And there was evening, and then there was mo(u)rning:


(Genesis 1:5)

And there was Evening, and hen there was Mo(u)rning: DAY ONE

As the long night and darkness of the cycle of Life gets evermore intense and we are tired of waiting for the Great light to rekindle our life with passion and with the warmth of the Infinite LIGHT, RE-Member that after the great depth of night and the Solstice of our Souls, when we feel lost and snarling howling cold winds blow all around, and our souls feel scared and bared, it is good and essential to get warmed by the miraculous little holy lamp we carry within, keeping alive the knowing that if we stay and keep faith, inevitably after night must certainly come Day!
And we cherish that little miracle of the Holy baby Light we carry within in this dark, angry and scary world, and it, in turn, gives us solace and warms our hearts.
And as we feel all alone and isolated, we realize that the dark angel (read Genesis 32: 22-32) who has wrestled and wounded us intensely during the long Night of the cycle of our souls is about to leave us because darkness is to lift from us and the world. And we finally offer our inner little living pure Flame, which gave us hope and kept us alive throughout our tribulations, towards the glory of finally being reunited with and rejoin the Glorious Realm of Shem as Shem-esh/Shamash, the Great Divine COSMIC SUN/Son Light whose brilliant gigantic Golden fire manifests fully the One God’s Presence back on earth. And True Day Is, soon for all of us, all Its children…

And, after having wrestled with the dark adversary testing our hearts and commitment to Goodliness no matter the obstacles and temptations set up to corrupt it, we ask the nameless dark Angel for a blessing because we finally understand that he was but the Holy Divine Father (EL-ohim) and his direct human-like emissaries, all hiding behind an antagonistic harsh facet (read the Gospel of the Twins: Thomas, 1-2, 16). And thenceforth, the ultimate Divine reward and blessing is finally gloriously gifted to us as a graduation present as we are told that from now on we deserve to be called YasharEL ישר-אל (straight to EL) which means that we are now permanently gifted a straight connection to the Original and Highest Source of ALL Life: The Eternal Living One, the All, EL אל, the Alpha, the Aleph, and reside forever in Its Mansion in a state of blissful connection which cannot ever be taken away or interfered with.

And we then know ourselves, all of us, as being without exception Its beloved Living children for Eternity, and the great Celebration of shared Love and Intensely peaceful sweet Light IS and remains forever.

So my brothers and sisters, please guard preciously the Holy Pure anointing Oil Lamp you all carry within, with all your might and Love, for soon Day shall arise from within ALL, and the Father will lift the masks and webs of darkness and falsehoods covering your consciousnesses as you Re-Member WHO you all are: One, and One with the Universal One in the Eternal Celebration of Life which cannot end!


Happy festival of Light and of Love!❤️🔥

P.S.  Please read the very important message I wrote one year ago about the re-Birth of the Divine Savior within. Its understanding is now crucial and essential, especially after the chaotic and very challenging year we have all experienced and the reversal shift we must undertake as a humanity, before the black swirling hole of infinite chaos and final entropy swallows most into non-existence. The solution to stop and reverse our fall reaching way past the event horizon is simple and burning in its absolute pressing necessity to bring us all to STOP our childish conflicting mis-behaviors based on fear and falsehood based programmed extreme polarizing stories meant only to divide us further and turn us away from unification and wholesome healing as a human family.


Gerald O’Donnell
December 24, 2020
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