A guide to Ascent and Survival for these End Times of the Old Matrix

Preparing for the New Beginning


Dear friends:

This is Gerald O’Donnell. First let me tell you what happened to me this week and then I will address another series of subjects.

I never usually tell tales of successful remote influencing events on my part, but this time I think I need to share this with you.

I went 2 weeks ago to an ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) doctor complaining of difficulties breathing through my nose due to an old trauma I sustained many years ago.

As he was inspecting me he noticed what he thought was a growth on the tip of my nose, and told me that he was quite concerned about its look and size and that it would need to be removed and biopsied.

I told him I would be back and went to have it confirmed with other dermatologists.

When after 2 weeks the growth suddenly started growing very rapidly, I showed it to a good friend of mine, a PH.D in Medicine who immediately sounded the alarm and told me that from its appearance and rapid growth it may be pre-malignant, but most likely was malignant and needed immediate removal and biopsy.

I scheduled a new appointment with the ENT who is also board certified in surgery.

That very night I went into Delta, used it as a portal and passed into the Higher Realms and commanded a healing, and showed great gratitude for it.

Immediately thereafter, I felt great energies activating around my nasal structures within and without, and when my appointment came 36 hrs later, I showed my face to the same ENT, who was very baffled to find that the lesion had totally disappeared.

Why am I telling you this? Certainly not to brag.

You will soon find out as you read this.

Please bear with me as this will be a very important and a bit lengthy message.

This message does not intend to instill fear in you, but rather to instill awareness, and preparation for this and many other events to come.

You really need to understand in general terms what is happening here and what is at play.

Typical man-made hysteria, media sourced, has as of today 5/4/09 grabbed, as usual, the population.

The mere specter of a generalized plague arouses immense fear of death in people.

I would like each of you to take a step back and bring all this back to decent proportions, but at the same time understand that this event is symptomatic of a new, never seen before, period which we have all, as humanity, entered 2 years ago and that will remain with us for decades until its targeted goals are achieved by the One.

I know and am aware that there are numerous stories, some of them perfectly plausible and somehow confirmed, about bio-pharma labs having made either unintentional or, even worst, intentional criminal stupid mistakes in their vaccine operations that could potentially explain part of this new hybrid viral entity that has suddenly popped up.

There is no need to panic, for it will paralyze you and increase the negative impact of events to come, but you must now, sooner rather than later, train in spiritual, mental, and physical self-defense tactics against fear and panic as you walk the paths of Creation which will seem pretty dark in the period ahead. We will give practical advice below.

With mankind living already on the edge, fear can create very unstable economical and geo-political situations. So please take a deep breath and remain calm and tell others on your periphery that might become over emotional to cool off and center themselves.

What you need to understand is that this is really part of what we have been warning on our site to prepare for since 1996, for 13 years now.

Please integrate first and foremost what I am saying below: nothing, absolutely nothing of global dimensions happens lately without the core and Highest level of the One Creator of ALL intensely concentrating upon it and allowing His parts, both light and dark ones, either sub-creators/gods and/or humans to operate under his Remote Influencing and Remote Viewing abilities. Alike the conductor of a gigantic symphony orchestra He directs, co-ordinates, and in His case, since He is pure Thought and Intelligence, influences often the minds of His sub-entities/parts so that they achieve in the end what He has prepared and organized in advance to be achieved for His Highest purpose in advancing Creation and saving it under His Highest guidance. Nothing escapes His scrutiny as He hyper-concentrates on this and many other Creations because of how crucial this phase of Creation really is.

So even if you perceive humans engaged in plans and strategies that you do not agree with, understand that these humans are just, unknowingly, actors in a much grander project in which they are but playing a role, either on the light or dark side, so that the pieces for the new Creation being assembled fit perfectly well together. And yes, it is very puzzling when viewed from our human perspective and our restricted intelligence, but it all fits in the greater tapestry of a beautiful new world being set up so that we all soon share its glory and days, together with the presence of the Higher realms (Heavens) who will then be made manifest here on earth.

