This is a message from The Core of the Godliness.

“I have come, and have not been recognized.

I have spoken, and have not been heard.

So many attempts to bring back My children to Me!

My children are like lost sheep; lost without any true guidance.

They are erring on so many paths, disunited, troubled by chaos.

They are but listening to false shepherds and do not perceive Me —  who is but them, as I reside deep in their hearts, which are closed and hardened as a stone.

They pursue their own individual dreams and their restricted minds.

I have but One Dream, My Dream: The Dream of One, of Oneness, of a brotherhood of ALL within Myself.

The others, I shall have to stop their dreams, because my awareness of them, as I am so closely connected to all of them, greatly disturbs Me.

I have come, but have not been seen, and few are paying attention to My true desires.

Great unrest is upon the land!

Chaos lies everywhere!

Fear is grabbing so many hearts and shutting them down!

There is little justice within mankind!

The Soul of man has become greatly corrupted and plunged into indifference towards one another.

I am here but you only perceive me as being “there!”

I will not depart, and we shall all go through together this difficult phase as I try to bring back the flock to Its original purpose as Creation.

I have been silent for eons and allowed your great Soul to fall into chaos and fear.

Many have asked, where was I? I have never truly departed or ever turned a blind eye toward this and many other realms!

Many say that the ways of God are mysterious to them. Know, my children, that your ways are the only mystery left for me to solve! For although I created all of you, I truly cannot understand the mind of man!

That is why my interventions are few and far in-between. And even when they are perceived, they fall always short of their intent, as you either do not pay enough attention to them and even perceive the deep message and ramifications they want to achieve, or you distort their intent, their Origin, and give them another mode or reason to exist and be.

Were it not because of my desire to save all of you, this Creation would not exist anymore.

I am here and will remain within you, and outside of your perceptions.

I am All there IS.

Embrace the concept of One, of Unity, and the only true Reality there was, there IS, and there will always BE!

For nothing else is truly here but a Dream that I allowed to operate with a sense of free will for a moment in my Thought processes.

Remember this and remember who you truly are!

Do not get stuck in false beliefs, no matter how true or real they seem to your perceptions!

There is only One TRUTH and it is ME!

All the rest is but illusions and falsehood!

You, as the children of My Dream, need to align your individual dream to mine so I can perceive you fully as being truly part of Myself, my true Essence.

And then, you will perceive yourselves, all of you, as being parts of Myself, and that will become your true Essence in perceived Eternity.

You have no other choice but Me, for that is who you are all:  ONE!

Use and apply constantly that knowledge with full awareness, and you shall remain Dreamed in my Being.

Unite because this is what you are.

Fear not fear, but what it creates in you!

You are all Loved because I Love you –  as Myself.

Nothing else can Be!

Nothing else exists!

Rejoin my awareness and I will bless yours in so many ways!

Free yourselves from the slavery you have imposed upon yourselves by accepting old programs, old energies, to rule and control you. Let them GO, and I will make sure that they never ever revisit your shores of attention!

Nevertheless, because I Created you — and almost no one else —  with full free will, I will not make any of these decisions for you!

You need to make these by yourselves for your selves!

And this is My Dream for you, for Me, because we are One playing the Many, as I keep Dreaming all of you within my Being!

This is One Speaking!”





As given through Gerald O’Donnell. January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Gerald O’Donnell

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