The Last Battle has begun and we are moving from Chaos to True Creation. The existing paradigms humanity has embraced for so long are no longer relevant. The time has come for the distractions of division, fear, control, and power to fall into the arms of Unity. This can happen only if we accept the part we play in the grand conclusion of this Last Battle. The time has come for each one of us to consciously make a choice.

Join Gerald O’Donnell and Corey Goode as they came together for an evening of high vibratory cuisine, expansive dialogue and community discussion. Learn why the solutions we have all so desperately sought have not solved the dilemma of humanity and divinity. Understand the core of the problems that face us globally and explore the solution available to us as we learn to create in the manifest world that which we experience within as a personal, spiritual journey. From the cutting edge of cosmic consciousness, Corey Goode and Gerald O’Donnell each brought their unique perspectives to bear on the most significant issues of this critical time in our history.

Cosmic Co-Creation Event

May 26, 2018 3:30-10:00
E Town Hall Boulder, Colorado

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