Heavens blessing Earth

Message from the ONE

December 30, 2020


This is a message from the One.

This moment in the unfolding of Creation is very crucial at all levels of the One Himself because it is when the Godliness had no other choice than to allow for Its unbalanced parts to have their moment of temporary dominion over this and many other worlds, and a great level of chaos ensued and has brought this world to what many may sense as fated to devolve into its full perdition and erasure.

Although a great amount of souls fought bravely against the onslaught of dark forces bent on destruction, Truth-and-Love found it evermore painful to be denied Its desire to spread among Its entities.

In order to unveil the totality of the contamination of souls, a decision had been taken to allow for their revelation in public to occur so that the Original Forces of Oneness could easily recognize them and take certain actions which are required now to bring back all of the worlds of the One-and-Only to their original sense and desire for Oneness and Unity.

Nothing shall be spared for righteousness to be our future, and Oneness our goal; anything else shall be totally and forever erased from any type of existence at any level.

This is going to be a difficult period to witness. Nevertheless, the One needs to decontaminate Its own Mind from all the parts who have taken the gift of free-will and a sense of separation to levels which have threatened our whole survivability as Creation.

Although, in the future, free-will shall always be part of Creation, it shall forever be superseded by the Free-Will of The One-and-Only to decide and Create what is best for Oneness manifested.

To all of My parts who have remained aligned with My Heart, I say “unite” and, in the courage of your resolve to do so, you shall find the One, Its guidance, Its support and Love.

To all the others, I shall turn my Head away from you and the energy of Life shall leave you, and your memory will be erased from the records of all Creations.

Your pain, My Children, is Mine. I Dreamt a Dream for you that has evaded us because of the level of opposition. However, our future is beautifully bright and we shall all rejoin each other soon and Create our NEW WORLD together, United in Love and Eternal Peace.

Do not forget who you are and Who Created you: One.

This will be ALL.


The One




The above is a direct message from the One received after I was pulled up in energy vibratory bands/levels, higher and higher, for hours, up to a point where the energy was almost far too strong to bear and then the following words came out word-per-word from my mouth. The message speaks for itself as this year shows explicitely to all truly awaken ones the chaotic painful effects which our selfish divisive behaviors have caused to all living Creation, as our thoughts and actions have been reflected back to all of us very powerfully as a final lesson of tough Love by Oneness incarnated and Present everywhere and everywhen in preparation for the Great Day of the One. I wish you all a happy and  peaceful year 2021, hoping that we shall all instill in ourselves and our loved ones the full knowing of deserving to being inside the Peaceful fully protective One Eye of the storm surrounding us, because we would have shown to be totally aligned with Oneness and expressing Its Truth, while the waters of consciousness are still raging around us, sinking many structures who have stubbornly kept refusing to align with Unity consciousness and we shall then be turning ourselves away from them as they disappear forever in the deep waters of the swirling abyss of oblivion. Gerald O’Donnell, December 31, 2020



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