This is more than a dream come true

This is Truth becoming a reality

The One



August 28th, 2005. Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing


Urgent. To be posted Immediately: Hurricane Katrina

It is extremely important that you send this message to as many as you can, especially the ones potentially on the projected path of this Hurricane. You will understand. Tell them to rapidly evacuate toward higher grounds. Their lives are at stake. This is not about here (US) and now, but beyond space and time. This message is not about fear, but rather about how to put fear into perspective and shift all onto a new world.

Today, Sunday August 28, 2005, a massive behemoth-size hurricane is plunging its fierce sheer destructive power towards the southern US coastal area.

I was given on last Tuesday night a very vivid vision of gigantic waves overtaking ALL dry land, so that only One remained without the necessary souls that could populate the Creative dream. Two days later, this storm born out of nowhere, passed over us (FL) and took all predictive models and weather behavior specialists by surprise by not following known natural patterns.

This is no drill, and beyond the immediate warning to the ones on the path of this monster-sized storm, to run to higher grounds, I wish to state the following:

This and upcoming events which will come in an accelerated manner, are warnings to all of US to pay attention to the Oneness of us and express it sooner than later.

Many messages, gifted and posted since April 2004, and many recent Remote Viewing sessions done at the Academy, some of which will be partially reproduced very soon on this site, have pointed strongly to a major shift happening in this Creation.

Major impacting events will most probably unfold starting now, and expanding in September – especially October, and November 2005, and later.

As was mentioned in a prior message originating in 1991 from the One Himself, Truth is about to light up the dark recesses of untruth, lies, deceptions, and illusory strength/power.

All lies, are ultimately lies to our selves, to our real Being, and that cannot be extant for long.

Truth is about to reveal Itself, and in that act nothing can impede It.

Much of what we have taken for granted as accepted truths and programmed beliefs systems, will clash against a new “reality.” Many will understand that this is but a wake-up call from the One Consciousness to Consciousness, for all is One. Others will stubbornly retreat, entrench, and fight for whatever old political, scientific, or spiritual beliefs they hold dear and immutable. Nothing can stop the Truth of One from being revealed. What can change is the form this realization takes. We each have free-will to bathe in Its reality, or fight for the illusion a bit more. For the ones who will be in the realization and the knowing that the One Loving Intelligence is guiding our gradual awakening from the Dream, most events will be seen in the Light of the Intelligent Guidance which they wish to reflect. The brightest of their inner dreams will manifest. Inner calm, love, joy, and protection will be their guidance.

For the ones who continue to live in denial, fear, elitism, and in the untruth of their old fear-based belief systems and power structures, the greatest fear of their worst inner nightmares will manifest, and they will experience on the outside the inner demons that they have created on the inside.

The world is but a reflective mirror of the pages that our thoughts write in the book of life.

This One and Only reality, is about to be highly revealed to the ALL: the One.

We choose in each moment the direction of our thoughts and in that creative act we manifest loving unification, or fearsome separation. That is all One can do in order to create.

Remote Viewing sessions targeting future probable political, financial, and environmental events, show a high probability of major impacting events to occur soon and change the shape of the whole world.

The common thread in all of them, is for the Light of Truth to put forward in the open the hiding face of untruths and lies. All that is untruth is going to be revealed in the open, and its impact will be felt at all levels, without exception.

There is a strong possibility of the winds of war engulfing again the Middle East, particularly Iran.

This or similar events would have uncalculated consequences about the geopolitical structuring of this world.

Much of the movement in human consciousness is now projecting out and reflecting back the inner fears which have defined our modes of operation for so long. Our inner dark demons cannot remain forever inside, for at some time they manifest themselves on the “outside.” Dark thoughts and dark energy cannot fuel forever the basis of our Creational system without having major reflective consequences impacting and hurting all of us.

Terrorism will most probably increase, and the US-led coalition will find itself fighting a ghost-like enemy. The force which many countries are facing now is Fear itself made manifest, for we have not transmuted it yet nor brought it out to the Light of our true Being: One.

Fear did show itself in full strength during the Nazi era, and it is resurfacing again with a vengeance, for we have not learned the lesson yet. We have not yet faced and acknowledged the demons that we possess inside. We have lived in denial, and acted in the same old power-dominated ways, filled with Fear, filled with denial of all being One. Hence, Fear separated from Love evermore and gained much strength again, and is now made manifest again. We cannot address the terror outside, without addressing the extreme fear/terror inside, for all is but ONE.

Nuclear weaponry might be made operational in Iran with the secretive cooperation and testing grounds of a Muslim US ally very versed in this horrific technology. Military action against this nation is being very seriously contemplated.

