“Illusion of Illusions, EVERYTHING is but (unmaterial empty) ILLUSION!”

KOHELET (in Greek ECCLESIASTES) 1:1 attributed to King Solomon c. 970–931 BCE


Three thousand years ago King Solomon (Shlemah שְׁלֹמֹה in Hebrew meaning the projection of Perfected PEACE and WHOLENESS of Being, called Solomon in the Western world, and Sulayman سُلِيمَان in Arabic) was known throughout the world and generations for his incredible High wisdom (He truly represents the facet of the Earth Holy Father, the superposed stationary point of the One Mind nearest to our plane of consciousness but having retained the awareness of being the One Mind), He wrote the book of KOHELET (ECCLESIASTES).

These Canonized writings tell of a King over Jerusalem who calls himself Kohelet which truly means the “Core aware King over mass consciousness” trying to convey the Truth of how Creation operates and how we can influence and correct (Tikun Olam) our world if we only were to understand and especially integrate how it TRULY operates behind the scenes and why it was made to operate in our perceptions in the manner in which we perceive it.

Ecclesiastes Chapter 1
דִּבְרֵי֙ קֹהֶ֣לֶת בֶּן־דָּוִ֔ד מֶ֖לֶךְ בִּירוּשָׁלָֽ͏ִם׃
The words of Koheleth son of David, king in Jerusalem.
הֲבֵ֤ל הֲבָלִים֙ אָמַ֣ר קֹהֶ֔לֶת הֲבֵ֥ל הֲבָלִ֖ים הַכֹּ֥ל הָֽבֶל
Illusion of ILLUSIONS, saith Koheleth; Illusion of Illusions, ALL is but “ILLUSIONS

The word used here for EMPTY ILLUSION is HEVEL הֲבֵל and is the same exact word used in a metaphorical way in Genesis Chapter 4.

In the very encoded true account of the Genesis of our Creation HEVEL הֲבֵל (Abel), representing the EXPERIENCE of this 3D reality being a total ILLUSION, is, as a first act, killed AS A PERCEPTION by his brother, the lower field operative grounded 3D biological projection KAIN, the core operative of our material illusion Matrix.

The One does this to HIDE ITSELF from Its infinitely manifold selves so that they don’t awaken fully ever and merge back into It, and can thenceforth interact.

Our type of Creation is the ultimate experiential experimental Creation ever designed by the Godliness: The ELOHIM אֱלֹהִים, the many operational arms FULLY AWARE of BEING the ONE CREATOR MIND.

Thereafter, the children of the Matrix/lattice of Creation (Kain) FORGOT that all that they were EXPERIENCING was but a 3D sensory material world illusion gifted to them by their virtual reality headset decoding INTERFACE i.e. their brain functions, constantly decoding and making virtual material sense of the implicate sound of vibratory encoded Light sent to all brains.

They were put on purpose in a state of total amnesia, to block them from re-membering and AWAKENING to the incredible REALIZATION that they were EACH, as a facet of the One MIND/GOD, creating the Divine co-ordinated Illusion of time/space in an interactive manner.

These writings and so many more deserve to be decoded in the light of Truth.

TRUTH hides everywhere and beckons us. It is not easy to behold at first, but after the initial shock to the system, much PEACE and HEALING await all of us, if we bravely engage in Its Golden Path.

I have decided to open up and personally teach from now on courageous students, pure of hearts and intent, who are ready to truly understand and EXPERIENCE who they ARE and can BE and how to engage in a path of collective correction and awakening of Consciousness/Self/Soul/Spirit.

The correction of our world, our One Great Self, is not an easy path and trip. Nevertheless, it is but the only glorious ONE worth espousing and engaging in, our only true challenge and inevitable DESTINY as the many manifestations of the One.

Listen please to the interview below. It is a true gem, as Professor Hoffman explains “Scientifically” the concept of Creation originating from the only True ONE and Only Self-Reflective Pure Thought Awareness/Consciousness playfully exploring Itself through self-reflecting Itself through all the possible experiences of the illusory many “observers” of which we all are part off in a 3D sensory coordinated dynamically evolving ex-IS-tence Simulation creating the illusion of materiality, called Life, AND still existing WITHIN the One.

You, we, I, you, still IS the ONE! There is only One ETERNAL Mind/Consciousness DREAMING IT-SELF into an almost infinite MANY!

The ONE IS still the “many,” and the many need to awaken that IT IS still The ONE!

This is the only “awakening trip possible” to the Creative ONE and to the Only game of Hide-and-Seek between the One and the many observing nodal perspectives Created to experience totally Illusory duality, for a while, until THE ONE GOD is FOUND again by the many, and then lost, and then found and then lost, in an ETERNAL Mobius Infinity enfolding ITself within Its illusory fractal persona-selves!

