Inside of  Whom we ALL Bathe, Swim and Dissolve

October 6, 2006


To my Israeli, Muslim, Christian, Agnostic, American, European, African, Asian, etc… brothers and sisters, and other battling or competing groupings of interests, nationalities, belief systems, and cultures.

To a world still fractured in ideas, philosophies, spiritual heritages, politics, goals, and seemingly coming apart at the seams. Peace be with you, in you, and surrounding you, soon.

I call upon all of you to please read the direct messages from Oneness received in Jerusalem in the period from October 8th 2005, until November 22nd 2005, and published on our site on January 1, 2006.

In these, you will find the solution to your conflicts. In these, if you do integrate them, you will now find the ONE and ONLY way out of the nightmare in which you, together with this Creation, are all sinking in.

As you are slowly starting to realize and are becoming worried about, something has changed from the last centuries and millennia of common human experiences. Something has gone askew. Somehow, deep inside yourself you sense it and know it. No conflict resolution can be brought about anymore by the feat of arms, sheer superior strength, economic power, greater technology, human type intelligence, armor and battlefield perceived superiority. They all are shown now, and will be shown, for the first time ever in the history of mankind, to lead to naught but more conflict and more suffering.

No solace can be derived, henceforth, by the diplomatic efforts of humanity alone. They all lead to naught.

No economic peace and prosperity can be arrived at anymore by the emergence of new systems, scientific discoveries and new technologies. They all lead to naught.

We are all stuck and will remain mired in ever-growing quagmires if we do not let the only Truth in and let It permeate ALL from within our hearts, minds, and actions.

Denying the only Truth: The Truth of One, will block all dreams and scatter all efforts.

The One is within and without every single event that you have, are, and will be witnessing in the next coming months, years, and decades ahead.

If you engage in a project, solution, or endeavor based on the only Reality there is – The reality of us all Being within One and being One – it will succeed.

Talk about and focus only on One, on us being inside the gigantic Mind of One, and being all One.

One is ALL, both good thoughts and actions . . . and bad ones. When man fell into the perception of separation, he did see and perceive bad as being outside of him, and would battle it.

This old era is coming to a close. One is ALL thought. As a matter of fact, in the reality of One, only One thinks as us, for us, for all beings, man and nature alike, according to all our thought programs. We are individuated subdivisions of One. So, in order to conquer bad or evil and have evil change its way of thinking, we must think of us all – good and bad – as being One. And, when we do so, then the One – which we all are – changes the thoughts of whatever groupings are perceived as evil – because it is ALL Him – and then evil disappears and good reigns, forever so. This happens because the One would have decided, by the sheer will of One-as Source, to only allow good thoughts to pervade His subdivisions, as we show, out of our free-will, the Only Reality of One as Being the Only Truth there is, was, will be, and the only Truth we really need to believe in and integrate.


Chiang (the El-der) spoke slowly: “Heaven is not a place and it is not a time. Heavens is Being Perfect.” “To fly as fast as thought, to anywhere there is,” he said, “you must begin by knowing that you have already arrived,” The trick, according to Chiang, was for Jonathan to stop seeing himself as trapped inside a limited body that had a forty-two inch wingspan and performances that could be plotted on a chart. The trick was to know that his true nature lived, as perfect as an unwritten number, everywhere at once across space and time.

“Each of us is in truth an idea of the Great Gull, an unlimited idea of freedom,” Jonathan would say . . . “Everything that limits us we have to put aside.” “Your whole body from wingtip to wingtip is nothing more than your thought itself, in a form you can see. Break the chain of your thought and you break the chain of your body, too . . .”

Jonathan Livingston Seagull” (1970. Reprint. New York: Avon, 1973)


Everything emanates and projects from within outward, from the One Hyper dimensional Dot to the perceived many; not the other way around. And, you all carry this Inner Dot (Your real ID: Yod) in your inner heart. So, connect to the One dot within, as It is Everywhere and in Everything.

Hence, this realization and Inner Peace of One, has to be undertaken WITHIN One’s self; silently so. So that, when it is really achieved, the world, that is mirroring back to you who you are and believe in, will automatically reflect back that Oneness and peace to you and your whole Universe, since all is interconnected in the magical Lattice of Creation.

Connect to One within and One without, see it all as One, not many, and your whole world will change, magically so.