On February 23, 2007 I received, while in a very High state of Light, a message from the One word-by-word. I am sorry if I don’t claim authorship, nor reassure humans’ fragile egos feeling threatened by this assertion, by falsely assigning it, in order to stay “politically and sociologically correct,” rather to a Divinely projected human figurehead of old , prophet maybe, member of an old pantheon of gods/creators, extra-ordinary/terrestrial intelligence communication, or a bout of mental dysfunction. It is what it is and I know Its origin without any doubt.

I am nobody of repute. I seek no recognition. I could not care less about that. I only care and wish for you to see the message as it is: a channeled message from Source, and judge it on its own merit, not mine, or the human image I project. That is the fault with man, to confuse the messenger with the message and judge or give more importance to the messenger than to the ideas being expressed. That is the basis of idolizing and the fault with it, and the One has been fighting this tendency in man for eons with doubtful success.

In this communications, the Creator announced many future events and a major shift that He had just undertaken in His operations. A recognition of His presence, deep within the heart of each human being, and a desire for Oneness, sharing, and compassion, was highly emphasized. We are all witnessing around us events trying to affect this very process.

I wish I could just tell you that you should just stay positive and positive things would happen, smile at the world and the world will smile back, see zeros added to your bank account and swim in financial abundance, but I am afraid that this time things are a bit more complex and involve a much more advanced type of thinking and manifesting worthy of aspiring real co-creators with the One: you.

When in past and even recent times, the co-creative mind of man was perceivably the lone master of its fate and man could in his/her bubble universe create with a large degree of free-will, without perceived interference by Higher realms and especially the One Creator, this has now changed and presently the One allows Himself , as I think is undoubtedly His Divine free-willed right, as Source, to interfere with man’s plans and activities whenever the One feels the need to do so.

From now on, and believe me, forever, on this and other planes, the equation of Creation will include, increasingly and manifestingly so, primarily the Creative decisions and judgments that the One Creator will affect upon each of us as He monitors and inter-acts with His Creatures and Creations.

This is unprecedented and will become an increasing intense realization in the decades to come.

This is why as you try to manifest your desires henceforth, you need to read the preconditions to successful manifestation that the One has announced below and in His latest message of January 1, 2009.

You need to take these into account, and understand that manifestations based on egocentric desires, and egoistic tendencies will be voided and even counter-acted, no matter what other so-called spiritual or manifestation gurus, out there, always a few steps behind in realizations, tell you or promise you in the name of their politically correct term “all powerful universe.”

We are to learn that we are ALL ONE, and all interconnected, the easy way or the hard way. And lately mankind seems to have chosen to learn this the hard way. Even as events unfold, large segments of the population are retreating into even more egoistic feelings, a fear of uniting in Oneness around the world, and isolationist theories. Most clamor for their perceived God-given or societal right to profess their religion of “egoism” unopposed and un-imposed otherwise. Many more are ready to take from others, few are willing and naturally inclined to give, gift, and share. This is worrisome and sad as they will be made to experience the wrong of their theories and behavior as they soon are made to realize that what happens “there and then” is also affecting them “here and now.”

Here is a crucial part taken from the February 2007 message https://probablefuture.com/Message%20from%20The%20Holy%20One.htm about what is unfolding and about to unfold around you. Read it again and again and again. Plaster it on your wall. This is no joke anymore. You either start the awakening process on your own volition or you will be made to awaken.

“Nothing can exist without God making it happen, absolutely no thing. No being can continue even for a moment if the Godliness does not think about it and create it – moment after moment.

Nevertheless, His Creatures are allowed a certain degree of free-will. That degree may soon need to be interfered with because the choices they have made and are making have brought much of Creation on the brink of eternal chaos and final destruction.

This is a gigantic leap in the way by which God interferes and interacts with His own Creation.

Nothing will stop His decision. It has been made. All the Creative steps are ready. They will soon unfold.

Many will wonder and be rattled to their core. Many will understand and bring the Holy One into the Holiness of their own being.

This is the beginning of a new beginning.

It is God’s intent to hold you each by your hand and embrace you, for His love for you is ever consuming. You are after all Himself operating in Creation. He wants you all to make it through these turbulent times.

He often wished that His corrective phase would have happened before. Nevertheless, it is now what it needs to be.

Yield to the Holiness and you shall all be rewarded.

Respect all of His Creation without exception for He Created all.

