Gerald O’Donnell, August 9, 2019



To us : the ultimate Cosmic Travelers, we are, as a Creation, positioned right at the nexus point from our perspective between the future worlds already traveled and set up backward to us in their time vectors from desired effects-to-probable causes (Heavenly realms run by its co-Creative energies) and the past worlds experienced by humans forward in their time vectors from known-cause-to-probable effects (3D Earth and its co-Creative energies). We are meant to encounter and are in the process of meeting our Heavenly selves and hence bring heavens and its energies to our full awareness, to earth, and merge it with earth. Our enlightened focus, our understanding of this process, and our holding each others’ hands with care and love, is what will create the ultimate nodal junction and safe bridge to the True Portal toward the real immutable Truth: The Eternal Present, outside of polar duality where we will be welcome and operate from our new AUM (home).


We cannot afford missing this appointment, this singularity point, with our common destiny as humanity: our final meeting and merging with Eternal TRUTH manifest in us and all around us!


Gerald O’Donnell has created teachings/courses since 1997 where anyone can position one’s self simultaneously with one foot in the inner sub-conscious realms (Theta state) and the outer foot in the outer perceived 3D physical reality, and Remote View any point across space and time and intuit/sense either the probable future or the perceived past by receiving and transducing data from the Universal Mind. By dwelling and diving deeper within the sub-conscious, he shows you how to get to the Delta Portal (Delta state) of the inner worlds and access and operate directly from that direct Portal to the Universal Mind and powerfully affect (Remote Influence i.e. co-Create) reality as-we-know-it. See


The process of unification and re-conciliation we are all experiencing without exception, man and nature, this world and others worlds i.e. outer-worldly realities alike, is very challenging, as many feel out of kilter. Energies are streaming through ourselves often of dissonant resonance and frequencies, and great imbalances often result both biologically, mentally and spiritually, as the full levels of all the dimensions are trying to re-balance in a new order out of what is for now perceived as intense increasing and almost terminal chaos.


This is the era of full disclosure and full recognition of the magnificence and diversity of all the universes Created, past, present and future ones. The GATHERING of exiles from Unity consciousness is fully on and no one or anything can stop it. The flood gates of consciousness have opened below and above and the waters are raging as light and dark energies and realms mix trying to find their prior balance and former separative format. To no avail, as ALL is about to change.


Rebellious resistance toward the process of final reconciliation in the Big One Eternal Creative Mind is everywhere and that is to be expected. We need to learn to totally trust the shift and fully let go, as the Divine current delights in lifting us up, each and everyone of us. Battling the metamorphosis or each other is futile and not the way.


To all of you who lately experience wild daily shifts in consciousness/awareness and energies, we shall explain its cause in the Cosmic process engaged by all, knowingly or not, willingly or not. And we will offer suggestions to mitigate its effects and help you navigate with your spirit held high above the flooded earthly and heavenly energy fields.


This crucial great Cosmic shift that we have now fully engaged is meant to help us enter the era of full disclosure and of meeting our maker: Truth Itself becoming manifest in and outside of us.


It is not the end of times, but the true beginning of no-and-all time as we connect and bridge all perspectives.


Dis-closure is all about Truth. Truth is Eternal and immutable. It is the only true Reality. All the rest is but covering it in infinite veils of illusion. Truth has decided to unveil Herself…


We will help you and explain to you how to align and connect to Truth and express It, as we all prepare to head back home to our common Source in a glorious process of awakening and remembering WHO we all truly really are.


Truth is what allows us to drop all created entrenched masks, to dissipate all our inner shadows, all falsehoods clad in their sub-routine like programs which do not serve us anymore. We need not fight against falsehoods because that focus is what makes them persist; rather we need to desire and crave to directly experience real Truth, for only Its experience shatters all falsehoods and erases masks and shadows.


Nothing is as it seems to our outer biological senses and our intellects within the multi-facets of this ultimate school for future true sub-Creators: Our multi-verse uni(ty)-verse.


