Out of the Matrix

October 15, 2001


It is in the ignorance of the root of evil that you cause it to grow.
It is by the energizing of goodness and Oneness within that you make it disappear.
It takes great courage to counter the first and encourage the second.
It is not about good versus evil but about the One and our Loving strength reflecting It.

“The aggressor is there to teach the victim a dear lesson, and the victim is but there to teach the aggressor to invite the same lesson: Love of One and the notion of It, is all that really should Be and really exists. All the rest is but void and headed toward it.”


Only 50 years ago the same dark energy that is rapidly engulfing our planet managed to control the minds of millions and swirl the world into a constrictive black hole of dense darkness and cruelty, almost destroying this Creation.

Dear friends, the real game is being played at a spiritual level much higher than ours: Within the realm of the non-physical quantum implicate order of Vibratory Light. We are just pawns, parts of a grand plot, prepared for millennia to try to terrorize and enslave us all into a low vibratory hum where we would just provide the energetic fuel for the dark Matrix, allowing it then to continue operating forever i.e live forever in perceived Darkness. If we fall prey to Fear, we would loose then our divine free-will and the Holy Vibrational Breath that allows us all to potentially reach, each on our own, the highest levels of the Godliness, the Highest levels of vibratory Light.

Are we condemned to repeat such history replete with conflict and suffering every 50 years or so? Is this part of the original intent of Creation? Is there a permanent way out of this madness?

The initial salvo has been fired, however everything has been made ready to bring the children of the IS out of bondage. All you need to do is decide to join, reduce your luggage, lighten up your heart, not fall for the despair or fear that darkness wants to instill in us, and learn the path back to your divine origins as cherished children of the One infinite Light. This is and was always the original intent of our new and previous course: To bring you back into the empowerment of the Divine Creators that you were originally meant to be and will soon become.

This is what our second course on Remote Influencing Thought and Reality shows. Since and because of the 911 events, we have made the decision to add new information to our new course on Remote Influencing Thought and Reality and to openly reveal the vibrational mechanisms by which Creation really operates. Explain how reality is made manifest and especially expose the nature, history and goals of the Dark matrix, and how to defend against it, transcend and transmute it as we jump into a higher quantum orbital state around the Core of the ONE. We have decided, because of the gravity of the moment, to show you the way to attain this high Divine Vibratory Light and the inner Eternal peace, and the great power of manifestation it bestows, far above the low vibratory rate at which most of us are now operating while besieged and exposed to Fear and her unaware cohorts, which allows for the aggressions and Mind control of the consciousness of masses by this dark Matrix.

There is and should be no compromise possible with this old matrix originating deep from within the earth plane. To do so, would only invite a more insidious and even greater aggression in the future. Even though our peaceful instinct is to want to accommodate and appease it, no so-called coalition with parts of it, will ever succeed. We need to trust only in the Light and the strength of the ONE who created both Light and Darkness and can have control over both, as the ultimate Arbiter. We all need to learn to vibrate our Divine particles of Light (soul) much higher in a state of total joy and confidence in the proximate experience of a marvelous future for all. As a critical mass of individuals manifest this, they will draw all of Creation into a sudden quantum jump into higher vibratory matrix already prepared and awaiting us. And the Old matrix will automatically follow this pattern and merge with its new divine programming and the new Earth it will project to all – out of its old patterns of fear and subsequent aggression and exploitation.

The blood of this old Matrix is the Dark gold (oil) originating from its veins deep within the Earth which we have brought to the surface of our awareness, burned and has been worshipped for very long, allowing it to it to create false illusory power structures and countries that have and will eventually turn up ferociously against the divine concept of flying free and happy above the sooth of the physical and mental pollution that has covered our Creation. All of this created by our will, our actions. We have enslaved ourselves to this dark Matrix thru its blood, fuel, fooling ourselves into thinking that there would be no dire consequences to this pact and compromise with it. We have been fools in thinking that there would not be an ultimate price to pay: The enslaving of our souls by the Dark fear-oriented Matrix.

The blood of the earth belongs and belonged within the feminine core of our Matrix (Earth), in order to sustain Itself. It should have remained there, for it keeps it in a state of contented balance and ecological marvel. It is a product of dead fossilized matter, part of the dominion of death and the underworld. Instead of digging to incredible depths and bowing to this Dark gold , we need to rejoin the Golden High Vibratory Light of Heavens bestowed by the real Godliness and the free Golden energy of the Sun (SON).

We are all responsible, as we have all closed our eyes and souls for too long to this state of affairs.