Do not discriminate.

Do not misjudge.

Unite and you shall be free, as He will take you under His Wings and protect you from any possible undesirable event.

You are all the Children of the IS, so act as such.

The Godliness will not accept anymore the killing of man in His Name. All the ones that engage in such shall need to disappear from His Thought Processes for in that awareness that He has of them He greatly suffers.

If you pursue Oneness The One shall be with you. If you reject it, you won’t be able to find Him.

………… Great imbalance has been caused to the magnificence of this Creation by the action of man, and as such, The One will need to intervene to interfere with a lack of awareness that many of His co-creative parts are showing in the very extremely restricted awareness of man.

It has become somehow fashionable to consider that much of the imbalance which nature exhibits is but a natural process. The Godliness wants to state that all of it is being caused by the act of man for The One would never allow His Creative part as the natural world to function with such great imbalance were it not for the interference of man upon God.

The One and Only wants to state that He will search deep within the heart of each individual for a spark of recognition of the reality that the Creator, as The One, cares deeply about His Creation, for, if any individual thinks that The One does not, he will have to face The One Himself and the fury of Oneness which is showing Itself in Creation never to be neglected again. ”

You can of course watch with increased concern and anxiety what will soon unfold and take the usual flu pandemic precautions and treatments recommended by your public health officials, health professionals, or alternative holistic practitioners.

You may, using your regular beta/intellect linear human mind, just think that this is but a natural or accidental occurrence with no intentional malice attached to it.

If you so choose so, you may even believe that this is a fabricated crisis by either criminally minded individuals, and/or secretive nexus of power and control, and/or dark energies bent on subjugating and exploiting humanity or even play eugenics with it.

In all cases there will be elements of proof brought to you to prove your assessment correct within the linear world of causes and effects.

It needs to be so, so that you still have the choice of free-will, for a couple of years more, while you are being tested and studied in your soul and its reactions, to still negate the fact that the One Himself is directly engaging as the One Creator His Creation and His Creatures.

Nevertheless I can tell you that the hope is that we shall all finally make the great quantum jump in awareness needed, and perceive, behind the scenes projected to us in this sensory 3D holographic Creation, the hand of the One Creator Himself, as He tries to shake us out of our torpor, misplaced egocentrism, lack of care, compassion, sharing of resources, and old dysfunctional behavior patterns, so that we can become finally co-Creators with Him with full awareness, when we become aware of His Presence and He of ours, and interact closely with each other under His Supreme guidance.

This is not a religious message, as all organized (rather disorganized) religions, no exception to this, are now corrupt in soul and intent. This is Truth. This is Reality unveiling Itself to Its children.

The economical tsunami triggered 6 months ago is only the first of many difficult events meant to awaken us to Love and heading towards our shore.

The sea of the One’s consciousness is very agitated and each wave splashes with the gentle furor of Pure unhindered intent and Supreme resolve of achieving successfully this corrective phase.

The haughty and the mighty are being brought down, everywhere, and on purpose so, because they showed no real heart and no care for God’s Creation and Creatures. They only served themselves, enslaved many, plundered and destroyed much. They hid Truth from most, distorted It, and manipulated It to their own benefit.

There is a strong desire originating in the Higher realms to affect such a shift with as little collateral damage as can be.

Nothing can stop this anymore. Doubting is futile; denial dangerous.

You should let go of worrying about the elements lashing your way whilst you brandish you physical umbrella of “stuff and beliefs,” choosing instead the ineffable Presence of the One Real Light within.

The One Creator cannot be neglected anymore as the prime factor of Creation and His Presence continue unnoticed. Without His guidance we will not be able to survive anymore as a Creation, and the compounding of global problems is so extensive and complex that the very restricted mind and intelligence of man can never ever resolve them.

He has remained in silence for eons, patiently waiting for this moment, as His silent small little voice was barely listened to and on very rare occasions. Soon his roar of Love and Presence will be heard and spread across mounts, valleys, and seas.

This is what our courses teach, prepare you for, and trigger very deeply in you: The opening of the gateway to the One.

What you do with it is your choice henceforth.

But if you so choose, and call within you for the Real Gateway of One to open, It will listen to your own inner longing.

