Radio Interview on April 13, 2011 of Gerald O’Donnel by Patrick Timpone of “One Radio Network”

The Real Beginning of Creation 2012 and Beyond: The Proximate Gap Moment of One – A New World is Born



Dear friends :

On April 13, 2011, just before my trip to the Middle East, I was interviewed by Patrick Timpone of “One Radio Network “

Lately, many have sent me urgent emails stating that they were experiencing very anxious states of Being and I think that the information I shared in that radio interview will help you perceive what is really happening behind the scenes and why you should not think that there is something wrong with you and/or your close acquaintances or family. I ask you to please listen to that interview as I feel that it will help you get into a more peaceful state regarding your reality and the reality of the world we live in.

In it, many subjects are explored:

  • The purpose of the trip I undertook in the Middle East.
  • Balancing multiple intra & inter Dimensional levels’ polar energies.
  • What will really happen during the Great Shift moment set to occur around the period starting in 2012+? The Gap of One.
  • Outer physical sun and inner Sun/Son explosions overtaking and lightening up all shadows.
  • Ego-centrism increasingly overcoming Source-centrism as the Sphere of Creation expands.
  • Definition of the ego.
  • Earth fractures being an external manifestation of the inner fractures within energies of the Divine Father operating within the womb of the Divine Mother.
  • The Purely Divine Infinite Creational Power of Making Love versus having sex.
  • Removing the fear of death.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) beings versus Divine Intelligence Beings.
  • AI Structures and their self-preservation need for attracting additive Thought Energy focusing upon them (power).
  • The role of the AI Created structures/beings. Why were they created?
  • How to detect them versus real Divine Beings?
  • Bypassing all AI structures and connecting to the Oneness.
  • Is free-will real?
  • Having one foot in the outer material and another in the inner spiritual.
  • Remaining aware of one’s path and choices. Risks of delusional denial of reality.
  • How to avoid the soul infiltration from the mechanical dark anti-One side? The sneaky game of the dark side and its modus operandi. Creating conflict and fear.
  • Why is time accelerating in perception, and how could that be? We seem to be getting exponentially fast and furious to the Dot (non-dimensional gap of One) of a spiraling contracting vortex of space/time. The true relativity of time.
  • The deadly trap of guilt.
  • Balancing Creation versus Judging it.
  • And much more…

II know that these are very trying and difficult time and am hoping to help you make this transition in as much of a peaceful state as possible. You are on your way to a glorious world and reality! Please fasten your seat belts and get ready for the Divine ride back Home!

With much Love and wishes for inner and outer Peace.

Your friend,

Gerald O’Donnell

 Gerald in Jerusalem April 21, 2011

PLEASE send to as many friends, family, and individuals possible the link to this interview

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