Posted originally on February 1, 2020. Re-posted now as Nature is showing Her power and teaching tough Love, as She desperately needs caring and tending on our part if we want to avoid total chaos.


We think we can destroy Mother nature and our tiny intelligence but mighty ego will reign supreme!

The Elohim, Nature itself, are about to cull the Adamic Being down to size from its lofty heights.

Here in the US, they have just cut all federal Medicaid and most food stamps to the poor and the BS economy for the 2 percent is just about to receive a punch in the solar plexus it won’t recover from in quite a while.

We can still stop the plagues, fires, droughts, superstorms, earthquakes, warming, volcanoes, and floods, if and only if we start truly being our brothers’ keepers, humans and animals alike.

No Jesus or other Jewish Messiah or Mahdi on the horizon will save us, but our opened hearts and vibrant souls!


Gerald O’Donnell
February 1st, 2020

Please read this message from the planetary (earth) Global consciousness reposted on March 2019


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