Explore and find answers to all these questions below. and much more…

  •  Definition of consciousness as the creation of self awareness; the creator is experimenting through us and everything.
  •  Everything has consciousness but not everything has a soul. Definition of souls and their origins.
  •  Different levels and expressions of consciousness.
  •  Higher versus lower levels of Consciousness.
  •  There is only ONE Consciousness, One Mind, not many. The many are Its facets.
  •  The creator is one gigantic Mind and infinite Intelligence that doesn’t operate linearly.
  •  What’s going on with the advent of technology?
  •  Are EMFs affecting our consciousness?
  •  Being an active participant in our dreams.
  •  We are the chessboard and we have control over the game.
  •  Technology can be a beautiful thing; choosing to use the internet productively and not allowing it to become a prison.
  •  Why are people attracted to things they are afraid of?
  •  Learning to break patterns; every day is a new day.
  •  What is difference between remote viewing and meditation, and how are these related?
  •  Hypnosis can only have power over you if you let it.
  •  The center of the Creator is everywhere; the periphery is nowhere.
  •  Vibrating points of light; this is what we really are.
  •  You soul is an energized memory bank kept vibrated in the Mind of the Creator.
  •  Why thought is not restricted by space and time.
  •  What does it mean by having a ‘higher intuition’ ?
  •  Who is the One, and what is your position and part within it?
  •  The strength of our moods and thoughts; how what’s going on inside ourselves and others influence everything and everyone
  •  Tricks to getting back to being a happy light beam; shielding yourself from crazy energies and foreign thoughts
  •  The only actual Real Modus Operandi in Creation is Oneness, the rest is illusion and a Creative global hallucination, and we thence need to understand how Real Oneness operates and how we must fit in and align with It, if we wish to survive and enter the realm of real Life freed of any kind of slavery.
  •  We explain how in the probable future, man/woman will potentially create up to full universes by thought alone.
  •  Polarity is not to be conquered by negating it, but embraced and each polar opposite side must face each other fully and make and express love to one another face-to-face; then the New Creation shall be.
  •  Creating a Divinely Spirited baby either in the physical or the spiritual/mental (manifestation) by making love face-to-face in full Loving union.
  •  Ascension needs to be achieved now together as a fully engaged human family.How to discern your own thoughts from foreign thoughts infiltrating you (real mind control).
  •  What is the trick to not reacting to others?
  •  What is really the source of darkness?
  •  The cause of anger.
  •  How to protect against the anger of others directed at you.
  •  Gerald explains how the flood in the Bible is actually a ‘flood of consciousness.’
  •  The waters (consciousnesses) of the underworld are coming up and the Higher waters (consciousnesses) are pouring down mixing together in us.
  •  All dry land/old structures are disappearing or about to.
  •  The great fall of mankind.
  •  Do evil spirits exist? What are these?
  •  Our tendency to build mental and physical walls and fortresses around us.
  •  Our role as co-Creators.
  •  Why are so many attracted to dark negative shows and thoughts?
  •  We are at the breaking point and at extremes of separation in Creation and are tasked in turning around this movement.
  •  Why are so many people struggling each and every day to make it through the day?
  •  What is the cause of low life-energy levels so many feel, and the real remedy to get it back?
  •  Our co-creative ability; just because the world is going crazy doesn’t mean you must buy into those programs.
  •  Facing the living God by being connected to nature.
  •  We’ve never been so separated from the Source as we are today.
  •  Changing our perception of the world from within.
  •  What is the root reason which causes people to become psychopaths or sociopaths?
  •  The reason for the all the sudden explosion as of late of wanton mass killings of innocents.
  •  Why do many souls feel the innate desire to take another life?
  •  What do they hope to get from this?
  •  The vampire’s mechanism is real.
  •  Fukushima’s accident and Japan’s tsunami linked to the rise of dark energy.
  •  What is the underworld i.e. hell?
  •  How Hollywood is showing movies reflecting who we have become.
  •  Turning away from the dark side; why even watching chaotic movies should be separated from us
  •  Turning your enemy into your friend; loving the core light of the evil of the person wanting to hurt you because in reality it is you.
  •  Sucking the energy out of one another; why do people do this?
  •  Why does nothing make real logical sense with our financial markets?
  •  Keeping your mind on the Creator.
  •  The effects of our thoughts on our bodies; the idea that we are preprogrammed and have no control of our DNA is ridiculous.
  •  The key to cleansing, DNA changes, rejuvenation and long life.
  •  The importance of Joy!
  •  What is the purpose of Life?
  •  What is really the program called the “devil?”
  •  Why is the “One” showing up lately, even openly so?
  •  What is the dark matrix?
  •  What is the underworld? The cause of its major rise, as of late…
  •  The end of all wars is inside of us.
  •  Where are the cause to that extensive historical war between good and evil?
  •  How will the dark side disappear?
  •  How our the focus of our training at the Academy helps one connect and reinter the Kingdom of non-local thought and co-creation within our selves.
  •  The core secret of thought-Creation.
  •  The power of making love and merging face-to-face versus merging in a lower animal-like format facing the backside. We are the only of two species which makes love face-to-face while kissing one another. The Creation of the real Divine Higher Self. Its incredible Divine potential is yet to be fully realized by mankind.
  •  The strength of the emotion of fear versus the emotion of Love.
  •  What has happened in the last 10 years as the One is coming down in concentration and penetrating our abode…
  •  The important fact that the ascension process is an ascension process for us and a descending process for the One. We meet half-way.
  •  How easy and evermore present the Universal Solution to all our ills is.
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