We drown in the illusion, in the un-real. We have lost our ways.


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