The more we separate and are made to part from the familiar the more this longing for the Divine will arise.

The hope is that we will not have to wait so long until we are left worn out to our bones, and cry in desperation for reconnection.

When the next wave of dis-ease, biological or otherwise, splashes onto our shore, it shall be your choice to hold onto the belief that you are safe and sound, protected more by Real Unconditional Love which only exits at the level of the Creator, than by the conditional love and false concern that the Created creatures exhibit.

When you fell bathed in this warm embrace, all pain will lift, and all cry will cease.

You will be healed and will heal many, all and everything, around yourself.

When you connect to the One, storms will still batter your periphery but the calm sea of the One’s eye will be your center.

When you stay watching this One Eye, the periphery will not affect you anymore, although storms will still rage since every one of us needs to rise in this ascension process at his/her own pace and understanding.

The One has great patience and therefore will gift a time period to this initiatory process whilst man experiences repeated onslaughts meant to shake them into action and change.

Nothing nor anybody will stop this process until it is achieved.

I strongly advise you to prepare yourself primarily by grounding yourself within and centering yourself on the One Creator. This is by far more important than physical preparations. It will respond in kind and protect you and your loved ones who resonate with Him from harm. This Vibration of One cannot be modulated, nor affected by any other vibratory pattern.

This Primal Seed Light vibration is and has remained untouched since before Creation and encompasses and create all sub-vibratory patterns and designs.

Hence this Holy energy is incorruptible and totally unaffected by what may be perceived as negative energy patterns.

Any foreign vibratory pattern which approaches it is immediately transmuted into Purity.

You can only connect to this Light vibration from within yourself and not through the company of an assembly of others, for you came on this earth plane with everything prepared and ready to achieve this transition, all alone and by yourself. You carry all the components for ascension within. It needs and needed to be so.

The Kingdom of the One lies within and not without.

Hence if you fill your Being with it, no other negative energy can alter your or affect you.

And so it is in the case of this outbreak and many other situations that you will witness.

Were we, all of us, to invite this energy in our hearts, dis-ease would be eradicated from our planet, forever so.

That is why I mentioned above what happened to me as a negative event and energy was eradicated through connecting to the One’s energy. If I could become the conduct for such a healing, so can you, and your ability to being protected from any present or future form of pathogenic bacteria, virus, or parasite should become an easy walk in the park for any of you, if you follow my suggestions.

What I asked for, you can easily achieve, and much more.

All you need to do, is connect to Higher Vibratory Light close to the One, and then ask, and remain in the presence of the connection.

Whatever has been done to you can be un-d-one by the One: old physical, emotional, and spiritual scars, injuries and all.

Only keep focusing on this energy and through that focus It will make the circumference of the hurricane spinning around you wider and wider until all of you and yours remain in the peaceful Eye of the storm.

This time more than any other time in Creation, you are all going to be challenged and tested at many levels.

There will be 3 different phases of events to the inevitable ascension process which we are all, as a Creation, light and dark, male and female, human and nature alike, engaging as One.

1) A primary phase of unsettling events, seemingly under the control of humans, and where the activity of Higher Intelligences/Creators is not yet perceived, nor is the activity of the One above them.

During that period, you will be free to choose an explanation based on human logic and human actors and operations and remain only subject to laws of cause and effects, or, if you are ready for it, you might take a Higher perspective and perceive all these events as being ultimately seeded and acted upon on-line by the Source: The One. If you do include the Divine One in your awareness and keep focusing on It and only show in your lives tendencies geared towards Oneness, sharing, and compassion, you will have passed this most difficult of tests and be protected henceforth by the level of the One.

2) A secondary phase of greater and more global events happening, manifesting especially at the level of the natural world , which because of their scope and reach, won’t be able to be explained anymore by purely cause and effect and human operations and will require therefore the introduction and understanding of Higher Creative forces and maybe a glimpse of the actions of the One above all of this.

At that level you could still explain these events within the framework of the operations of the natural world, albeit highly unusual ones, or you could perceive the One Conductor of the symphony orchestra of Creation – the One and Only- holding the staff of Creation and ordering His Higher parts around, both Light and Dark, to act as He pleases and chooses.

