Interview of Gerald O’Donnell by Vishen Lakhiani of MindValley. June 12 2008


In this interview with Vishen Lakhiani of MindValley, Gerald discusses:

  • Why do people suffer?
  • Why the majority of humans are asleep and basically walking robots with no ideas as to what really controls them?
  • How neurobiological research has recently experimentally proven that mind is not located in the brain and that reality is projected to our selves after having been decided seconds before by our Higher selves? We are therefore witnessing a sensory movie. Why time is an illusio?
  • Gerald explains how we are all swimming inside of a Gigantic Mind: the Mind of the Creator which gives us our sense of reality. How all that exist is only a Creation of Mind/Intelligence to be perceived by mind/consciousness?
  • How reality is just a projection from within to the outside and you can only perceive yourself from the perspective of you watching what you think is you?
  • Why nobody is in the same universe, but we are share the same information injected with perception operating within space and time, which gives us the illusion that we are interacting with each other in the same universe?
  • Gerald explains the real meaning of Genesis and of the Adamic Spirit Being (first man as the cloned mirror image of the One Creator) and why he could in the so-called Garden manifest anything he wanted including full universes by mind alone. What went wrong and got out of control? The role of evil and pain. Why the Adamic Being, as the Universal Consciousness of mankind, had to undergo the “fall” with all of his parts (all human beings) and climb back up the tree of Creation back to the One Creator? We are all still living that very story and its ascension challenge?
  • How to “create” reality at superluminal speed levels? How to us the Delta level of Mind with full awareness to project your own creation by influencing the vibratory particle of Superluminal Light we are all made of?
  • He tells how some individuals are literally fetched out of this old world (old matrix) by Higher beings into much higher and better parallel worlds as long a they show certain patterns that he reveals.
  • And more…

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