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Hello every body:

I am not really in a muse like mode. So I would like to make a short comment. I just had a health situation in my family that requires my full attention at “hacking the Matrix.” There is a lesson in everything, nothing is to be ignored and/or perceived as cruel. The uni-verse gives us what we need to learn the most.

You know what is really funny? At first you ask for techniques that will allow you to RV, then for specific techniques that will allow you to powerfully Remote Influence others and hopefully the bigger reality “out there.” And they are all given and work wonderfully too.

Eventually you will get to realize that you are really remote viewing your self, and remote influencing your self. And that you are really Remote Viewing what you are Remote influencing.

For it is all you can do anyway, as what is infinitesimally small is inside of you, and what is infinitesimally big and appears outside is really also inside of you! The dot is INFINITE.

So, my friends, the day will come when you will understand that when you remote view, all you are really doing is remote influencing you probable future and your probable universe.
It is as easy and simple as that.

You are the One.
Get it? Hopefully this time you will go BinGO and get it!

Or maybe I should follow the verse 1 in the recently rediscovered Gospel of Thomas (twins) “Whomever discovers (hopefully all of you) the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death.”
But this is coming out soon, right here on the Internet. On the channel of the ONE.
Please be a bit patient, for I am alone. All One.

So restructuring your selves, the group, and reorganizing, cataloging is all-fine. Eventually you will throw it all back under the tasty subject: The quantum soup of the One. No more techniques, protocols, just freedom of path and choice.

Happy thoughts and wonderful flights, varied and enjoyable!

Gerald O’Donnell


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