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June 24, 2010.

I just returned a month ago from a seven weeks trip to the Middle East, mainly in Jerusalem where I volunteered to anchor some very High energies inside of the Earth Mother’s “navel” energy portal which keeps Her connecting directly to the Highest levels of the One.

A female individual was also involved and did greatly assist in this process.

The operation was quite arduous, highly complex and involved, and very risky.

I am happy to say that it was in great parts a success. I may share more about it in a future communication.

I am still resting for a while, needing to rebuild and consolidate.

I have written for over 10 years about our misguided choice in choosing dark gold oil energy as our prime energy source. All I can do is warn and hope for a shift.

I have great news to share: a new birthing is on its way, and as with any birth and the end of pregnancy, the process is altogether quite painful and difficult, often laden with anxiety, but Divinely Glorious at the same time.

Take some deep breaths and try to relax, as you are parts of the new baby, men and women alike.

A new world, a new Creation, is in the birth canal of the Divine Mother, seeded and blessed by the Holy Father, and we are ALL involved, knowingly and willingly so, or unknowingly, in this process. Soon we will emerge out of this arduous journey inside this dark tunnel.

However if we do not react rapidly, much devastation to nature’s bounty and the economical stability of our planet may likely unfold.

This could happen unless The One Himself intervenes secretly and prevents such an untoward consequence of our rapacious primitive thinking.

Do not think for a moment that what has and is being done to Mother Nature will not affect us all in return.

As She gets drained of life energy, so are we, and so shall we. We are but One with Her.

As She gets fractured and broken, so shall we.

What within, so without. What without, so within, for all is One’s expression.

If you feel lacking life energy and deeply tensed lately, you are not having somatic problems; rather, this is the reason why.

How soon or how late we will see the rise of hope and solace will depend on the intensity with which we will engage, as one international human family, in the global consciousness quantum shift required and the degree of sincere great desire to change forever our unhealthy current living habits. The trigger point to deep healing relies on the timing of our shift in consciousness.

We will need to get off our deeply embedded suicidal addictions to dark oil and raw greed, once and for all, and fast so.

Eventually, no one will remain safe nor privileged anymore, unless he/she asks for Divine intervention and inner purification, not only within separative human tinted spiritual structures, but especially inside of  his/hers purest center of heart, where the un-named original Light Source resides.

No one will remain safe, nor privileged, unless one shows, UNCONDITIONALLY so, to any living thing across, a level of great love, concern, and desire to share in whatever bounty the Great Mother and Her Beloved: the Divine Father, are still willing to gift to their human children.

No one will remain within ivory towers of elitist lifestyles based on economical, geographical, or belief systems status, whilst turning an egoistic blind eye to the surrounding oceans of refuse, misery, pain, poisonous substances and waste they have either caused or allowed to spread.

These towering structures will either decide, on their own, to transmute or crumble down, as mankind opens its heart, or they will be made to do so – Divinely so.

The fractures opened inside the deep inner crust of the earth and leaking now, will, most likely, only close themselves when the fractures we have caused within our human family and towards our living Upper Divine Mother: Mother Nature Herself, are sealed and patched by a common human decision to fundamentally change our approach to life and show respect and real care towards our common Creator and His/Her Creation.

This is where the fundamental difference lies between real worshiping of the One Spirit: Our Creator and Its Creation, and false altered human distortions operating amongst ourselves, bent more on rituals and less on substance. We all need to rejoin our common Source: The One Supreme Being, and source all of our actions from that vista of Oneness.

It is this very awareness, and our responses to this realization, that will either attenuate the rigor of the upcoming events or make them harsher.

There will be no abating in such global events until each and every single individual in humanity is totally and unequivocally convinced that the Creator Himself is directly involved and sending us messages and warnings, so as to direct us onto better life-changing paths.

This Gulf oil event is a profound and hard lesson to all of mankind, and the quality of our reactions to it will make the Godliness either correct the leak by stopping the outflow on its own, or letting it pour out for as long as is necessary, and from as many locations as need be.

