Open Revelation of the Real Modus Operandi of Mankind


Walking in Oneness Over and Below the Waters of Creation – Heavens and Earth – or Totally Sinking in them in Conflict, Separation, and Destruction. We have Free Choice.

My dear brothers and sisters: let me wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving. May this day and every day inspire you to be in gratitude for all the incredible blessings you are gifted and may you only focus on such. May you not pick upon the imperfections in the larger canvas of the glorious life you live and manifest each and every moment of your presence here with us, your human family. The key to real happiness lies in the art of seeking to be fully content with one’s experience and never comparing it to anyone else’s. Happiness is a state of consciousness and mind, and not necessarily directly correlated with experiences. Always seek the humor of each situation and try to laugh yourself to paradise!

Life is defined not by time which is but an illusory sense of evolving situations, but by our focus on our position relative to cycles which define the wheel of evolution or devolution or our common history as a human family.

Experiences are what life is about and learning to center ourselves in our center of quietness and to connect to The One within our heart is an art which we try to teach you, dear ones, whenever storms rage around and destabilize your sense of balance.

I addressed last year on Thanksgiving 2011 many destabilizing core issues we face as humanity, many of which manifested again powerfully in 2012, since little has been done to resolve them by the active use of our free-will in attempting to forego old grooves proven to cause repeated and increasing chaos and malfunction.

What I am about to write below has never been openly told and describes a much deeper and core control level that defines us. That story is in fact operating extremely powerfully behind the scenes in the “shadows” of our manifested reality, so-to-speak.

Please bear with me. I will need to break this expose down into two parts. I know that the concepts may be hard for many to integrate at first, but the levels of existence and operations I will reveal are the real roots from whence our convoluted actions, history, and lack of awareness, really sprout from.

Many cultures have touted this year 2012 to be of particular importance, either based on their interpretation of ancient texts or by sheer instinctive gut feelings, and defined it as a phase where unusual events and potential disasters could befall mankind as we are getting close to ending a very old chapter of repeating patterns based on living under the dominion of the Divine facet of rigor, judgment, and fear. The deep dark shadows of the inverted world are rising up increasingly to the surface of our consciousness and reality experiences, fully revealed, and filled with pride and arrogance, refusing to hide anymore in the shadows of our existence. These shadow beings sense victory in chaos and are very fearful of our turning our heads away from their old cunning games, their ever-changing masks throughout the ages, distorted plots, and the false beliefs they have inculcated us with.

In fact, Truth as the One, is rising up to the surface of our awareness together with them, as their lies are being exposed in the wide open. We need to see them as harsh implacable teachers and cunning partners. Their Ponzi-like con schemes are all soon to be exposed as they run out of time and unsuspecting victims, as the general awareness of mankind takes a quantum leap with the help of Source. They have had control, as the main gate keepers here, over the awarding to any of us favors, power, fame, health, and security, at the expense of sucking our soul life-energy into their dark abode, and that very command and control they conquered eons ago is soon to be taken away. We shall soon cease to make devilish deals with them at the very cost of our precious Divine Soul signature/energy. Mankind was seen until now as their pawn and battery source. They have ruled by corrupting and polluting souls, environments, precious divine DNA and biologies, and existence as a whole. They originate from the black hole/pole of death in the dark inverted abyss, trapping Light and souls and absorbing it all for its false purposes. So to real death they shall return, never to rise again.

If you feel that you material support is eroding, trust in the One, for It will never abandon us, as It Lives within us and our journey is in fact Its journey back to Its core Being.

Many think that ascension means rising up in vibrations to Higher levels of the One and reaching domains or levels that are close to the One, often misnamed as numbered dimensions.

Know that it is not for us to rise up to Heavens but for us to bring Heavens down to Earth by inviting It to us and in us.

The two will merge in us and on earth forming the glory of the six pointed star of David symbolizing the merging of Heavens and Earth as One in the Golden Heart power point as shown in the ancient Hebrew and Indian traditions.

The One is encountering lately great difficulties in connecting to us as we are surrounded by a thick black cloud infiltrating most of our world originating from the dark abyss and keeping it enslaved and perceptually disconnected from The One.

Were it not for Its infinite Love, The One and Only would turn Its concentration away as to what we have become and how we operate, for it is highly painful and disturbing to watch. Nevertheless, such is not the way unconditional non-judgmental Love operates towards it Created children.

We need to rise up in desire and awareness towards the One by cleansing our abode and operating in Oneness and hence attempting to make our Self a Holy vessel dignified and clean enough to invite The Presence of the Holy One to reside within it.

And as we rise up towards The One singing Oneness, The One will descend and meet us half-way, as The One will get to experience man and man will get to know The One.

We need to purify our vessel for that. This applies to cleaning the pollution clogging our biological vessel and refusing the myriads of poisons purposely fed in altered and contaminated foods, medicine and supplements, all originating from the dark side. We need to purify our dying environment and feverishly clean up the pollution of its atmosphere, oceans, and its land masses which are all also purposely poisoned by the dark side hoping to keep us enslaved in its tentacles and having the conviction that the Holy One will eventually give up on Its desire to bring us back to Its abode and our real Home.

Look around you. Corrupt politicians, scientists, doctors, philosophers, economists, spiritual leaders and icons, and so-called holy writings abound everywhere.

Many of those claiming to be of the Light do not really get inspiration by the real Divine Light of Oneness, no matter what philosophies or hand-picked chosen so-called holy verses or spiritual concoctions they quote and market to us in order to support their corrupt hearts and tarnished souls. Be very careful in giving them credence, support and power.

False prophets and named deities/gods have until now mobilized many resonating human imaginations who have arrived at by conviction or forced conversion to idolize them for millennia.

