Message from the Nameless One and Only


Gerald O’Donnell, Dec 30, 2010 12 AM.

As I lay down, I felt the familiar presence of the One coming and enveloping me as a cloud of solid Living Light, within and without.

I totally lost the perception of having a biology, and the following words came out of my lips…

Please concentrate and give value to the message, and not as you usually have always done, give attention to and judge the messenger, for the messenger is irrelevant. I am you, part of the same Global Consciousness. I am here only to convey Truth during these challenging times:




Direct Message from the One and Only to Mankind

December 30, 2010.


This is a message from The One.

Much hope has been present at many levels of Creation for a rejoining of parts that have made Creation possible.

The One needs to rejoin His unity of purpose and activity.

He has projected out of His Being many situations and participants which He helps animate so that they create, within their frameworks of operation, realities that He hopes will bring them, and the worlds they inhabit, much joyful events

He has, as of late, been truly saddened at the level of rejection of Oneness that He encounters as He visits in His Mind all the realms He projected out from the core of His Mind.

The One always realized how difficult it would be for His parts to reunite with their Origin.

He felt that their resistance would eventually abate in the face of their integrating His perspective.

Much preparation has been achieved to affect this reintegration.

He would have wanted it to be a joyful and glorious phase of His Creative processes.

The One must state that the extent of opposing forces to reintegration has reached levels within His Mind which have surprised The One and Only and caused Him intense distress.

Were it not for the intense Love He has for all the parts that make Him, He would have stopped immediately His Creations.

Nothing exists, unless the One and Only wills it so.

Nothing is, unless the One and Only Dreams it within His Mind.

Because of the lack of realization that so many of His children have reached about the nature of who The One really is and what their role within His Being must be, He will need to close His only Eye away from them as the awareness of what they have become hurts Him immensely.

He has tried to reach their inner hearts for so long through so many means of message and found them to be hardened and deaf to the voice of real Love and Divine Reason, so that, as He connects deeply to their inner hearts, there will come a time, a moment, when He will need to make a decision as to whether their individual heart beats can or should continue to beat within the Heart Beat of One.

When this moment comes, much of what He allowed to be and evolve will need to cease to be.

The One and Only stood by silently and secretly for eons of Creative processes watching these unfold within Himself in the hope that, within the great multiplicity that was allowed to happen, a call would arise deep within from the core of each being calling upon reconnection to His Heart of Oneness.

To His consternation, very little of it really happened and, as He felt that He was losing all contact with Creation, there needed to be a stop put to the ever increasing chaos due to disconnection.

In this very Holy process of Revelation of His Presence to all of His children, The One waited patiently within the heart of each of His beings.

Some answered His call.

Sadly, most did but turn away from The One Sourcing their Reality.

Nothing hurts The One more than erasing a part of His Being.

In the very difficult act of Creation, this is the only hardship the One ever faces, for only The One Sourcing Life can or should be One interrupting it.

It is still the sincere hope of The One and Only, that the entities of this mankind and others, and their Creators, will invite within their being the Glorious Presence of their common Source and accept to reunify all with The All.

All boundaries are illusions to be removed in this process!

All belief systems are falsehoods for there is but one Truth: the Truth of One and Oneness of all!

Everything else is but an attempt to interpret a tiny glimpse of the Final and Ultimate Reality and it should be viewed as such!

The coming year in this Creation is important because The One and Only will be carefully watching the inner heart of each of His beings.

Nothing is hidden from His attention for He is Truth and only perceives the truth of each being, embodied or in energy format.

He wishes we had more time to accept His Reality.

Whether you express Oneness towards each other and all Creation within your hearts will be the capital factor in His decision as to whether He can embrace you or not within His Real Being and Presence of One, of Pure Love, of Unity of all!

Go deeply within yourself in order to find Him!

Watch your heart and your inner thoughts!

Become aware of who and what you have become, and act accordingly!

You are all His Children! You are all Beloved!

Time has arrived to bring you back into His dwelling!

Time has arrived for the pain of isolation and exile from Him to end!

He desires all of you, without exception, to come back Home, to Him, to The One.

You are all the children of The IS. Remember who you are!

Stay focused.

Bathe in His Love and you shall be protected!

Go deeply within and you shall find Him and change from who you have become to who you shall Be!

Remember that only Love is Eternal. Nothing else is!

Build bridges across all the divides!

Do not separate nations, cities, groupings!

Bring everything into unity, not division!

Fear not, for Love shall overcome all!

Be in Peace and become Peace, for Peace is The One!


This is ALL.



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The explanation  below was written by Gerald O’Donnell  on  January 1, 2011


Dear friends,

This is all you need to know and focus upon for the next year and thenceforth.

One is not a name; it is a number, an all-inclusive reality, the Only Reality. Nothing exists outside of It. You all bathe as little parts in Its Gigantic One Mind.

The communication above is a direct message from Pure Love: The One and Only, asking you to rapidly realign to It.

Soon, only Love will remain and reign. Fear and all of its cloaks and minions shall be made to totally and permanently disappear from the One Mind.