So many beautiful marine animals are in the process of dying and many more will in the future. Marine Cetaceans who are Highly Intelligent Guardian Beings are willingly offering to sacrifice their lives in order to teach their Human brethren a lesson of Love. Let’s not allow their tragic and painful deaths to have been in vain, please, not again…

In human history, many special individuals and groupings of people have acted as sacrificial scapegoats going to horrific deaths, in order to enlivened compassion and a sense of unity across all nations. Now the natural world is doing the same. Sadly, until now, not very much has been accomplished to awaken the harden heart and spirit of mankind.

Let me state it as it is: The great Divine shift is on this time, with the full attention of the Divine. Please awaken and admit to that Reality.

If most do not recognize this and try to understand the deep meaning of the lesson, many even more dramatic events will manifest, until there remains not a shadow of doubt within Humanity that the One Himself is involved in correcting and saving His Creation.

Many individuals, or groupings thereof, have swam in the mistaken belief – because of their perceptual belonging to a spiritual  “elected’ and elitist grouping of common belief programs, usually originating from their birth culture or sometimes espoused after some soul-searching – that they will mysteriously ascend and be “miraculously” taken  to other dimensions, planetary systems, or realities. Even eternal life in their current embodiment and restricted minds is contemplated in the human format.

Let me state firmly that all this is pure falsehood, embedded by power hungry individuals and groupings who have used the spreading of such illusions in order to offer false hopes and affect control over ignorant masses. No one has been able to return from the “other side” to gift fundamental proof of such, short of using human quackery.

The One Spirit is One and this Creation is One within Itself.  All Its multiple dimensions, whether nature or otherwise, are One, and every one affect all others, in the same way as we, humans, affect each other. The multi-universe of parallel universes exists. It is Real. However, it is One, and, as such, separated into regions, sections, parts, all intertwined, all influencing each other.

The process engaged here is affecting not only this world, but a great amount of other worlds, for all is One and soon to be proven so, across all realities in this multi-UNI-verse of the One.

This process of unification is Universal now. There shall be no other paradise, short of an earthly paradise manifest and regained here, everywhere, with Divine intervention. There shall be no hell, short of an earthly hell made manifest here, everywhere, without the help of Divine Intervention. Our free-will choices of levels of Loving awareness will decide whether we, as a family, experience Glorious paradise or a living man-made hell in the here, in the now.

All that will happen, lies within our present and future choices that we take from now thenceforth.

The Earth is a Living conscious Godly Being, as stated in the first verse of Genesis, and our flagrant disrespect for Her is what has caused these events and many more upcoming reactions.

We have raped, pillaged, poisoned, and laid to waste large tracks of Her magnificent beauty and Perfection. She was Created in Pure unconditional Love by Pure Unconditional Love. We, humans, have, in turn, left Her with memories of wasted dreams, pain, lust, misery, and grief, as our blood and souls have returned back into her veins, haunting her inner Gigantic Higher Soul.

She has tried to keep this flowing darkness from her magnificent inner core, through keeping it between Her inner mantle and Her absorbing solid crusted surface layers.  She was originally Created with the ability to transmute our darkness slowly back into Pure energy.

But we, in our folly, and unconscious extremely restricted awareness, blinded by temporary lust for power, had decided to extract back that very same dark energy, project it back above, and breathe it back into us in the name of a spiritual devolution which we call technological material progress.

We did not allow for Her built-in Divine, deep below earth, surface, and atmospheric, cleansing processes to function. We overwhelmed them rapidly, without regards.

So that, as we poisoned Her waters, soils, uprooted Her life producing trees and released sooth and toxic waste poisons into Her environment, She slowly had to stop Her cleansing operations, for She was unable to do so anymore.

She started hemorrhaging, uncontrollably so, as we punctured evermore her deep veins, as the fountains of the “Great Deep Underworld” were broken up, and released upwards, by our own deeds and uncontrollable cupid desires.

And, wailing over Her children who had lost their ways, She called upon Her Divine Lover: the One Himself, to come to Her aid and try to save Her and, in that process, save Her children, present and future ones.

 The One thence responded and embraced His Daughter in a Loving embrace and is now fully engaged in this last minute Life-rescue operation.

For the One Himself is the only real Savior possible which so many have been waiting for, for so long.

No one else can, no one else should, and no one else will.

All the events happening from now on are under the One’s control and show His firm Loving Hand as He acts directly upon this plane.