3) A third phase showing unprecedented events where and when the One will show His direct Face and Activity well above and outside the operations of any laws of nature or even possibility thereof.

At that moment you will not be tested anymore for recognition of His existence. You reactions and choices in the previous phases would have in great part already have defined your fate and new potential role in the new Creation being prepared.

Now let me address spiritual, mental, and physical life hygiene practice which I feel you need now to make yours and ingrain in your conscious and sub-conscious thought patterns.

First, acquaint yourself, on a basic level, with what is going on. Read the news with total detachment, preferably on the internet. Fight the tendency to immerse yourself in fear as mass consciousness will try to engulf you in it. Be alike a perfect warrior of Light, calmly centered, highly aware, and certain of your capacity to adapt and diffuse any situations.

Expect many humans to enter the dark fear cloud that is piercing up into our world. They will likely manifest temporary insanity and bouts of anger darting all who they can reach with tongue and pen. Proximate friends and family are and will become a favorite discharge point. That outer projection of inner feelings of disorientation and anger at one’s self for being lost will seek external culprits in order to be channeled outward.

Do not accept to become a scapegoat to sooth someone else’s feeling of despair and insecurity.

When aggressed, verbally, situationally, or even physically, do not ever get angry and stay in the energy of the One, otherwise you would immediately share your energy with this dark cloud, and its role is to destabilize you, suck your High energy out of you, and put you into a low vibratory hum. So try, whenever possible, to turn away and leave the field of confrontation. Just turn and walk away. Nothing needs to be said.

Learn to cut and sever links, at least temporarily, to save your inner sanity and purity of thought, no matter how old or proximate these relationships have been.

Keep away from any group consciousness movement, even the ones operating virtually on the Internet, as they often serve as a vehicle, often under the disguise of light, for mind control.

If you do feel a high call to join a grouping, either to fight your loneliness or to participate in their activities, campaigns, and teachings, please make sure to take time and connect at least 3 times daily internally and directly to the Light of One, and establish your shield. This will ensure that you remain unhindered by the multiple energies which blend in that group, so that your energy remains pure and intact, and that you show to the Oneness that your direct connection to the One is far more precious and central to you than your connections to humans.

If you are a High Being, expect to feel for a while more a tremendous sense of isolation and loneliness.

Do not fear death for there is no such a thing if you are a Higher plane being.

Nevertheless, you came here for a mission of personal and general awakening, and therefore you should not ever invite the thought of leaving until you have full proof that you have accomplished it.

Then, you may ultimately depart in the ultimate kiss: the Kiss of Love from the One, the Kiss of Eternity. It has been gifted to very few, up to now.

Before you adhere to any group consciousness, understand that most of the leaders/gurus/spiritual icons revered by these groupings do not draw energy directly from the One, but from the mass of adherents that project energy and devotion to them. They are literally sucking these people dry, and enslaving them in Spirit as a mini-mass consciousness that gifts these leaders thenceforth the ability to become the sole receptacle of the additive power/energy of their adherents which they can then use to manifest extra-ordinary feats or high control with.

You can witness this with many mass organizations, religious ones, or so-called spiritual groupings, musical events, or with political rallies and movements.

Please do not become a spiritual or political groupie.

These are the tools of the dark side of the Matrix of the One, its favored children and mode of operation, hence the immediate success and wide support these individual leaders immediately have on this plane.

This also is valid for so-called famous motivational teachers who love masses because they draw their power from them.

Although the people attending mass consciousness meetings cherish and feel the additive power of the mass gathering with which they share their energies, soon enough after the meetings they start feeling that they have lost it, and remain even more drained than before as they are now linked psychically to all the others. And so they become addicted to the group energy and keep on coming back for more and more, just to keep themselves energized enough…

Never enter a group before having interviewed its “leader” personally and feel if his/her intentions are pure, check if he/she can take criticism, and has a large dose of humility. Most importantly seek if he/she courageously attributes the One as his/her inspiration and Source, well above any present or past human icon, teacher, or writings.

Within the horizontal plane of the vibratory Creation we live in, additive energy (quantity of consciousness) is the key to power. On this plane, until now, 1+1 = 2 and so on and so forth. The Pyramid was and is its symbol as higher levels draw power from the mass of accumulated consciousnesses below (see message from One in 1991 http://www.probablefuture.com/Oneness.htm ).