They were all inspired by the dark side and you can easily recognize them because they usually sing the dissonant harsh song of fear, aggression, judgment, and punishment under the false pretense of care and love for humanity. They try to bring as many converts as possible under their control since it affords a large degree of mass consciousness energy to be available and sucked in by the vampire-like black hole of Creation.

Even on the very rare occasions when messages originated from the Purity of The Holy One, the dark side soon thereafter the passing of the messengers feverishly engaged in corrupting their communications and stories, producing its own revised version through its agents and making it the “accepted one” insuring henceforth that these altered messages would more often than not confuse humanity into even more dissonance and conflict “in the name” of these adulterated writings. Rigid worshipping systems would often later become established based on these with many competing branches deriving from them and this spiritual con job would usually end up being successful since the dark side, as thought energy, could readily influence globally the minds of so many individuals to embrace these worshipping systems sometimes by conviction, but most often by forced conversion using the violent persuasive power of the sword.

All these corrupted belief systems mainly pit their favored deity or deities against all others, and their group of followers over the others. They all claim to embody the latest and best message and revelation of Holiness and Loving peace when all they truly manifest throughout history is mainly elitism, often aggression, even horrific violence, and forced conversion to their belief systems unknowingly inspired by the dark side. They all sing, unwittingly to their fervent devoted followers, the cunning cacophony of the darkest of dark: the black hole of the anti-One, with its minions and legions.

Real messengers of the One only sing and proclaim the dominion of Peace, Oneness of all Beings, the brotherhood of all mankind, the sharing of bounties with all, the Holiness of all Creatures and all Creation, and the need to deeply revere, respect and become its loving responsible steward. They sing only un-conditional Love. Their song is always the same one, simple and pure, and originates from the Golden Heart of Creation.

Our societies are drowning in falsehood. Never in our history has such a universal degree of corruption of souls and of societies occurred everywhere and at all levels. In some systems, such a state of affairs is even openly accepted and institutionalized, and referred to as buying influence or lobbying.

Use the inner guidance of the quiet inner voice of the One which you carry within. This is your real Divine conscience talking to you. Pause often and listen to your inner heart as you quiet your mind. It sings deep within the Song of Love and not the one of fear that your mind so readily espouses.

Soon, as we enter fully the great shift with the help of the One, the rules of reality manifestation will totally change and the old ways shall not be functioning anymore. Manifestation of desires will not work at all if based on ego-centric desires, but only be allowed to operate, and much more powerfully so, when we bathe in the awareness/Light of Oneness, and only formulate desires bent on expressing Oneness between all of mankind, man and nature, and man and its Creator Source.

Expressing Oneness will find the support of the Eternal One and Its help in manifesting realities. Trying to manifest outside of the expression of Oneness will find the opposition of Oneness Itself and hence never see the light of day. Expressing in writing or with words goals of Oneness will only help in manifesting realities when the heart will have thought such thoughts deeply and naturally.

We cannot even dream to fool The One and claim a desire for Oneness when our heart does not sing that tune, for The One reads each and every thought our heart carries as this is where It resides. TRUTH shall be the rule and TRUTH will read the TRUTH in each soul. If a soul aligns totally with the characteristics of Oneness that The ONE IS, then that soul/entity will be welcomed and gloriously operative and helped as it operates in the new Creation that is soon to be.

Only good hearts shall remain and operate, as evil ones and their corrupting influence lose their grip on Creation and deflate into oblivion. This rule will apply to each individual and all corporate and/or governing entities. All the formats of anti-Oneness will sink into the ocean and disappear, alike the old pharaoh of ancient Egypt together with its large armies bent on enslaving mankind.

In the meantime stay strong. I know it is hard at times and many start despairing. We have to cross the raging waters of the sea of “the end” of one era and reach the other shore when another era IS awaiting us.

For the ones who remain, bounties of incredible miraculous expressions will become commonplace when we all turn around in focus from fear towards unconditional Love originating from the Center of One and Oneness.

In the meantime, these old actors originating from the shadow world instinctively know that their time is soon to be gone and they are clamoring for their last hurrah, filled with anger and aggression towards Oneness, which we feel deeply as they try to infiltrate most of all abodes, within us and outside of us, hoping that we would espouse their false poisonous, old-style, corrupting offers of power, fame, richness, and temporary promises of peace, as we are facing increasingly destabilizing plots and very serious situations which they fully manipulate as they remote influence the thoughts and actions of so many of us. Their goal is that we live in increasing fear and readily accept their conniving non-uniting separative solutions. Look at the convulsions the world is undergoing at all levels and in so many regions and the type of temporary solutions patched over the wounds they have caused in this last battle for the control of Creation. They believe in victory because they have cloned themselves in such numbers that their soul-less Artificial Intelligence programs are convinced that they can rule and conquer all, paralyzing even the Divine abodes with the sheer power and number of their presences.

That is why so many of us, especially empathic sensitive energies/souls, are feeling a deep seated anxiety not necessarily attached to anything specific. We search for meaning, solace, and peace of mind and soul. Many have numbed their inner pain by anesthetizing the proper functioning of many areas of their nervous systems using chemical substances, all this often encouraged by unaware brain-washed health specialists. Most individuals are misinformed and superficially aware, and hence easy targets of dis-information originating from the Dark side overwhelming the medias and the internet and meant to cloud their sight and hearts.

That is why you need to keep your vision on the other side of the tumultuous river we are about to cross and not on the stormy waters. You need to trust in the infinite Power and wisdom of your Creator which you will soon manifest within and without as both the Creator and the Created merge in awareness, perception, and operations.

P.S. I am leaving soon to Jerusalem for 6 weeks and will be in touch with you from the Middle East. May the Peace of The One reign within you and without soon…

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!


Gerald O’Donnell
Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Reality (One)

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