A most important aspect of our training and one which MUST be undertaken with our teachings is in helping you overcome your past and present fears. We help you reprogram you inner mind to only think of future situations which you desire to manifest, instead of being stuck, as most humans are into revisiting old painful memories and therefore keeping alive and energizing old thought and life patterns.

This is the defect in man: The obsession in revisiting past stories and therefore repeating them as they become hence highly energized.

Many of our mental health professionals have, unknowingly so, encouraged such, as they keep digging up into awareness painful past stories, memories, and fearful events, therefore energizing them.

We do teach you, using the medium of inner vibratory light which you are made to experience, techniques to transmute in bulk old mental, emotional, and spiritual scars.

Without this very important inner cleansing you cannot successfully and should really not enter the highly Creative and powerful levels of the One Mind.

We do guide you through this purifying of mind and new patterning process onto positive and pure desired realities.

After this you will surf joyfully through the waves of life and not sink anymore.
In our courses we teach you to experience and use the reality of vibratory light in order to manifest your reality.

This is very different from the run-of-the-mill mind courses.

Do you realize that you have never left the One Universal Mind? That it is in you, and you in it?

Do you realize that if you experience deeply within you this very Truth, you will be changed forever and powerfully so by the power of The One?

Do you realize how easy it is?

Do you realize that you do it every single night of unconscious behavior?

Do you realize that it is time to bring light into your night and understand who you really are and how and why you are here, no matter what others say about you or think of you?

This is what we came here to teach:

The power to sense in advance all the possible and highly probable futures you can choose from, as your free-will allows it to.

The ability to powerfully influence reality and thought from the level of you being operating at the level of the deep inner Universal Mind who connects all beings and events: the ultimate frontier and power for the manifestation of thought.

We can only show you the way, it is up to you to open the door and experience the “One Mind” operating from deep within you and revealing Itself as the quiet Loving little voice within.


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