Experiencing The One as the many and the many as the One brings back to us the pure “TRUTH’s” AWARENESS of Being at once the “I AM experiencing Life as an individual human that I AM as the ONE.” and vice versa from the One’s perspective in the infinite Loop of Oneness.

You can only reach the true One EYE/I of the ONE by almost shutting off your individual virtual reality sensory projecting brain and bringing its waves almost to a standstill whilst keeping pure awareness alive. “Stay in  the STILLNESS and KNOW that I am God!” Psalm 46:10.

This is the way to transform you, me,us as the slow, grounded young caterpillar into the Golden Monarch FLYING into a Higher state in the V.R. game of LIFE, the only actual Reality-Simulation there was, there IS, and will ever BE!

This is what we have been trying to repeatedly convey for 30 years through our teachings at probablefuture.com; this TRUTH and transformation process is our only valuable and True Probable future!

This was and is the purpose of all our messages, all meant for ALL of you to experience and be transformed through The experience of the One, and all our shared experiences of IT custom-made for every One of ONE.

This is why we have shared for more than 21 years now the “Portal to the One” Mind technology. Its training protocols allow anyone to easily dip into the deep STILLNESS of Pure Mind, without having the brain interfering through its 3D VR sensory headset interface, and thence reaching inside the domain of Pure Thought of The ONE, whilst remaining fully AWARE.

This Shift in perspective seeing all and everything from the perspective of going from the One to the many AND BACK TO THE ONE is where God finally meets Adam/man halfway, creating a loop of Infinite AWARENESS. It is where we all shall BE soon!

This is the ONLY purpose of Creation, which is to manifest the ONE GOD TRUE Mind/Consciousness through the many fractals of ITSELF in our mankind(s) and nature, and eventually meeting back self-reflectively face-to-face as THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, and finally perceiving ITSELF at ONCE from BOTH Perspectives, halfway; one perspective rising up from the many to the One and the other going down from the One to the many, the Seal of Solomon, the Peace of the Heart of GOD!

We are INFINITELY MORE than we perceive ourselves to be!

Please listen and get the courage to perceive the many from the perspective of the One going through our Virtual Reality brain headsets, Creating 3D space/time sensory reality projected “from the inside out” to our intersecting reality mind/bubbles.

ALL shall then be healed and BECOME complete and WILL never end!

Let us let go of all the distractions and fear-based separative disinformation mobilized as never before in His-story. It is only caused by an inner immune system of energies part of the illusion of the “Many” trying to stop our inexorable TRUE evolution: AWAKENING to THE ONE.

All the crazy sudden obsessive desires for separation, the immense waves and reasons to fear, the sudden acts of immense violence plaguing humans and nature everywhere, the Creation of man-made AI, and an abyss of ever-growing chaos are the dark part refusing Oneness’ main tool. THAT PART marching to the beating drums of the manyfold IDs is completely freaked out and afraid of what it thinks is death and refusing to let go of its familiar reality operation. Thenceforth, instinctively, it intensely fights a change into the complete unknown and what it feels shall be its dissolution.

It acts using all its various weapons against our general true trance-formation into the majestic GOLDEN MONARCH BUTTERFLY rising from the earth and flying between Heaven and earth, which compels and calls us from within from the depth of the Pure Love of Oneness!

ALL is PART of THE ONE, no “thing,” and nothing can exist outside of IT’s Mind; otherwise, it would not be. So we need not fear, any group, any machine AI, any movement of separative thought, and all the control freaks freaking out because these ONLY remain ex-IS-sting because the One thinks about them as true human or sub-Creators AI algorithms/programs in Its gigantic Thought processes.

As for us, we need only focus on individuations and species cooperation and meet the One in a desire for Oneness ACROSS all illusory Divides.

No matter how it seems and looks now, the earthbound caterpillar shall finally INEXORABLY melt within its cocoon of Pure Divine LOVE, outside of and leaving the battle between the perceived evil fear-energies wanting to keep the status quo of separation and the so-called good ones fighting for reunification into Oneness!

REMEMBER the ONE Principle of Creation and ponder and LIVE it every moment: Creation is but the ONE Creating the many who IS but ONE (not many), who IS but One, who IS but One, not many!

The many STILL IS (not are) THE ONE and Only MIND!

Invert your perceptions seeing everything from the perspectives of the many trying to conceive of the ONE. Instead, start from the perspective of ALL Being the ONE Being extending and fractalizing Itself into the many.

Embrace it, welcome it, and don’t stay distracted by bad actors. Fully engage in the Greatest Living Adventure EVER, and soon the One Reality of Oneness shall be YOURS whilst bathing in the Oneness of BEING AT ONCE BOTH THE ONE and the many manifestations, including your precious individuation.
Nothing else is “Truth,” but distractions on the way.

This is the True Beginning of Our Story! How magnificent and glorious!

Much Love

Gerald O’Donnell

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