Message and Interview about the period 2010-2012

  • “Dark Energy” Leaking Upward and Cosmic Tectonic Shifts and Fractures as it meets “Higher Light” Energy
  • The “Cosmic Clash” and its Potential Resolution
  • We hold the Key to Ultimate Remote Influencing!

Today is January 21, 2011. On June 24, 2010 Gerald O’Donnell wrote a very important article about the sequence of dramatic events unfolding in the Gulf region and all of our Creation. A couple of hours later he was interviewed on about the same subject where he shared more insight on this and the period leading up to the year 2012 and thenceforth. We think that because of proximate events one should listen carefully to this interview which has just been released freely on our site.

In this interview:

  • Gerald addresses what is really happening “behind the holographic scene”
  • Why this is the most important period in the history of Creation?
  • The Real Heart Beat of Creation
  • What is the best and the worst case scenario?
  • How we can easily change course and make the transition to the best path scenario as a human family?
  • Why technology will be useless and powerless to help solve our dire problems unless we finally let go of our fear programs and choose real bounty?
  • The Real One-and-Only Effective Blow Out Presenter
  • Definition of subconscious mind levels, and their real location.
  • How to connect to the Source Creator and get messages and understandings?
  • The Expansion of the Heart of Creation and Its current contraction around 2012.
  • Real story behind the Mayan calendar 2012 end.
  • Real living Light versus reflected Light.
  • Current acceleration of perceived time.
  • Why is this Creational the riskiest Creational experiment ever attempted?
  • The real meaning of the 2012 event.
  • Secret Remote Influencing intervention by levels close to the One: Higher Remote Influencing of Thought and Reality.
  • Decoding the messages sent through the Kingdom of Nature run by the Highest Divine Feminine aspect of the One.
  • Nature as the real on-line bypass to Source.
  • Our focus on bringing dark energy to the surface of our planet and our awareness, and using it as our main primary fuel for life operation. Are the risks worth the destruction it causes at all levels or our beings?
  • What needs to be done in order to erase the inner and outer pollution by the realms of death (underworld energies) streaming up through us, as we invited them out of our free-will, and which are poisoning us and the planet?
  • The real world: The word of metaphors and meta-physics: We are only projected stories from it.
  • And much more…

Time to wake up, and act…

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