Within the energy of the One (soon to be manifested in operations in the upcoming new Creation) 1+1= 1 and energy is not related to illusory power, as force is, but a quantified definition of its limited restrictions, and the One is unrestricted beyond any quanta, for these are all illusory.

Soon all forms of control using mass consciousness, intent on power, will be found to be irrelevant, no matter how much the old matrix program is fighting for its survival.

That very fight is what dooms it.

It erases Itself from Beingness by trying to find homeostasis in its dying structures.

The challenge is to achieve a program transfer to a Higher program without deleting in totality the consciousness behind the old program in Creation, the consequences of which would be disastrous, not only at this level of Creation.

The solution is found at all levels by allowing the process to unfold at its own pace and venues.

Classical old scapegoat groupings which have, as a soul collection, eons ago, on much Higher planes, accepted the ultimate sacrifice by volunteering to seed themselves on this very difficult earthly plane, and offer the role of victims, frustration barometers, and energy outlays, so that anger and aggression can be channeled their way and transmuted from fear to the Pure energy of the One and hence released, will once again be made and seen to engage in this role, this time on a planetary scale. They are strategically positioned by Higher realms, socially, economically, politically, and geo-politically so that they become the favored target of human fears, envy, and all the plethora of negative human emotions come to a boil, allowing those negative energies to surface in many humans and then be transmuted by the Light of One.

Many insulated and extremely High beings originating from planes of Soul energies which rarely, if ever, show up here, have accepted to project on this plane at this time and are spread out within all nations. These individuals are becoming, evermore so, a newer type of scapegoat as their message is being drown in a cacophony of call to arms and anger, often originating from so-called spiritual groups belonging to old world religions or the newer and 99 % hijacked spiritual new-age movement. Their energy fields is constantly being challenged and aggressed by dark multi-dimensional fields that are in great fear of their presence and interference upon this plane, hence many have been deeply wounded within and without.

Many have been so damaged in latter years as to barely be able to operate on this and/or other planes.

The casualty rate is very high, and their only salvation lies in the energy of the One, that they all carry and not in the highly volatile nature of human or associated creators’ energies.

This act of offering One’s self for sacrifice to expiate the sinful anger and frustrations of others, is an old forever repeating plot, which this time, needs and is meant to, once and for all, be stopped, if we are to survive as a Creation; period. Were we to fail at this historical crossroads, all of this Creation and many others (the totality of the whole Adamic Consciousness) will be erased (un-vibrated), with all their soul memory banks, from the great Mind of the One, never to be re-projected again.

The “anointed One” within and the “anointed ones” without, which are all One, are having a very hard time operating as the serpentine waves of discord and anger are lashing out all around Creation.

As everything above plays itself out below, this can often be acted upon on this plane in dire retributions against the one or ones who claim such connection and Sourcing.

If you are rich in spirit, it does not matter if you are poor in money. Many if not most people rich in money are sadly very poor in spirit.

Don’t, I beg of you, give energy to stories that predict a world run by evil entities, either human, half-human, or dis-incarnate, for you run the risk of inviting them in your 3D holographic reality.

The dark energy is, for now, very much operative. However, most of the fear generating and conspiracy theories have been planted by the dark side, often given holographic credence, and documentary support. The purpose is not the story itself; its sole purpose is to install fear, and it companion anger. The release of fear through anger is how the old dark side of our Creational matrix feeds itself in additive quantities of energy (quantity of consciousness) and draws hence its power from.

These theories have their own “gurus,” cronies of the dark, who are given much support for their task.

The dark is not evil per se, but doing its assigned job which is to instill fear, anger, and subjugation to a low vibratory hum. That is how it was Created by the One, for Creative purpose. It is a master in its ability to distract, trick, confuse, challenge, and oppose the choices of the Light side. It is a necessary “evil” so that man becomes a co-creator gifted with free–will as he can embrace the choices offered by the dark or those of the Light. Sadly, if fear and its companion anger is embraced, violence may ensue if awareness is not there The role of the Light side is to project into the Creation of the dark and then to give its embodied projections the ability to ascend in their embodiments the ladder of Creation back to the Higher Levels.

