Interview with Gerald O’Donnell hosted by Ariadne Sassafrass, Elegance of Conscious Living


March 18, 2014


On March 10, 2014, two days after the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian flight 370 which has still has not been found and remains in the eyes of humanity the strangest unexplained aviation event, I received a direct communication from Oneness addressing what had happened and why, and claiming it to be a sign of the first manifest direct Divine intervention in the affairs of mankind in thousands of years, and a precursory sign of major future events to occur in All Creations. Until today, not a single proven crash site of the lost airliner, a logical reason for its disappearance, or a sea of debris has been found although great minds, technologies, and joint governmental efforts have been mobilized, all to no avail.

Sadly, rather few, if any, give the explanation we shared any real serious consideration and integrate its revolutionary implications. All this because humanity’s ego is fighting for power and dominance. So the voice – and now the actual actions of Oneness trying to reestablish Itself and Its Dominion, are often drowned in apathy and pre-programmed human rejection. The idea of existence suddenly stemming from total non-existence is given credence by mystical traditions in their stories of the Genesis of Life and by Science in its theory of the Big Bang, when its opposite corollary: the idea of sudden non-existence stemming from existence is shun away as totally impossible. We miss the very core idea of how manifest Dreamed Reality springs from Thought alone creating the sounds of Light and henceforth energy systems and structures, and how all can go back to being Pure still Thought.

Mankind seems to instinctively revert, as it is facing its most crucial test for global survival – as a potential dying old world, to the same-old, good-old dying proven failed behavior patterns, and although great rare luminaries and important realizations are sometimes heard and often secretly embraced by many, the great bulk of our consciousness is still engaged in dangerous denial of the sad state of our borderline terminally dis-eased planetary body and soul.

This is why the Godliness’ Core’s help is sorely needed at this junction and is being offered as a last recourse. So, instead of rejecting Its Holy Presence or even denying Its existence mainly because of all of humanity’s old distorted spiritual or scientific concepts and stories that have shaped our evolution, we should grab onto that Holy connection, and try to embrace Its reach.

On March 18th 2014, I was invited to be interviewed by Ariadne Sassafrass and did offer greater details to the prior message I received and covered extensively the shift our whole creation is engaged in, albeit not yet with full and wholesome awareness.

In that interview, I address the following points:

  • Definition of consciousness
  • Different levels and expressions of consciousness
  • Higher versus lower levels of Consciousness.
  • There is only ONE Consciousness, One Mind, not many. The many are Its facets.
  • The only actual Real Modus Operandi in Creation is Oneness, the rest is illusion and a Creative global hallucination, and we thence need to understand how Real Oneness operates and how we must fit in and align with It, if we wish to survive and enter the realm of real Life freed of any kind of slavery.
  • We explain that we all are The One at the level of Its contact with the earth.
  • The intervention of the One on March 8: the disappearance of the Malaysian plane, it cause, and more importantly the warning coming from the One about the potential additional de-vibration of various elements of Creation. As Pure Thought and intelligence can Manifest, It can also de-manifest.
  • We explain how in the probable future, man/woman will potentially create up to full universes by thought alone.
  • Polarity is not to be conquered by negating it, but embraced and each polar opposite side must face each other fully and make love to one another face-to-face; then the New Creation shall be.
  • Creating a Divinely Spirited baby either in the physical or the spiritual/mental (manifestation) by making love face-to-face in full Loving union.
  • Ascension needs to be achieved now together as a fully engaged human family.
  • What is really the program called the “devil?”
  • Why is the “One” showing up lately, even openly so?
  • What is the dark matrix?
  • What is the underworld? The cause of its major rise, as of late…
  • The end of all wars is inside of us.
  • Where are the cause to that extensive historical war between good and evil?
  • How will the dark side disappear?
  • How our the focus of our training at the Academy helps one connect and reinter the Kingdom of non-local thought and co-creation within our selves.
  • The core secret of thought-Creation.
  • The power of making love and merging face-to-face versus merging in a lower animal-like format facing the backside. We are the only species which makes love face-to-face while kissing one another. The Creation of the real Divine Higher Self. Its incredible Divine potential is yet to be fully realized by mankind.
  • The strength of the emotion of fear versus the emotion of Love.
  • What has happened in the last 10 years as the One is coming down in concentration and penetrating our abode…
  • The important fact that the ascension process is an ascension process for us and a descending process for the One. We meet halfway.
  • How easy and evermore present the Universal Solution to all our ills is.
  • And much more…

With you on this challenging journey and in Oneness.

Gerald O’Donnell

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