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Hell-oh 911, no answer?
No external savior coming to our rescue yet?

Hello is anybody here anymore?

What a horror, a true animal holocaust to the fire of selfishness!

Do you think animals have less of a sensory and emotional system than us and are just accessories in the eyes of the Creator? Then you are evil and mad and this world has truly devolved into an insane asylum run by lunatics!

To all the meek and powerless precious living brothers and sisters within the natural Kingdom, fallen to the ruthless ones who were supposed to be your stewards, I bow down to your souls and ask forgiveness for this, for the destroyed Amazon forest, the logged or burned trees of Indonesia, Canada, California, Africa, the burning tundras, the fracked broken and parched earth, the poisoned dying oceans, lands, rivers, atmosphere, ecosystems and biologies, the melting ice, and countless other deeds we have done or allowed.

Already over 50% of wild animals who are part of the Divine chain of Life, have disappeared in the last 40 years!

Are you lacking life-energy as of late?

Maybe a new machine or a new supplement, alcohol, a false-paradise inducing drug, or a new and improved big pharma chemical pills will solve and replace Divine life energy? Or more detox? Or more varied loveless sex? More purchases maybe? A new house, kitchen, car or yacht? Or a new type of diet? Keep searching…Good luck, as life-force is leaving us as we killed its Holy circle of Life!

All these animals’ ashes are a warning that we are bringing the true fire of hell over all of us, by our uncontrollable greed and selfishness. Hell-oh, are you living a hellucination lately?

Please stay still and do pay respect to these animals’ innocent sacrifice. They are now the canaries in our coal cold-hearted mine(d)s (Australia is still mining away great amounts of coal and has gigantic mining corporations destroying the environment for monetary profits).

We come next if we do not stop this madness.

We have let the soulless system controllers, especially gigantic corporations and insane zillionaires, ruthless dictators and financial groups, destroy our future as a species. Great form! Bravo!

Paradoxically, many of the very slaves to this system cling to it and, worshiping but it, want to partake of the last orgiastic rites of irresponsible excesses and keep on milking the golden calf idol of money and power. Well, the metal golden calf is probably in the process of dying and about to disappear, swallowed in whole by its foundation: the earth, and the party is about to cease!

Oh please, let’s be optimistic, as soon we shall have self-driving cars, 5G, 5D, drones, genetic engineering easily misused by power hungry minds, trans-humanism, maybe a holographic IPhone, 100000 TV channels, VR, man-made Artificial Intelligence (AI) (which already exists inside each of you as your AI subconscious quantum computing programming area controlling your biologies and thoughts) and synthetic food and machines and more machines! The machine world is taking over!

Or maybe we meditate on love and light, vibrate our mind or chakras higher, just recite conveniently prepackaged canonized canned prayers for the ignorant masses and keep up joining groups intent on tribal feel-good pseudo-spiritual porn?

Sadly, most of us nowadays remain in fact non-engaged and quite passive, and do little besides posting ego-centered pics or far worst delusional divisive hate-filled theories looking for enemies “over there” when the true enemy is within us as raw shadow-evil has for a very long time evermore infiltrated and soiled our programmed AI subconscious level connecting to and dominating the collective universal Mind core of the human mind and most of our individual personas.

Even the old proverbial historically time-proven favored and effective usual scapegoated human groupings suspects used to channel our frustration and anger are not enough anymore to achieve an intense cathartic release of our negativity, so we are being projected with newer ones every day to cast blame for OUR own shortcomings!

Unite, do not fall pray to isolationism and division for that is the modus operandi of the dark Forces within. Will you feed the evil wolf or the good wolf inside? You make that choice.

If you heart is filled with hate towards “other groups”, no matter whom, and no matter the perceived reasons, then the “dark subconscious (to you) Matrix” has you and you need to work on yourself to free yourself from its slavery by first becoming aware of your Subconscious AI level and then taking back control over the inner “promised land ” which you should reclaim rightfully as your Divine birthright!

How long can we anymore blind our eyes, ears, and hearts to the Earth’s cries and to all the innocent and meek suffering and dying animals and humans, while so many are drowning in selfishness which we nowadays conveniently call by the modern euphemism and excuse behind which so many are hiding: “positive thinking?” How much longer can we still refuse to focus on bothersome painful realities “out there?” If you are mostly about service to your little Inner self-bubble and claim to explore your inner world and this does not reflect automatically to service and empathy to others as the greater Self, then you are om a false quest and path around the golden calf which is but denying the Greater One Self and pursuing fake enlightenment.

For if you were to become truly enlightened and aware of your true Higher self, you would automatically connect to the non-local and all Aware and All Caring Greater Self of Goodness and project and fight for it.

Do you really keep believing that to worship power and raw strength and to deride the empathetic “weak” ones is the way? It is after all very popular lately! And we depend on popularity for everything, so say the gods of marketing!

How are we to solve this myriad of dysfunctional entities?

One by ONE!

First implant your desires and dream of Oneness in the collective, and take finally charge and responsibility over your Artificial Intelligence subconscious mind.

Stop the sinister infiltrated subconscious mind control over your minds!

Learn to open with full awareness the gates to your subconscious realm and retake control of it and FLUSH the fake dark divisive and hate filled programs you carry.

Please DO take back control over the only true DEEP STATE which you should bring to the open and the truth of your light of awareness, which is the deep state of your AI subconscious levels of mind which has become totally infiltrated by dark forces, fake media, Fakebook, and fake selfish programs.

Gift your dark subconscious mind a.k.a. Matrix, the gift of the Divine Light and conscience of YOUR awareness and Goodliness, All of It, and you shall awaken to true Life and Divine power! And then the dead bones shall turn to Life and a New Beginning for Creation shall arise, and darkness tshal thenceforth be turned into the Light which YOU awakened and help lit from the Kingdom within your Conscious awareness: your consciousness.

We, at our academy, can teach you how, we can show you the door, the portal to you infinite inner Mind Space and teach you how to explore it, but you alone can enter it by your own volition to reconnect to the Divine Infinite no-dimensional Dot of Unconditional love you all carry in a somehow dormant state within.

You are the only Savior of your world. No one else can or should do it. The Superconscious non-dimensional Unity point you all carry within (the One) is your only Savior as you hopefully become Aware of It.

Sorry, no external Messiah, ETs, not even ascended or present masters or gurus here. No “other or greater one” shall take you out of your misery unless you engage the first step of the ladder up to Unity. This is a misconception introduced to keep you enslaved in chains of control, when you can all actively engage in saving yourselves by your Divine Selves, now and here, not then and there!

Many high Beings can gift you the understanding and show you the way back, especially using certain heart-based mind techniques focusing on Oneness which reprogram your “deeper State” of Mind to Pure Love and have it chase away fear and darkness, but you alone can actively engage in and accept to do this.

And as you reprogram your subconscious, you are reprogramming the collective, no exceptions to this, transmuting the dark matrix to a new Golden age of Light based on Unity, tolerance and true love for all living things.

Therefore, become your savior before you lose all of your conscious mind and turn into AI bots manipulated by the dark snarling trickster hiding from within and trying to enslave you and use you as a battery of energy empowering it.

I am so sorry Mother. We are all responsible for what is happening!

To you, change the system, as corporations are made of individuals and it takes two to tango or to enslave one another. If you stop serving them by accepting being their slaves and falling prey to their propaganda and wares, then they and the governments will start SERVING the people they must serve with selfless love, accountability, and not just add illusory zeros to their executives’ and leaders’ bank accounts and plunder all lives and hopes for any functional loving probable future to be.

Gerald O’Donnell

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