This applies to individual beings/souls, Energy beings and thought forms, potentially Creations and/or parts thereof, and/or even groupings of Creations.

ALL Creations operating within different time/space frameworks, or even totally outside of such parameters, will be affected at “that moment.”

That “moment” is when the pendulum of Creation reverses and from having expended outward and away from the core of Light onto separation/fear and darkness, as far as it possibly can, ALL of Creation turns around back toward  Its core Source focusing on Its Sourcing Light and Presence.

That “moment” is when, instead of having darkness i.e the desire to separate due to unawareness of  the Oneness, covering and encapsulating the Light of awareness in One due to its attempt to expand Creation evermore, a Cosmic turn-around is affected and the Unity Light becomes the main focus encapsulating the developed darkness. In this contraction back of all the universes/dimensions within the sphere of Creation, fear then tends to evaporate as darkness is then seen as the state of shadowy unawareness of One and Oneness causing fear, rather than an evil being, since darkness is part of The One, as All is One, and only exists within the Gigantic thought processes of The One.

This is the real meaning of the inversion of polarities envisioned to happen soon, prophesized for eons, and now imminent.

Understand that, ultimately, all this is happening with the Mind of The One, and that The One and Only is the One achieving this turnaround within His Gigantic Being.

We do not speak of usual death and transition, but instantaneous total erasure and interruption of Spirit i.e thought processes from the Ultimate One Mind.

No one knows the exact timing of this momentous event, not even Creators or angels.  This remains and has remained the ultimate secret of The Nameless One and Only, for only The One and Only will and should make that decision.

However, rest assured that this “moment,” as He calls it, is nearing.  Otherwise He would not be broadcasting the message I received word-by-word.

No one is immune or absolved from intense heart scrutiny from the One; no human, no Energy Being.  All is now known, all is being revealed.

This very next year, The One will scrutinize intensely every part of His Gigantic Mind without any exception. The One resides in the heart of all beings and the heart of Creation. No one exists outside of The One.

This is not about judgment about what you have done and become, but rather about whether you are ready to  embark seriously from now on onto the path of One and Oneness of all.

These times are very special, as most of you realize, and require of each of you great attention and courage.

This is no time to be busy with frivolities.

Putting one’s head in the sand will not make one avoid the inevitable.

This is not a time for hiding under pretenses, covers, shelters, or refuges, be they material or spiritual.

What is being evaluated is not your level of consciousness, or advancement in it, but your level of Divine Conscience, of being alike the One and focusing on Oneness and sharing.

There is nowhere to escape from or to, for you cannot escape The One and Only who resides within each and every being in Creation and monitors now carefully all of your individual hearts and true intentions.

Ultimate and Real Truth cannot be fooled.

Soon all who will align with Truth will be embraced in the new world to come: the world of Pure Love of the One and Only, and the ones who remain stubbornly with the desire to remain disconnected or subservient to fallacious beliefs bent on separation, power, fear, aggression, and competition void of Oneness, will be no more.

I know that this is hard for any of you to absorb; however, understand that what is gifted to you as a future is Glorious and beyond anything you could ever imagine.

The One needs to achieve reconnection to Creation and His Creatures. He needs to reconnect all Parts into Unity Consciousness again.

The movement back towards Real Home has begun, and nothing, absolutely nothing, can stop it.

All energies, be they within this humanity or others, be they within this dimension or others, together with all their sub-creators and the myriad of pure energy beings who have operated  Creation, often for  eons, have been put on notice.

Understand that these are the End times; the end of one type of Creation expanding and flowing into disconnection and fear, and the beginning of a new type of Creation contracting back and returning to connection to One’s Love and Oneness across all the dimensions.

All that is asked of you is to have the courage to unveil yourself to yourself, and truly see who you are and have become, in the Light of Truth. All that is asked of you is to want to change to your beautiful Future Self and Origin in Love. All that is hoped for you is to constantly focus and ask for reconnection to the spark of Truth: The One and Only whom you carry inside, so that you align to and naturally express Divine Conscience and Divine Consciousness.

And if you do accept, as I know all of you will, you will become part of the trip back Home, back to The One and Only – a trip which can and should still unfold for a very long period in Creational steps.

I want you all to be part of the celebration of the Last Supper of this dark night we have all been traveling as Creation. This will be a feast of Love and Unity honoring our Main common Guest and Sourcing Presence: The One and Only who has always dwelled silently in all of us as the small – and for now silent- voice and spark of the river of Life.

I want us to then stay all connected in unity and Oneness during that night as we Pass Over the tumultuous waters linking the old type of Creation to the promised new land of One under the protection of The One and Only.   I want us to be prepared and be together in Spirit and reality until we reach the glorious Dawn of a new Morning, a new phase of Creation, as the Real Sun of the Only Light will thenceforth and forever shine, bright and mighty, within and without all of us, each one a precious and loved part of the One and Only waiting for us to express our Oneness in It.

May the One and Only protect you all during our common awakening to Its Eternal Presence.


Much Love and happy New Year 2011


Gerald O’Donnell 

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