December 21, 2007

My Very Dear Friends,

This is a very Holy time indeed. Today is the Winter Solstice and the day of the year where the light of the Sun (day) is at its shortest. It is time to reflect inward and make good use of the energy we have stored so that we can go through the winter of our perceptions without unduly suffering from a lack of inner or outward warmth. Many remember their friends during this period. Moods are self-reflecting and we bask in trying to overcome the perceived darkness that seems to surround us all. Light is scarce and few in between. We sway between the calls of our hopes and the melancholy of our memories of lighter days.

On a cosmic level this is also the winter solstice of our journeys and travails. Many are marred in the scars of the lack of en-lightenment. Many are almost hibernating. Some are actively or passively focused on the necessary and unavoidable call of the next proximate cycle when we will all spring forth and sing the Glory it is and shall be when the inner living Light of our real Loving nature and Being will shine forth and express Itself to all and everywhen.

It is when all seems dimmed and almost lost and when we, as mankind, seem to foresee but a long period of cold long nights ahead, that we need most to focus WITHIN on the Living Light of the One we all carry and which gives us Life and real sustenance.

It is time to let go of the false reflective light with which we are enamored and which gives rise to the illusion of holographic material reality, and only focus on the spring and small flame of Inner Living Light which we all carry, most, if not almost all of us, unknowingly so.

This is the real meaning of the miracle of the festival of Light of Chanukah and the miracle of the Divine birth of the Christ within (Christos is the ancient Greek word for “anointed i.e. Messiah”) which you are and will all make yours from now on.

You can make the miracle of Light happen again within your Being right now, and give birth to the Divine Anointing within. These are not distinct stories, they are One, for all is One and you are One with the One.

Far beyond the story, real or metaphorical, lies the same message: Focus on the small Light within which shines within your Inner Temple and Kingdom and you shall therefore keep it burning for much longer than you can imagine. This is the miracle which is at your inner doorsteps.

So do not worship the story or characters within it, rather worship and make yours its deeper meaning and decide to allow it to change your life from now on.

And please, I beg of you, keep the purity of this Eternal Light and anointing Oil in all that you do, for we have all much soiled our inner and outer beings. We have polluted our inner selves and outer beings to an incredibly large extent. This degree of mental, spiritual, and physical pollution is threatening our very existence. We are living, all of us, without exception, in a sea of poisonous substances weakening our Spiritual, mental and physical fabric. We are facing either our last winter or the next spring of our greatest revival as humanity.

Nothing and I mean nothing can clean us and re-emerge us to the En-lightened and original program of our being if we focus on solving our problems as humans by humans.

This has, is, and will be proven to us in ever increasing ways.

Only the One can. Nothing, short of putting in front of all that we do the constant awareness and the call to the Inner One Living Light we all carry, shall be able to heal any of our distorted and sickened beings. We need to lift ourselves out of the state of refusal of One and the refuse we all live in, so far.

Only the One Light and the notion of One can now save us as Humanity.

We need to enter the Kingdom again, and welcome the King within, who patiently and Lovingly is waiting to be recognized by His own children again and forever as the Creator of All and Everything.

As you sustain within your heart, with all your heart, mind and constant concentration, the Real Presence of this Inner Pure Flame of The One, you will feel the Real warmth of Its protection which goes so much beyond what any man or material object can provide to you – you would have touched Eternity in the temporal realm.

It is so easy. All you need to do is call It with all your heart, your inner might, and your constant desire. And It does and will appear to you and sustain you throughout all the winter months ahead. It will keep you alive, fortify you, nourish you, and give you shelter and reprieve.

You do not need artificial chemicals or nutritional supplements in order to regain your inner energy. You do not need more “material things.” All that approach was, is, and will evermore be proven to be futile and a dead-end. All you need is to reconnect with full awareness and constant intent to the Divine Loving Light which you all carry. The elements of the reflected Dream of the One cannot really sustain you for they are all illusory.

This gigantic shift that only you can make within yourself and which will allow you to go through the winter ahead is the One and Only gift that you can and should allow yourself to make to yourself and others in order to navigate, survive, and embrace the seemingly dark period ahead.

2008 is at our doorsteps. If we do not heed the call of Love trying to unite us behind Its Presence, much fire, brim, and stones will be hurled our way. Ultimately, we, the Children, are to decide on the outcome. The One has restricted Himself by the free-willed decision of the perceived many, in order to bring about the Greatest Story ever told, Creation, to a final and resounding Brilliant outcome.

I have turned inward for all of this year because of what I need to do, and what is at stake.

I know that Purity has to regain Its original foothold. I know It, for I connect to Its Light.

So can and should you.

I know that the Light of One will soon shine throughout our hearts and be seen and manifested in Creation.

I wish you all, with my deepest Love, a wonderful Holiday season and thank you for all that you are, and the Glory that you shall become.

In the Light of One,

Gerald O’Donnell


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