February 19, 2013. Interview of Gerald O’Donnell By Patrick Timpone One Radio Network, TX


We are Happy to Announce that Gerald O’Donnell was interviewed on February 19th, 2013 by Patrick Timpone of One Radio Network in TX.

In it Gerald reveals:

  • There is in fact really no Future, nor real Space or Time. Time goes forward for us and backwards for the Higher Self.
  • The real Mechanisms of Reflected Aggression. If you embrace the darknes of fear energy intensely and cause others to espouse it, and hence energize or worst obsess intensely about fear-causing thoughts and scenarios,  you are but guaranteed that the enemy will show up soon at your gates! This is a smoke and mirror Universe.
  • Pathologies of the Soul/Psyche due to Disconnection of souls from each other and Source
  • The Only Single Reality that really IS: Pure Thought and Infinite Intelligence
  • The role of the Subconscious as the parallel Vibratory Consciousness Thought Computer within
  • The Divine role of the Female Polarity and why she was Created. Her Hidden and Most Important Role, and the Incredible Creative power which a loving relationship merging the male and female can manifest.
  • How to overcome the fear of negative thinking/thoughts becoming manifested.
  • The Glorious Cosmic shift humankind has engaged. Which gigantic changes are about to occur on individual and global levels as a human family and the crucial role of Oneness.
  • The upcoming merging of the polarities of our right and left brains: A new Divine human prototype is to be born soon.
  • Meeting the Universal Mind half-way.
  • And much more…

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