Re-unite the great divide of the illusion of division and polarities. Go to the One Point. The zero point is a misnomer, a fallacy, a statement to our dis-connection from One in operational life perspectives, mathematical, physical and all other concepts, because it implies polarized and separate positive and negative poles and numbers, rational and irrational numbers, simple and complex numbering systems. Zero is an illusion. Zero/void was introduced in order to ease our sense of logic in trying to balance, explain, and sustain polarity, in a world more and more disconnected from the sense of unity and Oneness of One. One is the Only reality and the only One to be every-thing, polarized or not, and no-thing at the same time.

The One ineffable Point and Totality, achieves multiplication (multiplicity) within One by using the act of sub-dividing (division or in-dividuality) One within, therefore, uniting all polarities, not as opposites, but as different operational facets used for creational purposes WITHIN the Still and untouched Unity of the One and Only.

For instance, in the modern approach, the triangle often represents the One (called in our society Zero/void) on top “emanating” 2 polarities (positive/negative, Yang/Yin, male/female etc…) and we perceive then the “Source” on top as having produced “outside of Itself” these 2 other entities/quantities. So, we now find ourselves with 3 separated entities/quantities as the apices of the triangle.

In the Reality of One, there is no real 2, nor real 3, nor more – only One. So, One creates the 2 other apices (quantity, entity, supposedly polarized) by subdividing Itself into 2, therefore creating 2 entities (multiplying by 2) WITHIN Itself – remaining One. Therefore the proper symbol instead is the tiny dot separating into a triangle within and creating a triangle within the circle, giving us symbolically a triangle within a circle which is still the non-dimensional Dot (Daat: Hidden Sephirah, sphere of knowledge), seemingly bigger now. And, this will give us an in-finity of potential in-dividuation, ad-in-finitum, within the fin–ite fin-ality of Unity. So, the top apex of the triangle is still the 2 lower polarized/divided points.

As an example of this, the One Eye of the One is still all the other 2 eyes of all of us. It is us — whether we consciously realize it or not.

In 3D space/time, the most basic and stable structure is the Tetrahedron whose apex above is still being the three entities below, all showing One within a lower operational plane, all inside the sphere of Creation. For all is One.

Positive and negative are both sub-divisions of One still WITHIN One. They are facets of operations of One. When you understand and make yours this concept and apply it to every operational facet, political, economic, religious/spiritual, cultural, national, and scientific paradigm we have been led to believe, then everything changes and everything re-unites within the all-encompassing OM-ni-potence and OM-ni-presence of One.

This realization, made conscious within us, is what gives us the infinite energy to awaken, to ascend to the realization of One, and to affect all of One. This is our ultimate free will: the free will of Being who and what we were, are and will always be–the One and Only, and through that perception, have, therefore, access to influencing all of the One Mind.

It is the basis of infinite force of manifestation. Realize that you, as the per-son (in-dividual: in-divided form), are still One. The père (Father in French) and Son (you as the son) Is One, for it can only be One. All languages are One. All cultures are One. All religions are One. All nations are One. All living things, human and nature, are One. We are all still within the Dot, the Yod, the Bindu point: the One.

If this notion is fully integrated and lived, peace then rules throughout the land, and old memory banks and stories are forgotten and superseded by a new song–The Song of One: The Song of Love and brotherhood of man.

Even though we call our courses “Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing,” understand that nothing is in reality remote, since everything is One, and therefore, although it appears “remote,” it is now and here, within One, of which you are an imaginary projection into what seems to be reality. All is still operating within Pure Mind, Pure Imagination. You are still One; the One, and that is all you can be. So, use your mind, the Mind of One and use your imagination, the Imagination of One, to bring back the realization of who we all still are: One. And then, Oneness and peace will be achieved within all of One.