Another of the principal and hardest role of the Light side, is to attract the dark side to oppose it and rise above the surface of consciousness, as it feels threatened by points of Light. The Higher the Light shining from within a being, the more attention he attracts from the dark side, on purpose so, as that very attraction is what allows the healing of Creation as the dark rises up to the surface of Creation.

Man encompasses the core board figures and players in this multi-dimensional Creational chess game between the Light and the Dark side of the One. Both sides can project (infiltrate) the players on the board and do so. Even though man is often a pawn, he is gifted with Creative free-will and can keep evolving to higher and more powerful board figures as his awareness expands, his choices are wise, and his consciousness rises.

The role of Light is to cause a distillation of Creation by allowing for the dark side to emerge from its hiding abode below the board (earth level) and show its facets/parts as they are then lit and recognized within the energetic psyche of humanity and its direct Higher selves. As it is thence revealed, tagged, and studied, hope is that that this side will accept, on its own free-will, to be transmuted into a much higher format of operation that will be less destructive than what has been its evolution and operation until now.

Ultimately, after the tagging has been completed and monitored by the One, through His connections to all the points of Light projected onto earth, the period of testing individual souls and groupings of consciousnesses is terminated. This period began eons ago, almost at the beginning of Creation, and a great many opportunities were gifted to all levels of Creation to evolve and accept to reintegrate the Oneness. At that point, on that day, the One reserves His Divine right to use His ultimate fire of Oneness to affect the cleansing required at all level of Creation. This may be part of the third phase I have alluded to before.

In this Creational 3D game, man has free-will. This is the only reason for man to exist and its challenge: to free him/herself from the fear stories and situations projected by the dark side of the One and its cronies.

Free-will makes that distilling process of Consciousness out of fear into Higher forms of operations possible.

At any moment you can choose from the Light side of Love or the dark side of fear, both will present themselves to you, as they should.

ALWAYS remember that the One is the ultimate arbiter between the Light and the Dark side and that, as of now, the One is concentrating highly on this process of ascension in which we are all involved in as a Creation.

So please, remain centered in Love and High vibration of Light. Focus on the upper Light of the Holy of Holy of the One, even if you do not yet perceive of it. It is the direction of your focus that makes the manifestation and interaction possible.

I hope that you will see then that all dark fearing situations are really, in their absolute form, igniters and fuses to your desiring thenceforth to leave the plane of fear and your subjugation to it.

You first must experience the slavery of fear in order to request, per your free will, to be taken out into a loving land of Milk (White Light) and Honey (sweet Golden manifesting Light). The process is arduous and weaklings of heart, conscience, and soul can stumble. This journey is fraught with obstacles, the conquest perilous and seemingly disturbing, but the price ahead makes all this eternally worthwhile of our full dedication.

This is how and why ascension operates as it does.

So, please judge people by their spirit, and not their outer shell, be it body or material belongings.

Do not ever watch heavy dramas and especially horror movies on your TV or theaters screens, and advise all others in your household to do the same. They create a cloud of darkness in your aura that can remain there for a long while. They are tools to bring you down and keep you in the dark.

Watch comedies, romantic stories, and fun shows exulting art, music, spirit, loving passion, the magnificence of our Creator operating through nature, and our brotherhood.

Let go of our present or past conflicts. Do not be obsessed in revisiting the past.

Let me repeat this again: our audio visual media is a favored tool of dark forces trying to instill fear in you. As we mention on our RI E-book your sub-conscious takes imagination as reality. A battle witnessed is a battle lived. You subconscious does not discern any difference between them.

So no wonder that after having perceivably watched so many murderous, frightening, depraved, and often horrific situations, your subconscious is a repository of and portal for dark thoughts that assail you day and night and bring your down into depression land.

Hey, then again, we have Prozac and co. and especially the worst culprit for the masses, alcohol, created to disconnect you from the sub-conscious, and especially the super-conscious, zombie-like! It keeps society’s productive machine operating. It numbs the brain and skews and harms its natural operations.

Alas, these chemical poisons also do the same in disconnecting you from the Super-conscious and the Higher levels of One, but does anyone really care? Please take your life and soul back! I know you should and will.

