This message is trying to force strength into the unity of this nation.

The essence of these worlds is dependent upon the vocabulary that is used here. These worlds can focus on doom, death, and fear, or loving strength, and the outcome is depending on the strength, structure, and vibrations of the people of this nation. It is subject to the amount of energy that will be exploded against this earth originating from the inner structures of the humans that put this energy ball in motion.

There are very high level energies within the Original Godliness that are closely monitoring this situation.

Try to stay calm and peaceful amongst the chaos.

Try to bring the vibration level of this universe up and continue to do so. This will bring in the Love of the One, peace onto all, healing to souls.

All the souls who, in the name of joy and evolution, are, and will be suddenly departing, are received in total peace and Love within the non-physical.

In these high vibratory realms that exceed the wants and desires of man, we have been waiting for your joy to explode on this Earth. Explosions of joy and meaningful desires is what we want to hear. We rejoice in your love, expressed for one another. This is the truest desire of man: to be loved and to love others. It is upon this basis that your vibrations will explode, one upon another, and bring you all into new vibratory realms. Lift up your hearts and your souls, and be One with God. And we speak of God within you.

Hear this from the One and all of Heavens, with all our joy. We partake in your joys, and your loving of each other.

There are choices to be made. You choice is your own and be glad in it. We lift each one of you up as the important vibratory light that you are. Each of you has such wonderful gifts. Sing praises onto the land.

For the people who want to, start the day with the desire of remaining safe.

A question was asked about the terrorists and the religious fanatics that are perpetrating the latest acts and the answer came as a visual: A ball of black entangled wires. Harnessing it will cause one to only harness more of the same. It is a ball so enmeshed, that one cannot take one part out easily and the feeling is that it is of very low love vibration.

The intent of Terror is to instill fear into one’s heart, for it then enslaves you into a low vibrational grid. Some physical and non-physical forces would want you to stay away from the freedom that one can have soaring high within the sky of vibrational light. Try not to fall onto that trap. You were born to fly high above the winds of this Creation. Face events with the stillness of knowing that greatness awaits those who remain in trust and joy.

Remain in faith. If you doubt, do not deplore.

Remember that you energize terror by fearing it. So if you need to act, act wisely, precisely, confidently, and very secretly so. Be aware and prepared. Beware of allowing mass consciousness to be swayed into fear and war-like talk, for it is exactly what darkness desires and needs in order to bring down the structures of stability and spiritual evolution. The challenge and test is as big as you make it to be. You are co-writing the book of your life paths. Choose wisely.

Do not allow for the emotion of hatred to fill your heart. For hate is what you are up against.

Unite within your self and amongst yourselves, for there lies real strength, peace, and loving joy.

Peace be onto you.

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