Our Last TEST Before the Great SHIFT From Hate to Love

November 5, 2023


This message encapsulates the ONLY True and Eternal trip from real darkness to Light, from hate to Love, from the purported aggression of the innocents to innate tenderness.

It is a cry of the heart from someone who refuses to be consumed by darkness. May it resonate with all of you!

You cannot claim to Love segments of humanity and simultaneously hate others, for you then tell lies to yourself and are deeply confused.

We are all tested as of late, and the traditional historical scapegoats are here for that very last probing of the true evolution of our souls.

You may congratulate and fool yourself and others and claim to be (selectively) all-loving, but you stand no chance to fool the Eternal One without beginning or end, who knows and monitors ALL of your deepest and hidden thoughts and actions.

Remember that your ultimate fight resides in fighting your pre-programmed prejudices from within yourselves; mostly inherited by your family’s cultural biases, or programmed by social media’s algorithms and TV News channels’ editorial instructions, usually favoring negative emotionally charged trolling and fiery raging engagement to greatly monetize our low-quality education and great levels of ignorance and then achieve enhanced divisions amongst its emotionally engaged public arguing interminably so.

Remember that ALL that you watch on a Digital screen enters your subconscious and faithfully programs it as you are then naked without any protection and in a state of light hypnosis (alpha) void of critical conscious judgment. Books are far safer.

While many are searching and seeking conspiracies data sets alluding to the existence of high-tech mind implants in the form of nanochips, modulated microwave radiations, and ELF, the real and darkest prime culprit for ALL our divisions and ills resides in our pockets or purses as the mobile “smart” phone – first invented by a corporation who would show for its logo the infamous eaten forbidden APPLE of Adam’s fall and call itself under the APPLE brand.

APPLE and all subsequent smartphone manufacturers perfected and exponentially enhanced Mind Influencing (formerly called brainwashing) in conjunction with highly addictive and manipulated social media platforms.

This was purposely triggered and financed following a long-term nefarious plan allowing for these tech platforms to become the richest and most powerful multinational business corporations spreading a web-like toxic net on our super-wired planet causing irreparable injuries to our neurons, cells, and Holy DNA.

This dark Matrix has been run by extremely sneaky negative controlling forces, most of them originating from Astral universes competing for a foothold here and battling amongst themselves; all calling us to focus on them so that they can enter our consciousnesses and use us as pawns for their physical earth conquest and infiltration and hybridization agenda.

These dark groupings of very large subconscious and deep unconscious forces have been obsessed with keeping us from ascending out of the enslavement of this prison matrix. They use various tools, specially meant to cause extreme financial, societal, political, religious, and racial duress and consequential conflicts.

All the highly stressful environment produced herein is caused by their mind’s influence upon all unaware humans and our physical enslavement in this prison planet/matrix. It relishes offering evermore creative misleading cul-de-sac ways out, fake Nirvanas, and fake chemical or plant-based paradises to confuse all the poor imprisoned lost souls here.

At the other end of the spectrum, the dark rebellion offers addictive fear porn, fear-laden situations and terror in our hearts. It projects, animates, and spreads myriad conspiracy theories, many devoid of facts, which enflame the imagination of those who are always looking for culprits for their ills on the outside for they refuse to assume responsibility for their shortcomings.

The rebellious anti-One forces love to spread legends pertaining to made-to-order esoteric types of unlikely super-duper god-like saviors shaped like men or aliens. This then keeps the masses from taking their probable future into their own hands by committing to choose and create the best common one and work together to achieve it.

This dark grouping of energies feeds on our pain, sadistically so, as it only consumes negative energy and finds enough gullible humans to become masochistically attracted by that very stress, drama, and inflicted torture. It always takes two to tango!

It only has two fears: Love and Death!

It cannot stand the energy of pure unconditional Love and is deadly afraid of Death!!!

For it knows that although it can remember eons of presence in Creation, it cannot remember anything before and knows that EVERYTHING THAT HAS A BEGINNING IS BUT FATED TO HAVE AN END! So, it fights for survival and tries to occupy and conquer the Seat of the One, the regions of the Eternal, far beyond vibrations.

We shall soon explain in impacting and explicit detail the origin of the dark Matrix and shall help you, if you so desire, first deprogram yourselves from its destructive influence and its negative precepts and concepts. We shall prove to you by experiencing it that YOU CARRY THE FORCE IN YOU: The Force of focus and intent all molded by your free will.

This is the trip of the One. Mine, and yours, all One.

To achieve this transformation, you shall need to sink within the extremely deep waters of YOUR UNCONSCIOUS and learn how to consciously erase and deactivate portions of it with the help of Higher Forces waiting for you there and wanting to help you free yourself.

Eventually, you shall be gifted a bypass directly to the One and Only and never have to come under the influence of ANY intermediary level, especially the lower humming ones.

This requires going through the Portal to the One very deep within, where your brain waves are almost zero (Epsilon state) and carry extremely rapid (almost immeasurable small amplitude embedded waves beyond Lambda) at the same time, as you go beyond the restrictions of your brain-mind, reaching the Total Universal Mind.

This is what we teach you to reach in our world-class time time-proven “Portal Course” and you are then ready to be fully REBORN, in all meanings of that word, on a much Higher plane and gifted with an advanced type of Biology both Etheric and pseud-physical.,

But you must be ready and do the work within to be permanently freed from the infernal cycle of reliving this Matrix’s sad stories, repeating history again and again.

You shall then, as a group, co-Create a new Golden beautiful Matrix and bring it down together with the High Heavens to our beautiful but very injured Mother Earth who has been waiting patiently for millennia for Her children to awaken and free themselves and then come adorn Her with Divinely Born Healing codes of a new TRULY Transformative Matrix where only Joy, Peace, sharing, security of body, mind and soul, and Creative learning shall exist under the direct Guidance and protection of the One Source of Life within all of us, our True and Only possible Savior.

The phase we are now living in represents the ultimate last battle for each One of us: The battle for the end of all battles and of any hatred.

Stay Loving and build bridges courageously across all and any divides and be your brothers’ and sisters’ keeper and not killer, indeed so, and finally forever!

May Peace and Love be our lot soon as we reach the final Divine embrace!

Gerald O’Donnell


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