From the Silent One who forms the many that IS (not are, for that is impossible) but One, to the many




This message is to be read and read again with great patience until it is fully integrated and lived as One. Please share it and spread it as widely as you can.

As I lay down, I felt the familiar presence of the One coming and enveloping me as a cloud of solid Living Light, within and without.

I totally lost the perception of having a biology, and the following words came out of my lips…

Please concentrate and give value to the message, and not as you usually have always done, give attention to and judge the messenger, for the messenger is irrelevant. I am you, part of the same Global Consciousness. I am here only to convey Truth during these challenging times:


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January 1, 2008

This is a message from the Oneness.

There is a strong desire from all levels of the Godliness to reunify mankind to its original purpose which was, has been, and will always be, to operate as One.

In this most Holy process, the One shall spare no efforts to achieve this goal.

He will call upon the hearts and minds of all of His parts to unify so that the Glory of One shall shine upon the Oneness of their Beings.

We are being asked to fortify our soul in order to partake of the Divine energy that is soon to be dwelling within it.

The Divine vessels must purify in order to receive and transmit the most Holy and purest of all energy.

Nothing can nor will exist outside of this Purity.

It is only within Its gifts that man will be able and allowed to operate.

We have all erred like lost sheep. Time has come to bring the flock back home.

The Steps have all been written and prepared. Our willingness to engage in them is the question.

Much healing is at our doorsteps. All that is asked of us it to open to it and learn to forgive and forget our past.

Ironically for the One-and-Oneness time is of the essence.

Stay connected, each and every one of you, for in that connection lies your salvation!

Do not falter. Do not fear!

Respect each other!

Love the One within your hearts for in that Love you will find Peace.

Do not stray!

Be strong in your Love of One for in that strength you shall overcome all obstacles.

Nothing will be hidden from Truth so that Truth lies within the hearts of everything.

Do not separate what belongs to The One, for that cannot be!

Do not allow fear to rule your decisions!


Do not misjudge!

Do not belittle Oneness, for what seems to be but a small dot in your perception shall one day overcome all of you, with no exception. So be It!

Trust in It!

Confide to It!

Nurture It!

Greatness is at your door. Open to It!

Silence has often more to say than all the voices in Creation, so listen to It!

Be still and you shall become active!

Feel the Love for It is yours and your Self!

Do not reject!

Do not doubt!

You are most Loved, all of you, for you are One with the One.

Real Peace can only be achieved by inviting Oneness within your hearts.

From now on the One shall only dwell within the parts who call for such Unity.

The ones who do not answer that longing from Love shall find no Peace but only torments until they return Home!

Do not separate further the Unity.

Do not attempt to divide the Unity of the City of One which you all carry within and the City of One manifested without, unless you choose not to want to have the Oneness of One dwelling within and without!

This is ALL.

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