May 3, 2013


Dear friends:

It is unlike me to tell personal experiences. However, I would like to share what happened to me recently;

On April 9th I visited my dermatologist for a checkup.
I had a hard nodular lump on the right side of my nose which had grown quite large and had bled. He excised a small portion of it to send it to a lab for a pathology report.

Two days later the results were in and he called me to announce that I had a basal cell carcinoma and that a procedure called Moh’s surgery needed to be done quite urgently.

I listened politely and then told him that I would get back to him in 2 weeks against his best advice which wanted to rush me into surgery and risk a nasty scar or even deformation.

I went into a High healing mode aligning myself with The One and doing remote influencing of my reality.

10 days later the nodal malignant tumor was totally reabsorbed and had disappeared, and the linear mind of my doctor was put to the test and all he could utter was that, according to his strict medical protocols and programmed knowledge, this was “impossible!” I was elated and very thankful to Oneness to have shown me the Force, which we hold within, in action.

I am telling you this because you can easily achieve likewise and much more. You are not restricted limited beings – no matter how deep you have been tricked by this matrix to believe so – but rather unlimited Infinite Divine selves who can liberate their minds and hence their realities. You can fly, free, beyond rigid beliefs. Please believe, believe and get out of programmed slavery…You will have great need to integrate as soon as possible these tools who pertain to the way the new world to come will operate.


With Love and respect,

Gerald O’Donnell
Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing Reality

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