One judges the true success of a country, city or societal system, not by its GDP, its wealth, its science, its imposing buildings and lofty ego, but rather by its degree of true humanity in caring for ALL its inhabitants as a human family.
History is filled with failed societal experiments and lost empires who forgot their true humanity and inevitably collapsed into oblivion.
The Divine in the Bible emphasizes the need to take care and raise the unfortunate ones, the poor, the widows, orphans, disabled, the stranger in the land, and the animals, not as a threat but rather as a higher awareness that if societies do not build a world which provide a safety net and food and shelter for their own, they will inevitably fail and fall into violence and ultimate oblivion either within or without.
There is not even one exception to this reality.
We are replete with individuals now wasting away their short lives in bare survival mode or true misery and others masturbating their inflated egos into empty pursuits of the dark Serpent coiled around a stick: the mighty Dollar.
All this, if not corrected rapidly, is but a bad omen to a proximate disaster.
And then yes, the meek and the poor will inherit the new earth…
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