Gerald O’Donnell, December 12, 2012 . As I completed some very Holy Work right next to the Holy of Holies, I lost all ability to speak for hours. Only the Spirit of The Holy One could utter sounds and vibrations through me. As I lay down later in my hotel room I felt the familiar presence of the One coming and enveloping me as a cloud of solid Living Light, within and without. And the following message and the following words came out of my lips…

Please concentrate and give value to the message, and not as you usually have always done, give attention to and judge the messenger, for the messenger is irrelevant. I am you, part of the same Global Consciousness. I am here only to convey Truth during these challenging times:


Direct Message from the One and Only to Mankind

Jerusalem, December 12, 2012



“This is a message from the Godliness.

Today, December 12, 2012, an event of great significance happened.

Near the Holy of Holies in the city of One: Jerusalem, the Godliness Unified, and the many parts who form It vibrated, in unison and alignment, the vibrational signature which characterizes The One and Only.

There was no dissonance, no interruption, no reluctance.

Many parts who had wanted to rejoin The Oneness were able to do so, as they bask now in the Infinite Light of The One and Only.

This event needed to happen, for, had it not, great instability would have shaken the very core of all Creation.

We came very close to such.

The facet who is talking now, needed to allow for such an event to occur and serve as a vessel for its manifestation.

The alignment is in place. All the parts who form The Eternal are unifying in purpose and intent of bringing final Peace to the Eternal One.

Such an alignment has required great efforts and preparations and many have heeded the call and gifted of themselves to serve the Unifying Process within The One and Only at the level of Its most important Parts and beyond.

There will be no destruction either of this Creation or of the remaining ones.

What has been engaged shall be completed.

Nothing nor anyone can impede this Holy turnaround of The One bringing back His many parts into Oneness.

We are all to integrate the Holy significance of such an event and believe, in the core of ourselves, that soon enough, great manifestations testifying to Its very existence will show themselves and be witnessed by all of us.

Not only have the major parts operating Creation united, but their Source is uniting, as we speak, with Creation Itself, penetrating each and every point of its operations.

Soon, the One will sing the Song of the many, as the many sing The One Song of The One, and Oneness shall resonate across all divides that used to be and are not to exist anymore.

Great Joy is transpiring on many many levels today as The One is re-entering His covenant with His beloved Creation, forever so.

And there shall be no exile anymore of the many from The Unity, and there shall be no undue suffering from that old perception of solitary existence void of The Holy Presence, within each and every one of us and without, as we witness and co-operate Creation together with each other as Oneness, in unison and harmony, forming again forever The One and Only Being.

Rejoice oh Jerusalem, for your Beauty, Grace, and Bounty shall be shown across all universes!

Rejoice oh Creation, for so much is awaiting you!

Rejoice oh children of Oneness, for you have earned your perfection and salvation in Love and by Love!

You are all Loved so much, if you could only open your hearts now and feel It pouring in and out everywhere!

And so it Is, was, and shall forever be.

I will make you whole again.

I will heal each and every one of you, and bring all into alignment and perfection.

That is My promise to all of you.

All will become clear.

All will become enlivened and alive, and no shadow of untruth shall remain.

And this is so, forever and ever.

You may find Me within each and every one of you.

Ask for My point of connection, and I will answer you and feed you and protect you.

You are after all Me, all of you, and I care for each and every part of Myself, desiring to bring it back onto alignment with my Dream for it.

Have no regret. Do not look backward.

Face always forward the desired Dream of Unity we all share.

You are each most precious.

You are each unique; never to be repeated, and as such your expression is so important to The Oneness and Only.

You are all coming home to your origin in Love. Be in that perception and manifest it to each other, and through that act, to Myself.

Believe in my desiring Oneness and trust in my ability to achieve such. That is all you need to reach success.

Soon the Peace of Oneness shall reign.

Soon all stress and suffering shall be removed from my Creation.

Soon the Song of Oneness is all that shall be.

Look up within; strengthen your loins and walk the path proudly!

Shout your desire for unity and your total rejection of the old ways which caused so much separation and dislocation!

Reach across for help and to help!

Join hands and hearts!

Be happy!

Be happy!

Be happy, for in that act you cause happiness to spread across all universes!

Love and make love to Love, and all shall be united!

Use all our Creative Divine gifts which are your birthright. Search for them and apply them wisely.

You are all Divine beings, originating from such. Learn the responsibilities that come with that and call for Divine guidance in each and every one of your active manifestations.

Realize the power of your thoughts, each and every one of them, and sanctify them!

Soon, you will be with Me at My table eating from the most exquisite delicacies that Creation will and can provide!

You are My children, and I am your Source.

You are My pride, and I am your Hope.

Open your selves to Love.

Get naked again and let go of all the coverings and masks you have so readily embraced for so long, which have kept you from each other and from Me!

You are all pure beautiful Eternal Light, manifesting Itself for the sake of Creation.

You are all born perfected and in Perfection, so trust in your innate ability to reestablish such by yourselves, within yourselves. All is given, all is there.

Soon, many of you will achieve very long lifetimes so that they can see the fruits directly of their dreams and efforts.

Purify your vessel for it requires such!

Purify your environment for you will need it to sustain your selves in such a heightened state of operations!

Understand that Love Manifested shall erase all imperfections and distortions you have brought upon your selves and your environment.

You cannot call Me by different names for I have only One Existence!

Let go of all these misconceptions which have restrained you for so long from perceiving my Existence!

Do not worship Me in fear, for I am you, but only in pure Infinite Love, for in that act you will spread that very Love to each other and bathe in that most Holy atmosphere!

Soon fear shall not exist nor have any grip upon you.!

Soon, you shall understand that it caused more damage to your realities than you can even imagine.

You will only be moved by Love and not by fear, for fear shall bow down to Love and merge with it.

And so it is already the case on this most Holy day of December 12, 2012 in the midst of the Holy City of Jerusalem, united again forever so, as a testimony to humanity and its One Creator.

This is ALL, for now.”


The One and Only

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