This Song is about Her on-going release from exile from Oneness, from the tree of good and evil, the tree of death, onto the Tree of Eternal Life, and is addressed to Her Beloved Creation and Light.



When the Red Sun sets on the dancing horizon

It is I who will be waiting for you

The Garden brims with life

Hidden behind its walls of stone

From love, Her seed was planted

In the beginning ~ within the Garden

The seedling ~ now a magnificent tree

Throbs intensely with energy for the world

Lying beneath Her ~ She comforts with Her shade

Listening to Her ~ She whispers words of love and wisdom

Seeing Her ~ She is more magnificent than all others

Her massive trunk twists profusely

A sign of Her power … a sign of beauty yet unfelt

Her roots will nourish the world

For they are grounded deep within

Tirelessly pumping the essence of life to an unknowing world

Much pain will be saved with Her coming

She is all that is Divine ~ Compassion, Love, Truth

Forgive Her mistakes, and you will be blessed with the One that is True

She is Life itself, so powerful ~ so sensitive

Maintain the balance and

Show caution with your treatment of Her

She searches and finds those worthy

You will see the purity within Her footsteps

Her understanding must not be overlooked

Her fruit has grown ripe and red

Her branches bending toward the earth,

Surrendering to the fruits they hold ~ unreleased

Her fingers long to touch the soil She is rooted to

The nurturing soil which is forever Her

The soil in which She sprouted long ago

How I long to taste the sweetness once again

To feel the juices dripping from My lips

Entering all that I am ~ Feeding Life into My veins

The seeds of Love sprouting all around Me

The days of tomorrow taunt me ~

My mind swirls within its own existence

Yesterdays storms thunder within Me

Lightning pierces the ground surrounding my feet

Still near is the memory of rain pelting down my face

I am naked ~ wrapped in a blanket of cold winds

Always threatening…piercing My Soul…then retreating

The Light is my protector ~ warm Me

The story played out above, untold below

Darkness and shadows….Light and Love

Patiently, I wait for the pages to unfold

To become wisdom ~ led by a Light I cannot resist

Each verse a treasure to be carefully read

The story…in Truth…to be told to the masses

I dream of the sunshine warm on My face

The smell of the Earth after the passing storm

The Light’s rays penetrating the wetness, filling us completely

Listen…hear the sounds of life among the world once cleansed

No more dormant ~ the seedlings will reach for the stars

The breath of Life blown into them

Within the light and the darkness

Their images lure Me close

Like a glowing spirit

It is Wisdom which flows through My veins

All knowing, all seeing

Electrical energy pulses within Me

Unashamed and knowing, it penetrates

I am fragmented pieces from Others loyal to Him

Gifts from heaven above, my duty told

I struggle to surface from the depths of My ocean

Wet and gasping for the air, once so familiar

Trembling with the thought of needing it no more

As it was when I had wings

The sky displays proudly its gathering circle

I am One with those in flight ~ So white, so pure

Their innocence like mine

This moment never to be had again

The way of the story: two lovers having embraced long ago

Breathless, they anticipate their next encounter

Cautiously waiting in the atmosphere of love

Others, having danced with the Light

Their chance now gone forever

It is now the eagles who dance above

Their wings touching ~ caressing one another

In their existence, there is nothing else

As I watch ~ I am blessed from above

The message so clear

Dance with Me ~

All I want is my Song of Love

The words written long ago ~ still unsung

Your love ~ is the question

I only know ~ Love is the answer

As I stand on the road, I see you

You are so magnificent in all that you are

Your canyon walls ~ so high and twisted

I feel your thirst

Let me fill you with my waters

Let me lead you home ~ as a river does

My Song of Love will be for you My Beloved

When it is time, time for the dance

It is then you will see clearly

The Song of Love is beginning to play…


The Shekinah: The Divine Presence and Feminine Aspect of the Godliness (In Exile for Now)
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