This will shift and imbalance the world in ways which are yet unimaginable and which we would rather not discuss here and now, in order not to energize this situation.

The constant attack by the nature of man against the Nature of One (the Natural world) is about to become rebalanced in an act of unification of the perception of the two really being intrinsically One. No man or grouping of men can hurt or alter nature, without hurting or altering man in return, for they are but One.

This perceived idea of the illusory separation of man from his living womb is about to be shown in its true light of greed and unconscionable consequences.

All projected lies about the safety and lack of damage of our poisonous thoughts and actions upon our God-gifted and created environment are about to be revealed in the Truth of One.

Man cannot hide from the Light of Truth inside of denial, false reports and data, secret meetings and organizations, churches, or temples.

It is not the mind of man which is being revealed, but his heart. This applies to each man, woman, and child.

This is not about judgment, for One cannot even perceive of it. How could One judge and hurt parts of One? Only man can live in this aspect of reverse spiritual anthropomorphism.

Only man can think that One thinks like himself and is only man.

This is about Truth, and Its Revelation. This about Truth allowing within Its One Self only expressions and manifestations of Truth. All others will have to eventually go, for although they see themselves in the light of in-dividual consciousness, the only truth is that they are within the Unifying-verse of Truth.

Nothing is disconnected from anything in One.

We cannot genetically alter, or imbalance what has been created by Infinite Intelligence and Perfection in an already perfected way. Although we may see or perceive a minuscule portion of the impact of our actions, just trust that the IS created all much better that we ever could, and knows as ALL ONE the total impact of all our experiments.

This lack of humility and realization of our lack of understanding, and the fact that many leaders and scientists still stubbornly resist connecting to the Spark of One who they all carry in order to get in-spiration, and guidance, is what has caused the tremendous extremes and imbalances in our weather, allocation of resources, and lack of balance and health in the physical, mental, and spiritual planes.

The planet is right now in an imbalanced state at all levels. Global warming is real. All it takes is not another study, but to be courageous enough to walk outside of one’s inner castle of denial and notice the world-wide extremes of temperatures and violent fluctuations in weather.

All the recent global warming related events, such as gigantic hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods etc. are just direct messages addressed to mankind by Global Intelligence so that it pays attention to the notion of One, Unity of it all, and then asks for the help and inspiration from the One within which ALL is being embodied.

None of the climactic events follow regular prior patterns. Please, do understand that this is a message which states that there is a Infinitely Intelligent Being guiding and directing their course. Nothing happens by chance. All that remains for us is to pay close attention and understand that One Truth is revealing itself.

The same goes for world events. Mind can influence mind, if it so desires. For in the end, all minds IS but parts of Global Mind.

The damage to the ecosystem is so vast, that no amount of man’s efforts or new technologies will ever be able to return this plane of operation into a semblance of balance.

Only the inner realization of One, and the request by us, as One, to get the Infinite Help and Creative Intelligence of One, will bring back full outer and inner balance to our fractured world and society.

Corporations are only about money, not about people. They were created as such, and for no other reasons. Why impute them with what they have not been created for? To have allowed these illusory entities to dictate and control our lives, choose leadership, and control all and everything is showing a lack of fortitude on all our parts and a myopic vision of reality.

This is where ENLIGHTENED One-heart-centered leadership comes to play. It is high time for real in-spired leadership to arise somewhere, some time, in this One ship adrift we call our planet Earth. It is high time, for One to take back control of One in Oneness.

Man’s new religion is the worship of man by man: the worship of restricted linear thinking, the worship of what we call intellect, and the adulation of linear mind ruling over thinking heart. Science embodies our high priests and we need to recognize that, as part of mankind, it reflects the untruth and corrupted thoughts that we project lately.

Many so-to-speak advisory scientific and financial boards deny the widespread and often irreparable damage done by man’s profit-based technological paradigms, upon man’s and nature’s body, mind, and spirit. Do not take this lightly. These are, often unknowingly so, merchants of death, and not priests of love and life. You all have free-will. Many tools are given to you to exercise it in your systems. Do not forsake them, do not deny them. Choose life and love over pain and fear.

Fear has run its course. It has been created as a sharpening tool to man’s creative spark and abilities, but has recently taken such a gigantic grip upon our reality, that it is time to unravel its origin from One back into One.

Please stay tuned, as the Academy will keep posting information that will unveil the veils put upon the real inner eyes of what cannot ever be taken away from us: The Truth of ALL being One – white and dark, good and bad. Nothing but One is Truth. All else is part of illusion.

In the name of Oneness in One

Gerald O’Donnell



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