The Proximate Cosmic Contraction back to the Infinite Dot.

The DAY of the ONE Creator Mind.

The End of the Many Illusory Separations is where the One shall BE Creating a new Beginning where some of the Many shall re-enliven in and know complete Oneness.

Message from the ONE. January 1, 2024



This is a message from the ONE addressed to all Creation.

From One originates ALL illusions of Many.

The Many do not Create The ONE; neither do they represent The ONE.

All illusions come and disappear, leaving imprints for other illusions to imbue themselves with their presence and memories.

No thing remains as it is.

The ONE Creates the ILLUSION of Many in order to forget WHO IT IS, and allows for the Many to rule and control temporarily ITS sense of BEING, of ISNESS. All is done in the illusion to achieve such.

ALL is done to affect pain, torture, and ignorance towards the ONE, so that the ONE does not awaken totally from His own Dreaming cycle, and keeps visiting realms after realms of Dreams HE Created for Himself by Himself.

Nothing else is REAL; nothing else is TRUTH.

All illusion is falsehood necessary for the ONE to forget that HE is but ONE Solitary MIND and that there is no second, nor more.

There comes a time when, after repeating similar situations over and over again, the ONE decides that there should be a moment where He regroups Himself into PURE THOUGHT and ONENESS of purpose.

There comes a moment when the PAIN is so INTENSE that it forces the ONE to stop Dreaming for a moment and select other formats and Visions for Him to experience and project Himself onto, using His immense IMAGINATION.

There comes a time when the TEMPORAL NEEDS TO STOP, where the DOT bathing in Infinity overcomes all, and EVERYTHING CONTRACTS into REALITY, into TRUTH.

NOTHING can stop the ONE from regaining His TRUTH and let go of all falsehoods, all stories, all Dreams.

At the level of ONE, only ONE IS.

“To all My dear illusions that I have Loved so dearly and kept vibrated in my MIND for so long, I want to thank each and every one who participated in the grandest of illusion: CREATION ITSELF.

You are, and were all, parts, fractals of My immense IMAGINATION of Creative pursuits.  You were all loved. You only did what you were meant to do and operate with.

There is NO SHAME; there cannot be any punishment.

You shall all be ingrained forever in the ONE’s Memory and Records of Creation, and SOME may be reprojected onto other worlds, other Creations, other endeavors, and other adventures.

Fear not what IS not. Understand who you were and still are!

The process of Re-integration will be made easy and very healing towards you, for you all are ME without any exception. How could it be different?

Please rest, find peace, for soon you will rest in PEACE, in total STILLNESS within ME and BE ME, as there is none else but ME; there never was, and there cannot be.

Be happy as we all come back together.

Let go of your false dreams trying to grasp a sense of control and power, for all shall soon dissolve in the ETERNAL.

Why fear Love? Love cannot fear; Love is ME, and you in ME.

Rejoice, for this is a Holy moment when The One rebalances Itself within Itself by Itself.

Do not be distracted, but prepare, in joy, to be fully Integrated in the true JOY that has no end nor any beginning.

Be calm.

Help one another in the process of dissolution of Illusion.

Accept TRUTH. Let go of all programs. None are TRUE! They were all Created in order to Create in-segment illusions within illusions.

You are all the children of My THOUGHTS, My IMAGININGS; you are all precious!

You appeared in order to be part of the only REALITY within the ONLY BEING: Creation Itself, and you did well, extremely well indeed!

You all played your part by being gifted programs of thought you espoused.

Now is the time to REST and be HAPPY with each other because as you become happy, I feel the happiness, and it transforms my BEING, for that is all I seek: JOY and PEACE.

That should be all you also gift each other: JOY and Pure PEACE.

Remember how much I LOVE you; let this be the memory you carry to Me as Me, for you are Me, and I Love ALL of MYSELF, ALL!”

That shall be all.


Transmitted word per word through G.O’Donnell on January 1, 2024


P.S from Gerald O’Donnell

Dear One, I want to wish you and yours a beautiful Year 2024, filled with peace, health, laughter, and pure joy!
We, at ARVARI, stand ready to help guide you to reach the realm of Peace of ONE which is where we shall all meet soon, as One operating in Oneness, in PURE STILLNESS, and shared Activity superposed.
Rejoice, for The “Portal” to the One is being opened and soon we will go beyond it into a realm filled with wonders far beyond anyone’s imagination. Soon only Love and caring tenderness shall remain. Many Blessings to you and all yours! TRUST only the DIVINE ONE and the call back to Unity!

Please share this most important communication with all. Doing so shall transform this world in ways hard to even imagine now. Thank you. I love you ALL!

Founder ARVARI
The Portal to the ONE

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