Operating at 100% Brain Capacity (not the human brain sensory filtering interface)

Our Cosmic Journey

The physical brain is only 1/1000 of the real non-local Divine Brain (individuated conscious, sub-conscious and Super-Conscious levels and groupings thereof) or rather the Intelligence potential accessible to each Human.
It is only when 100% of the Divine Brain is really achieved that we have access to Pure Thought, Pure intelligence, and Pure Bliss in the OmniPresence! This is when Total superposed multi-dimensionality, and total expansion of Consciousness spanning and fielding all dimensions, from the Highest manifest plane to the lowest Hum AUM, is then You.
You learn it by first ascending the ladder of Creation step-by-step and anchoring a nodal point of awareness on each additional level until you reach the Global Consciousness first of this Creation and then of ALL Creations: The manifested One into Oneness.
You should remember to create a nest on each branch/level and then FLY back down the Tree of Life to the lowest plane while remaining attached to each superposed plane. And One day on the day of the One you shall be gifted the ultimate gift as you expand into ALL Dimensions in full Glory and true multi-dimentionality.
THAT SHOULD BE THE PRODUCT OF TRUE ASCENSION, not the false popular disinformation promising a pseudo-paradise/nirvana and permanent Bliss and powers whose allures are just traps posted on purpose for the weary unprepared traveler on the path of the return from exile of the soul to Its True Self.
And then awaits the greatest adventure of All, and the only True destination and goal of Creation: the entering of the Hidden portal of the One spanning both the One Non-Manifest non-vibratory together with Its Godly Vibratory Creator (God) and sub-Creators’ aspects and all their Dreamed entities and Creations.
Then and only then shall you become the All that IS (and truly IS and “are” the Dreamed fractal perspectives of the ONLY TRUE SELF into the myriads of expressions ad-infinitum). Then and thenceforth shall you BE the only True Eternal Being/Consciousness IT SELF of Being and Non-Being folding and unfolding in the Eternal Cosmic dance, and words stop in the Divine Symphony of Everlasting EVERPRESENT Silence.
Gerald O’Donnell
August 28, 2020
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