Isaiah 45:7

I Imagine through the media of Light (holographic reality) and Create through the media of Darkness (pure Thought). I Manifest Peace, and create what is perceived as Evil. I am Yahava (Love: One) Creator of all these. (Direct translation from the Old Hebrew original)


Gospel of Thomas (gospel of the Twins: Teumim in Hebrew, for twins are a metaphor to 2 perceptually separated beings really originating from and being the same One, but operating as different facets/characters) discovered in Upper Egypt at Nag Hamaddi in 1945 which is part of texts considered to belong to the earliest and original gospels, previously thought to have been entirely destroyed, as most early authentic versions of Hebraic Christian teachings were, during the early Christian struggle (313-325 AD) by the Holy Roman Empire under Emperor Constantine to define “orthodoxy” and use only teachings that would keep the newly created (313 AD) Christian Roman Empire’s political iron grip upon the masses. These writings were, henceforth, purposely and carefully hidden by Christians in sealed jars, for they reveal albeit in very encoded form, the empowering Truth to Eternal freedom through the understanding of One. These words are considered by many, and seem to be, the only historically true and most important teachings of the man Yahashouah, collected during his life.

Gospel of Thomas:

Saying 22. Jahashouah (Jesus) saw some babies nursing. He said to his disciples, “These nursing babies are like those who enter the (Father’s) kingdom.” (for they only see the white nourishing milk/Light/energy as One and not the two separated images of breasts.)

They (the disciples) said to him, “Then shall we enter the (Father’s) kingdom as babies?”

Jahashouah (Jesus) said to them, “When you make the two into One, and when you make the inner (division of One as the Inner Dot:Yod) like the outer (as you affect the corresponding multiplicative effect in the projected outer reality of the Holy outer Breath of Holographic Creation, and you understand the process of Creation as being an inner process of division of tasks, thoughts, and intents within you as One, which is then projected/manifested out, still within One, as an illusion of outside separation in multiplicity) and (as you have finally integrated that former hidden sphere of knowledge Daat/Dot, you can then apply yourself to make with the full KNOWING of Being ONE) the outer (illusory projected outside world) like the inner (conform to the desires of you desired inner world), and the upper (Heavenly realm in reality within yourself as your inner subconscious Kingdom) like the lower (the projected cosmos and earthly reality, as you realize that they are two sides of the same One), and when you make male and female into a single One (you unify in perception the negative female Yin polarity and the positive masculine Yang polarity as being One within One, by realizing that they are only operational facets of One, and are still One, and can therefore become the One Energy), so that the male will not be male (the male considered previously, in duality thinking mode, to be an expansive creating radiating hot spiraling energy, is now seen, first and foremost, as The One, outside of any duality/polarity) nor the female (previously viewed as counter-spinning contracting cold passive absorbing energy) be female (as she is only viewed as One, and both male and female see each other as illusory sides of the same strand of One, like a mobius coil, and draw a new modus operandi from that realization where infinite energy, presence and Eternity/Eternal life in One is theirs to experience as One), when you make eyes in place of an eye (when you see all eyes of mankind as the Eye of One), a hand in place of a hand (the hand of all as the active Hand of One), a foot in place of a foot (the foot of all as the Foot of One walking Its human path), an image in place of an image (the images of all as the One Image of One), then you will enter [the kingdom] (and operate as the One: The King of your Creation/kingdom.”)


In this best case scenario, if this happens rapidly, the probable future we have envisioned in our last message and which, alike the prophecies of old, is only the telling of probable futures which man can and should change to better ones, would be immediately transformed and reflect the new reality of One. And, a new Earth, and a new perception of what heaven is as One, would emerge and rule as a new magnificent reality.

Many have asked me if they would be safe if they were to move here or there, or what to do with their savings and where to invest? This is my reply: you will only be safe and protected if you accept in your heart, with all of your heart, your mind, your soul, and at all times, the perception of One. If you do not do so, nothing and no scheme will keep you safe and under the protection of One. And since you believe in division and in the battle of good against evil, you will be battling that very battle forever until you make this quantum jump in awareness in realizing that all is ONE.

If this were not achieved we would slowly but surely enter the worst case scenario which has been exposed in our message of July 13, 2006. This probable future would be greatly affecting our economies, our environment, and personal well-being, and we would have to walk the path of division until the final reunification of One into Oneness.

If you do not see all events now as a spiritual plot of cosmic dimensions, then you would not have understood One. You would not have seen One amongst us all. You would not have found and applied the One and Only Solution.

If you think that events are only happening somewhere far from you, you will soon see that they are happening also here, no matter where you are in geography, economic status, or in the echelon of perceived power. All is One, as will be shown soon when all events are going to be perceived as being interconnected. Nothing will be able to hide its own real face and real intentions, for the hearts of all will be revealed within the Heart of One.

Gerald O’Donnell
President and founder
Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Thought and Reality

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