A Gift to the Holiness


Jerusalem, Foundation Stone: Dome of the “Rock” 02/08/05



Message from Gerald O’Donnell upon his Return from the Holy Land:  March 1, 2005


Around the end of January 2005, while in a Delta state, I received from the level of One a direct  message asking me to go to Jerusalem. There was a strong sense of urgency attached to the request. I immediately booked a flight and left for this ancient city, historical and spiritual nexus to the three interconnected major monotheistic religions (believers in One God).

Jerusalem, city of Shalem (“perfected completion i.e. Divine Peace” in ancient Hebrew and dominion of Melchizedek: Holy King of Justice  (Creative facet as Atik Deatikin: Ancient of Ancients of the core of The One. (Genesis 14:18-20) has, since the time of its very recognition and foundation under the reign of King David, been coveted by many conquering nations, and subjected to incessant assault, bloodshed, destruction, and hopes for Eternal Peace and redemption of mankind. Over 3000 years later, this entire planet still focuses most of its heightened attention upon the relatively small city of Jerusalem and the conflict which surrounds it.

Upon my arrival, a jovial Palestinian man showed up next to my car and told me later enigmatically that “I needed to go to Ramallah and the Muqata (Fortress-like headquarters of the current Palestinian Authority government)” and offered to take me there.  I agreed, sensing that I had to acquiesce, and that this was a path traced by the One. I still had no real idea why. On the eve of our trip, I received, while in meditational prayer, the message printed below verbatim, and was told that it had to be handed “directly” to the highest authorities within both the Palestinian and Israeli Governments.

We left on a very rainy, cold, and foggy day. I had no official permit to visit the Palestinian territories nor to deliver a message to its leadership. Yasser Arafat had just passed away and the Muqata was still showing the signs of recent bombardments and armed conflict. This was a very risky mission.  I risked, on both sides, arrest and much worst. It was February 08, 2005. The first high level direct peace talks between Palestinian and Israeli head of states in years had just begun at the Sharm El Sheikh conference. The song of peace and love was in the air again. After many adventures where all gates miraculously opened up, we entered the heavily guarded Palestinian Authority headquarters. I personally handed the message I carried  to the secretary of Abu Mazen (nom de guerre of Mahmoud Abbas), current elected president of the Palestinian people. The same letter made its way to the highest echelon of the Israeli Government to then deputy-vice premier and now (04/18/2007) prime minister Ehud Olmert.  It is up to the leaders to show not only national vision, but spiritual one as they unite to gift to the One what was always One and the property of One: The Holy ground of  ancient Jerusalem.

Palestinian Authority Headquarters. Muqata. Ramallah 02/08/05

At a mundane level, mankind perceives the conflict  around Jerusalem as a struggle between national and religious aspirations.  It is much more than that. In the foundation stone in Jerusalem lies, hidden, to be revealed one day, since the inception of Creation, a vibratory/frequency pattern which is the foundation block for all that was, is, and will ever be Created in not only this physical universe but all the other universes, either material or non-material ones: it is the original vibration of The One who started it all.  Hence its Holiness, and the almost unconscious desire by many groupings of beings to control it with fervent hopes either for its unveiling or for blocking the infinite impact that such a magnificent act would have upon the Creative potential of mankind and much more. In this lies the final conflict between the desire to Unite with the Unity and the desire to keep and increase separation.  At a much deeper level of consciousness, there is an awareness by all Higher Selves that the only direct portal to the highest level (core) of the One is there, and that if it were to be fully opened, it would have unfathomable glorious consequences upon our entire Creation, as the One would lift many veils of Creative separation from each other and from Source, and directly connect and manifest Its Presence automatically within the hearts of all beings.

This portal could only be opened by having mankind gift as a symbol of recognition and thanksgiving this ancient city, vibratory foundation of our Universe, back to the One. Such an act would have immense repercussions since it would establish in the Eye of the One that Mankind longs to reconnect to its Source and is finally ready to recognize It for what it always was, is, and will ever be: The One source to all of us: man, and nature alike.

Such an act would only come about and be a testimony to the fact that the inner Jerusalem of Unity hidden within the heart of all beings has been opened, with a desire to reunify ALL in the final Peace and completion of this long arduous process of bringing all parts of the One into Oneness, and thence and only then, in the outer physical manifestation of Creative time and space, would Jerusalem be then ready and allowed to show the same with a full focus upon the holiness and sanctity of the One and Its Oneness.

Bringing that Holy Offering to an internationally sanctioned irrevocable official act by ALL the nations inhabiting the earth would make this the dawn of the fabled redemption era, as the ONE ETERNAL PULSING HEART would make Itself manifest here on Earth within all hearts, with a showering of Love and Creative gifts of a degree which we cannot even fathom yet.

Gifting back to The Holy One the city of Oneness: Jerusalem, would start a process touted by biblical prophets, mystics, and visionaries as the final liberation of the Holy Shekinah (Hebrew)/ Holy Sakina  (Islam)/ Holy Spirit (Christian), who – as the Feminine Presence of the Godliness; the facet of pure Unconditional Love, acceptance, and care – would awaken and rise from its entombment under the physical Heart of Creation: The city of One, and permeate the heart of each human being with no exception to align and beat in Unity. And the final liberation and redemption from the oppressive slavery, separation, and sufferings that mankind has been subjected to until now, would be ushered and trumpeted throughout the living Universe as the song of Love is heard and expressed everywhere and everywhen.