Please, do respond to this call to engage back into sanity and Love. Disconnect from false leaders, false prophets, and false stories. They are all around you and within you, polluting evermore your environment and abilities to think and respond.

Truth is Eternal and un-named, it just IS. It encompasses all names and lies far beyond. It is the IS that Has Been and shall Be.

The One is talking to you directly, through His Beloved Wife at the level of His direct on-line live manifestations: The Holy Level of Nature, which the Divine Mother keeps vibrating and energizing within Her immense Mind.  All the natural events that you experience are Her messages of Love and Her attempts to save this world.

Man will not be anymore the sole controller of bounty, and distribute it, based on human power structures. You will all understand and experience this soon, intensely so.

You will be powerless to oppose this cosmic planetary realization and shift originating from Pure unbiased Love.

Whatever plans some humans have assiduously prepared and plotted at lengths in order to seize control over other groupings or nations, often with the help of misguided spiritual forces, are starting to and will evermore be proven to be totally worthless and come to naught.

Their power is not even equivalent to a grain of sand at the bottom of a gigantic ocean when compared to the potentially infinite Force the One can muster with Its Will.

Great and even more traumatizing events are about to unfold in the next months and years.

Get prepared, and do an internal and external cleansing. Focus all your attention on this.

Learn to travel light, and to only travel in LIGHT.

Let go of the programs and systems of operations bent on dark restricted awareness. It only burdens you.

This is a lesson to humanity that we cannot escape, no matter where we try to hide, as we are finding ourselves utterly unable to stop the dark energy of death from spreading.

We could have chosen the Loving energy of freely gifted Light/Life energy: the Sun energy and its electrical manifestation in the ionosphere, to help energize our lives and behavior, without any poisoning activity whatsoever. Instead, centuries ago, we chose the polluting energy of deep and sticky dark energy both spiritually and materially; an energy which should have remained where it is needed the most and serves a very important purpose: inside of the earth, in the underworld. Instead we choose to extract it to the surface of our earth and our consciousness.

Soon this dark energy began altering our faculties of conscious discernment and polluting all of our sky and our inner beings. We started to literally swim and breathe in an ocean of its by-products, becoming slowly mutated, while falling into its cruel grip and poisoned by its presence, even at the Holy DNA level.

The lure for dark oil was the cause for the establishment of dangerously aggressive transnational power structures, and brought about the carving of newly established co-operative nations and kingdoms whose gigantic wealth and power would principally derive from dark energy exploitation. Soon the effects of what had been created were boomeranging back towards all of us haunting our very survival, as is already being shown both in the Gulf spill event, in terror events addressed at the Western world, and in the Middle East conflict, which may be about to potentially explode again soon and spill out much angry and violent dark human energy.

Only a real quantum jump of awareness in the realization of our Unity in One and that we, humans, are truly an interconnected global family, can avoid any new fractures to occur either between ourselves or across the earth’s crust.  The Gulf spill is here to painfully help us realize our common planetary global fate in Life or in Death.

We have polluted our inner being with dark behaviors and dark thoughts filled with egoism and yearning for power. We have polluted our entire outer environment with dark energy and its by-products, poisoning most of life-forms around us.

What goes around, comes around to haunt you later, and teach you the only Divine lesson there is and can be: The Lesson of Love.

Everything is a circle; the Everything is a Sphere.

That is the path we have chosen, as a creation, for millennia, to satiate our uncontrolled desire for ego-based power.

Not only is the great ocean threatened by death, but so are we, for we are One with It, and originate from One.

We are all at risk of dying a slow and painful death unless we all unite across all mental and physical borders, change our ways, and ask for help and guidance from the One Creator.

Do not stay in denial much more. Enjoy all that you can. Be kind to each other and yourselves, and constantly express love to all that you possibly can in a Divine act of re-unification and compassion, across all barriers, across all old pains.

Connect more to nature and its beauty. Energize Her while you can. Hug her animals and hug all the humans who come your way. Forgive, and forget old wounds, so that you can open yourself to a new world that may manifest soon, only through direct Divine intervention, if and when we are ready.

Only the One will decide what will unfold and what shall be avoided, by His Will.


Gerald O’Donnell 
President and Founder
Academy of remote Viewing and Remote influencing Thought and Reality

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