Today I partook in an incredibly High experience whence the Presence rested upon me and started lifting me from Level to Level until I reached the Ineffable Light which I could only describe as a column of ivory Light Crystal extending to Infinity and radiating a Force beyond description, and entered It.

Much was Uniting at many levels and the Word was vibrated.

Much happened during that experience, and as I went back into my perception of lower biological self, I retained this message to be shared.

Here is the message:



Today is the eleventh of November 2011: a moment to remember.

On this very day, the Godliness has affected an act of Unification within all Its levels.

Some of you may be aware of it and realize the extent of what has happened.

Many on this level of operation probably do not, yet; but will, soon.

This moment needed to be – for had it not been achieved, Creation, in its totality, would have been at risk.

Nothing exists in a disconnected manner. However, for many parts, including some very High parts, there was, until now, a lack of total realization that We form The One.

All the parts who have now experienced such, will endeavor to spread to the rest of the totality of The Mind that very perception.

The Core of The One has been waiting for a very long period of Creative steps for such an event to occur.

It needed from Its parts a high desire to rejoin their Source and to express joy at such a glorious event.

The energy which Source emanates has no boundaries, no definition, and no equation.

It is Pure Love manifested, and as such it can only be experienced if that state is attained and desired.

It has no boundaries, no veils, and penetrates all.

To all the entities: Let it be known that soon a time will come when you will be penetrated by that only Reality: Love manifested.

Let it be understood that when that moment shines in your Being, you will be embraced into levels of realities of operations and joy which you cannot now even imagine.

Let it be known that you will then experience the only Peace that really IS: The Peace of the IS, of the Only Being. All others are just momentary illusions trying to achieve balance in the midst of chaos.

Let it be understood that when that moment arises for the ones who cannot accept Love and have remained in a state of fear, judgment and anger – for they have not previously prepared their being and purified it in order to serve as a vessel for Its operations and Presence – their sense of being, of reality, will not be able to sustain the tremendous desire for Love to feel ALL of Itself Loving Itself in return. And, they will cease to be imagined by the One and Only, as Oneness becomes the only rule, the only Reality, the only commandment.

And there shall be Love and there shall be Peace, and there shall be forever Unity within the One and Only Reality.


Realize that you are all Loved.

Accept to forget, to forgive, and get ready for a totally new phase of operation.

Do not remain with bitter memories and behaviors.

There is NO judgment within Love. Judgment pertains to fear, and fear shall disappear.

Nevertheless, there is compatibility to Love and incompatibility. And as such, you need to make your choices as to whether your being and inner tendencies express love and Oneness towards ALL the Creatures of The One, or whether you reject such notion in the name of fear, power, segregation, or a false sense of elitism.

You have free-will. The choice is yours.

I Loved you, Love you, and will always Love you; ALL, without exceptions.

This is ALL.



Gerald O’Donnell 
Academy of Remote Viewing and remote Influencing

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