Many individual and group consciousnesses are praying for this Holy moment when the heart of all mankind is to become highly infused with great Love and recognition of the Oneness of all beings and creatures, and bring about the final freedom for all mankind from oppression, poverty, disease, and subjugation. Sadly, there still remain others who fear change and loss of control and power and are strongly opposed, especially on a sub-conscious level to such a Holy outcome.

In order for the final revelation to happen, this message is offered as a test to mankind.  It is highly hoped that mankind and its leaders will open their hearts to such a glorious, natural, and easy redemption from separation.

The One tells me to write that if mankind does not pass this test, It will  perform the opening of the Heart in Creation and in man His way, by Itself,  in what may be perceived as much more dramatic and painful events to all.

Love needs to find its way to all soon, either way.



This message is addressed to all.


The City of One

The Holy Spark of Love

Jerusalem, February 7, 2005 


To the struggling and suffering children of Abraham/(Ibrahim)

A call for Unity in the One G. who Created All and Everything


A symbol which will shine Peace to the rest of this fractured world.

Gifting back to One G. The All-Mighty what was always His to start with: Jerus(h)alem (Hebrew) (Ûrshalîm, Arabic; Jerusalem, Christian).

So that the forgotten “Foundation Corner Stone” of All structures and Creations: The One and Only G. rises again from oblivion in our United Hearts! So that the All-Merciful may gift you all back the gift of Eternal peace and great abundance as you will become a shining example of happiness when the Love of G. for all of His children is heard within their singing hearts, as the children of the One Creator play and smile again together!





My name is Gerald O’Donnell.

Please do not concentrate on the messenger, but on the message.

I know that you get thousands of letters each day, but please pay close attention to this one because it contains a suggestion that could be the only solution to your enduring harsh struggle.

The combatants, on each side, are weary of strife and bloodshed. There is a sense, on one hand, of being close to achieving the formerly impossible dream of statehood for the Palestinian people and final peace for the Israelis, and on the other hand there is the strong perception that if this is not established very rapidly, all could suddenly collapse in a maelstrom of death and outer destruction which has a great potential to engulf our whole planet. That is why so many statesmen of a great many lands are now feeling the urgency of this inner call for negotiating a just and enduring peace in this region, and are actively engaging in this process.

Peace negotiations are starting now again. Much will be achieved and all differences will eventually be settled. Nevertheless, I can already tell you that the last step, at the crux of all this conflict, is the issue of Jerusalem, and that it will remain one that will either make or break all apart, and until now it has always broken peace negotiations.

Peace is about Unity, war is about separation.

Jerusalem (here I am referring to the original ancient Jerusalem or old City) as the Holy City in the Holy Land of the One Mighty and Merciful G. is about Unity. It cannot be about separation, for it would then not represent who G. really is: One and not two or three.

Two people are laying claims upon it. Two people originating from the same Ab-raham (Father) are struggling for control over it. Each one has suffered. Each one has struggled for national recognition, and often used violent means to shake the world’s apathy. Each one has its martyrs and weeping mothers, spouses, and children. Many hearts are scarred, and many minds are clouded with a desire for revenge. Each one has full conviction in the validity of its claims. Each one is right. However the solution does not lie with any of them. This is not about right or wrong, rather this is about Truth: The Truth of the One G. The solution lies with the Father of both: the One G. who unites them both.

The solution lies in gifting to the One G. this most Holy place on this beautiful planet and making it the City of the One G. The solution lies in making this a city where neither weapon nor strife is allowed nor can exist. The solution lies in making this a city where only magnificent songs of praise to the One G. are heard and where life is sweet and peaceful- a city of Unity, of brotherhood, and an incredible symbol and attraction for ALL the People of this earth.

This would become the only city on earth gifted by mankind to its Creator – to remain for Eternity THE CITY OF ONE and of Unity. This city would really then become The Holy City, whose ground would never, ever again, belong to any man, but be officially dedicated to belong to the One G. whose breath of Life unites us all.

Millions would come and visit the miracle achieved here in this Old Holy City whose ground has received so much human blood, because of man’s folly for conquest of land and occupation of populations throughout the ages. Billions would revere in its powerful symbolism and Holy message. All eyes would be focused upon it, and the world would engage in a final process of peace and reconciliation.

Since the inception of man, mankind has struggled to established claims upon the land he occupies for his brief life. Not even once in history, has mankind reserved a place totally void of human real estate claims upon it, anywhere on this planet, to show thanks and gratitude to its Creator who has gifted it the ultimate gift: the breath of Life.

We all pray for gifts from the Creator. How many of His children are willing to gift the City of Peace (Jeru-Shalem) to the Creator?

Maybe this is the time when this can and should happen and its message reverberate throughout the Universe to all People of this earth, many of them still involved in strife over claims about land and about the One G.

This is the general idea. The details would become easy to draft, once both sides engage in this most Holy process of reconciliation and brotherly peace.

And the Father of both, The One, would get back His Holy City, as the Old Holy City of Jerusalem, where the peaceful and joyful co-existence of Its children would symbolize His unity as the One G.: Father and Mother to all.

The City of One would then not only be the capital of the Hebrew nation back from exile but the capital of all nations back from their exile from the One and the energy of Unity. All nations and people of this earth would come and focus upon this Holy offering to the One G.: The One Spirit within all.

Who could or would say no to such a wondrous, Holy, and courageous gifting of thanks to The Most Holy One?

And I am convinced that from that day on, The Most Holy One would rain infinite prosperity, abundance, healing, and happiness upon all and awaken within our Hearts the realization of His Loving Presence and Guidance.


Gerald O’Donnell


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