Tele-seminar August 10, 2010, Gerald O’Donnell & Kirsten Nelson

  • Embrace to Heal the World
  • Final clash
  • Love overcoming Fear and being Revealed as the Ultimate POWER
  • In a recent teleseminar we addressed the key topic: Did you know that EVERYTHING you thought was real is but created illusion, and that the ONLY thing you thought was illusion is but the Only Reality there is?
  • Understanding this link and integrating its reality into your daily life allows you to manipulate this illusion/life.
  • So let us share some more of the secrets of this inverted game and world/matrix…
  • The beginnings of the Understanding of the Cosmic Clash engaged to reverse the Inversion…
  • More information will be given in the next weeks and months…
  • PLEASE absorb the material slowly, each teleseminar and article at a time, so as not to jolt your mind, if too much is offered at once. after all, you are deprogramming from the old Matrix world, so do it slowly…
  • If you want to learn how to get out of this low-level beginners’ matrix and upgrade to a better one, follow the instructions and enter the Rabbit hole…
  • Time to wake up, and act…

Some of our Topics:

–What is the real meaning of the 2012 period and thence after?

–Why have you felt so low on energy lately and often tense, even after a night’s sleep?

–Why is it so important for humanity to wake up to our connectedness?

–How can connecting with Nature give you all the answers you need?

–Why are YOU such a vital piece in the puzzle facing humankind?

–What can you do to break free from your self-constructed prison?

–And Much More…

Kindly send this link to as many friends and relatives as you can. Help wake up humanity. Timing is the key and it is NOW.

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