Keep a great sense of humor. Even in what may seem the darkest of situation, laugh at the movie of life being projected. See the genius of its Director and Producer. See us all as actors for this life-play, all sub-parts of the One in the only Real reality show possible. Be the court jester, as the Holy King will then bring you close by as you warm His Spirit. Most are so intensely immersed in their role/characters seeking glory and recognition that they forget their real and Higher playful Self.

Do not immerse yourself too much in seriousness, as a Light approach is preferred.

Get High on Light and fly with it, not on substances.

Fly on the carpet of Love.

Fall in Love with the One, who is but the deepest level of yourself, and also experience passionate love with others. Learn to truly make love to Oneness.

Be and vibrate like a flower, representing unconditional Love, freely bestowing love, kindness, and beauty to your surroundings.

Understand that the highest aspect of the Living One is the Divine Feminine aspect (unconditional Love) that the One Separated first in thought in order to host and start Creation. The One or the original Divine Masculine (original Father seeding the rest of Creation with His life force) separated Itself into 2 intersecting sphere of operations forming the Vesica Piscis and hence is both Its original ALL-Being and the Divine Feminine, forming the operations of the Godliness (these two primal forces form the Elohim). That Divine Feminine aspect seeded in Spirit, and intent by the original Father (One) gave birth to what we call the second Masculine or first Son.

Focus and ask to connect to this Holy Feminine aspect, because it needs to permeate all of us, male and females alike, for we have gifted offerings to the altar of the lowest Masculine for too long and have lost the Highest quality of Source. We, males and females alike, relish showing low-level aggressive and competitive masculine qualities, and this is destroying all of us and killing Love.

When antagonized by others, try to hug them and tell them how much you love them. In most cases, this will destabilize their immediate fear/anger program. You will be surprised how they can then switch within your “bubble universe” their old grooved antagonistic programs as you take the dark anchor out.

Enjoy solitude and the natural world as a womb to practice it. Do not be afraid to face yourself in the mirror of your soul.

Surround yourself with simple inspiring décor, environment, friends, and activities.

Enjoy the Loving company of pets as they are but energy batteries of pure unadulterated unconditional Love, reflecting the original Source.

They are often energy protectors are they connect to the Higher vibratory world above of nature which vibrates all Creations, well above the lower inverted shadow world of man where most of us reside.

Be ready to travel light. Reduce your material “stuff” and old heavy mental, physical, and spiritual luggage.

Become a nomad again traveling on the spur of the present, bent on learning, High experiences, and inspiration.

Learn to enjoy the simple in life.

Offer your advice and counsel, but do not get emotionally engaged if it is rejected and scorned. You are not here to prove anything to anybody. Do not see or judge yourself through the mirror of how other eyes perceive you.

You are here to prove yourself to your Self.

The more you fear any event, the more it is likely to enter your world and touch you personally. Stay centered in the One, and focus on the immense infinite protective capacity it bestows and envelops you in.

Now and this is the most important survival and protective mechanism I can share: PLEASE connect at least once a day, twice is better, thrice perfect, to the core of the One, even for only 10-15 min. If you have our Combo training system, you should be able to call upon it by listening, anchored deep within, to CD 2,3 of the RV training, and CD 9,10,11,12,13 of our RI course.

We will share additional added explanations and protocols in the very next months that will show you the incredible transformative and connective power that some of these techniques contain.

Use them as they have been prepared for you for these arduous times.

Eat healthy and regularly. Keep highly hydrated. Add vitamins C, E, A, and the minerals selenium, zinc, and magnesium to your diet.

Eat fresh fruits and green vegetables preferably organic ones. Eat 2-3 raw cloves of garlic per day taken in with food. Garlic has strong antiviral properties.

Exercise every day, keep your body moving, and sleep well. Keep your spirit high and KNOW yourself protected. Don’t ever doubt it.

And most importantly keep SMILING in your heart and have Happy Thoughts.

Realize that you are just experiencing life from within a 3D Holographic all surround sensory Divinely Created movie, so let’s decide in common agreement to change the content and program so that we can soon all experience a glorious Dream together as we decide to let go of old repetitive nightmares.


Much Love to all of you

Gerald O’Donnell

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