Now to complete this expose, please pay great attention to the following: I would like to state very strongly that the Dark matrix is a product of all the fear-based systems of thoughts that mankind has developed for eons of time. Within the world of duality within which all of this Creation operates, the desire to reach the higher realms of total peace and complete joy, manifested automatically another opposite pole that is afraid of higher Light and vibrations. This pole of thought (Satan) exists WITHIN each one of us. It is part of the Mind. It has to be, since the Mind encompasses all. It is the part that will input Fear when one is thinking of the Godliness or is being in The Presence of The Eternal Light. It is the pole that will aggress first, for fear of being potentially aggressed latter. It is the pole that puts thought of shame, embarrassment and guilt around many of our natural actions when relating to the Divine. It is the pole that thinks of the Divine as a judgmental Being, that only express Love towards perfection. It is Adam and Eve after having lost the paradisiacal state through their wish to experience the world of duality, of good and evil, Light and Darkness. It is a program of thought. The Dark Matrix is the structure of Creation that has evolved out of it. A thought-form created by the accumulated fears of Man throughout the centuries.

Many of our trainees have seen how this natural pole shows up when you start taking our first course by manifesting an itch here, a fear based or guilt-filled thought there. It is afraid of climbing back the ladder of Light, alike a unruly child, thinking that it will disappear within the brilliance and the vibrations of the Infinite One. It is afraid that Light and High vibrations will cause its death. And alike a mischievous child, it will do anything to prevent such am upward climb, especially during eras in Creation which have a high potential of bringing the Children of the One to higher levels of Creation and manifestation. It is then that it will show its ill-behaved great Creativity.

As I tell many of my student who experience this pole at the beginning of their meditative practice, the best thing you can do to it, is to smile at it, tell the Darkness that the trick is not working, and that you will climb, no matter what. And most importantly reassured this Dark side of yourself, alike a small child, that it will not die as you climb up in Creative powers and vibratory Light. Reassure it, that it will not disappear and die -that it is part of you, and as such you will take it with you and it will itself be transformed and transmuted together with your whole Self. Because of our clear explanation of this factor within our first course, none of our trainees has ever experienced an undesirable experience or encounter.

Basically the best way to transform evil is to show Love towards it by recognizing and accepting that it a natural part of yourself, born out of fear and feeding on it: your real Ego, and by never seeing it as an external element and enemy outside of your being. You can only flood it with light when you have understood this profound truth.

You can never influence something that you perceive is outside of yourself. You can only influence something that you know without a doubt is part of you.

This work has to be done by each individual, within their own being. To become totally cognizant of the fact that the Darkness is the part of the One, within all the individual manifestations of the One, that is afraid of new vistas, new and better systems, evolved unknown horizons, will make its grip upon you less tenacious, as long as you smile upon It. This is the only way by which Evil can be transmuted forever and as the dark Matrix brought up together with us to higher expressions of Creational structures (matrices).

May the Force be with us all!

Gerald O’Donnell


Post Scriptum: Many well intentioned enlightened individuals and modern spiritual masters have recently suggested that by only energizing positive loving realities and totally ignoring the undesirable fear-based violent realities that are profiling themselves in our creation, Love will overtake fear and shall automatically manifest a peaceful perfected world. Some have called these notions naive and many have fallen into the opposite pole of paranoiac fear and doomsday feelings.

Let me suggest an easy parable: If an individual needs to cross on foot a busy intersection where multiple massive motor vehicles are driving by rapidly, he/she could choose, if he/she so desires, to just project out the thought of the Loving divine energy protecting him/herself and cross without paying any real attention to the traffic. Nevertheless, more than likely, sooner or latter, that individual stands a high chance of being struck by a motor vehicle and sustain bad if not fatal injuries.

On the other hand, if another individual crosses traffic with a heightened sense of fear and anxiety of being hit by a vehicle, chances are very high that he/she will sooner or latter, after having energized enough that dreaded situation, magnetize it to him or herself and also succumb to an accident.

The way to safely cross the same intersection is to be aware of the traffic, take all reasonable precaution to avoid it, and then traverse it without any kind of fear and with the certainty of being protected and being safe.

And so it is with the situation that the world is facing now. To not to react and be aware of it, is unwise. To react with fear, anxiety, and consequential undue exaggerated aggression is equally destructive. Reacting and pre-empting with full awareness, without any fear whatsoever, and with the knowledge that Love of the One in all others will eventually manifest Itself and overcome temporary foolishness born out of fear and ignorance is by far the healthiest way to inner and outer Peace.

May it reign and shine upon us very soon!


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