Dear Friends:

I would like to express to you and your loved ones our best wishes for a joyous, prosperous, and wonder-filled year 2001.

May you all fly free and happy, facing the never ending sky of limitless horizons, far beyond the dark clouds of fear-based belief systems that have suddenly profiled themselves above our earth in the later part of the year 2000. Threatening to shower us with their limiting, scarcity-based, thought patterns carving us into frightened individuals subject to mass consciousness pack-like driving instincts.

Fear is organizing itself and preparing its ultimate stand. Its last battle. Calling upon its time proven cohorts of supporters who will entrench minds into believing that only the past teaches us about the future and shows us the way. Forcing history to repeat itself over and over. While others, hopefully all of you, will decide on your own to brake this infernal circle of fear and pull yourself out of this madness that the-world-as-we-knew-it-in-2000, or the old matrix of limitation has imposed upon us.

January 2000 started with a beautiful display of starlit fireworks. The human community reeled in its acknowledgment of being intertwined, linked as one family. Prosperity, fraternity, and communion were in the air. Y2K fears were bashed aside. Not one instance of serious computer malfunction dotted the sky of hope for humanity. Even in countries that had not prepared for the worst and accepted the paradigm of proven disaster lurking within obsolete computer technology, hope overcame anxiety and created a message of resonance into reality. It was absolutely not logical that nothing happened to overshadow our exulting mood. It was but our exulting mood that overcame the shadow of logic.

And then, other, much older, dark notions crept ever so slowly in. Trying to block our decision to embrace new spaces, new horizons. In this creation where everything is based upon the notion of duality, profound darkness showed up again, opposing the manifestation of highly enlightening desires. And began, insidiously so, to weigh down our longing for new higher vistas of life and compassion. It started contracting everything. Bringing down crushing hopes for world peace and brotherhood of man, financial markets, a space station, and technological revelations.

A malaise is infiltrating. We all feel it. We need to emerge above the duality. To rise above this lower matrix where only two eyes, right and left, black and white, operate. We ought it to ourselves and to our children to finally emerge into a third eye of higher blending reality.

We are about to be taxed again in our capacity, as a creation, to break the shackles of rigidity and linearity. We all need the ability to be both within the matrix in order to act, and without it in order to remain cognizant of the real big picture and how powerful we can really be as co-creators. We need to bend not spoons but reality, and make it pliable to our will and best desires for a new promised land of unity and belief in the ultimate power that the notion of the One gives. For man needs to understand that infinite power only resides in his acceptance of the notion of being One. That, as Y2K showed us when we entertained that notion, nothing within the realm of linear “logical” duality could then really affect us, as our power became infinitely capable of bending reality. However, when we started believing again in the notion of separation, accumulation of power through adding numbers, amassing units into groups, we lost the ability to rise above duality and paradoxically lost power and control over our lives.

I waited a whole year, acting from within and watching from without, in order to see which way would mankind choose to go. The new course “Out of The matrix” changed accordingly. As it became clear that one would rather need now to watch from within and act (create) from without the matrix. out of the linear dual concepts, in order to merge into the third eye of the trilogy that reconciles duality into the One: The triangle of unity within the perceptual duality. The new course will therefore appear in 2001: The real beginning of the third millennium. For the last 2000 years of matrix beliefs, man chose to pursue chimerical dreams of linear and dark power structures that have characterized and enslaved us, as mankind weakened itself evermore and afflicted itself in uncontrolled suffering, done by itself to itself.

It is due time to enter the third millennium by focusing upon the third reality of the One hidden and real eye above the other two linear ones that construct and create the visual field of our perception of reality in this lower matrix. It is due time to finally embrace the whole triangle of higher purpose and Oneness that will form the new matrix that we can and should all share very soon in peace, happiness, and harmony.

Happy new third millennium and year 2001!

Gerald O’Donnell

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