I chose Love over fear. Join me~

May 30, 2020


I am not at all fearing in truth the Corona 19 virus, I probably had it in December/January. I almost died at home bleeding from my lungs, unable to get air in between intense spasmodic dry cough. I never went to a hospital even though I could not get oxygen in sufficient concentration, and healed myself with the help of the One in 2 weeks, and am now fine!

However, I am petrified of seeing the virus of mass insanity based upon division and great potential violence (the Satanic/dark-mother lattice) spreading exponentially, this time not originating from Nazi Germany gone collectively mad and evil, or the U.S.S.R or Iran, but now extending its dark tentacles worldwide out from the Dis-United States, the actual current core of the dark matrix dominion and her central operational command.

Let us nip it in the bud before a new “Götterdämmerung” destroys our social fabric, our future, and great parts of humanity!

Listen to music, dance, make love, hug a pet or children and share laughter and true love. Have constant and true empathy and Love in your heart even towards your worst perceived enemy because he/she is only here as a lesson to bring you hopefully closer to love and so revere and long for its Presence. Go mentally within him/her shoes and try to understand him/her from its perspectives even for 5 minutes. Ask for reciprocation. You will be surprised how powerful and healing this short exercise in Oneness is.

This inner exercise alone will heal both of you!

When are we going to truly awaken and see or worst deeply experience the increasing crescendo damage of the mind-control originating from the dark matrix/mother feeding us fear and a cloud of panic through tons of fake holographic stories and inserts?

We can turn away from the worst path which we are now traveling as consciousnesses by understanding the lessons she is trying to teach us in order to bring us back to where we should be, align to and transform into, but we need not to connect to and mimic her anger and desire to violently detox herself from us or parts of us and as we remain static and allow her to just destroy and absorb us, Skhmet, Kali or Seth/Satan style.

Mayhem only brings more of the same! Anarchy and violence has not proven even once to be a loving and efficient solution.

You have the power! Yes, you have freewill, by Divine decree.  So offer the “other cheek” not in order to get hurt again, but rather by deciding to solely shine most of your mental focus on energizing new and better out-of-the-box positive realities you truly want to bring about, truly far from your current static inherited cultural programs and old collapsing societal structures and the pain they have brought about, and that act will bloom and become miraculously transformative and healing. The “dry land” of old systems who have chocked and enslaved most is sinking and being replaced by the fluid waters of our collective consciousness. The old world and its sclerotic fully corrupted and depraved systems shall never rise again, no matter what artifices and sacrifices many are ready to offer to its idols.  It is sinking and disappearing before our own very eyes, gulping for its last breaths!

It is time to work in unison to bring about, as planetary humans, a new format to live within, a new dry land, a Golden age, a new Lattice build on qualities of consciousness and love and not on quantity of consciousnesses and the power of additive vibrations which is how the dark operates this electro-magnetic world where raw might rules by adding and controlling masses of conscious observers/actors.

We are in the last Cosmic Flood. Do not fear this final flood. Use this time to energize and then build new solid Loving structures, void of fearsome acute inequities whenceforth gone shall be the prior accepted principles of having a few masters and many slaves, and erased shall become unbridled ego-based competition and all the ensuing violence it has brought about amongst our human family and towards the Natural Kingdom. FREE YOUR SELVES and then a new dry Holy Promised land shall appear, based on Love and not fear, all with the help of the One and Only.

Nothing is impossible! So make the impossible possible and save yourself and your Creation.

Leave His-story and start your book of Life by manifesting and writing your story inspired by your best path Dream.

It is all a Godly Dream anyway, so awaken, become lucid in it and take back control! Never follow others. Be your own master of fate.
Only focus on laughter, true love, community sharing, helping the unfortunate, love and expand your true family and friends, and please please stay connected to your origin: The One God.

The red angry energy will then transmute and transform into pure Loving light through that Holy act.

Stay the course and please don’t stray into mass consciousness programs and their false prophets and scamming marketeers who are abounding and marketing to you cunning lies, wares, falsehoods and empty promises. That is their role; yours is to apply discernment and isolation to allow true free-will to operate in your choices.

Never accept old programs as pure truth. Truth has no time, no beginning or end, no boundaries, no restrictions, and only Love as the Heart of One.

LIVING TRUTH resides inside your Divine heart waiting to be lit by the light of your consciousness. Overcome your prejudices/programs and become a clean vessel again like newborn babies are before parents and society adulterate their purity and turn them into extensions of their preferred programs.

Gerald O’Donnell

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