The Song of Love

Patching the Wounded Grid of The Great Mother Earth

A Silent Cry from the Ocean of Consciousness

Part II: The Rebellion of the Children Against the One

The Potential End of Times

The material presented herein needs to be read urgently, and with great patience and reverence. When doing remote viewing sessions the information originates from the source that is most appropriate. For general and mundane targets (intelligence, police, missing objects or persons etc.. ), the information matrix usually suffices. For Higher level information we need to get closer to Higher Levels of the One within our deep common subconscious Kingdom in order to fetch the data requested. Many parallel universes exist in the multiple hyperspacial dimensions (universes) of the Cosmic Lattice nested and embedded within it, and occupying the same “mental space” as ours does (the void/vacuum), however these are all operating at different frequency levels. Many overlap with ours. Ultimately all is connected to the All-that-Is: The One. They all affect each other, they all suffer or rejoice together.

This message originated spontaneously as we were in the midst of a Remote Viewing session targeting a world event. Suddenly L. our viewer became very agitated and a great emotional sadness was felt within the confines of the room. The RV session was interrupted and we received the following message that we are going to post verbatim. We felt the vibrations of a tremendously powerful feminine energy permeating our space: we understood and believed it to be the Great Mother of us all.

I know that I have been giving out similar messages in the past. You may ask why even bother? I feel so often, as do many others who have received related communications, like a lone voice bouncing off hardened hearts and closed minds. Many get angry at or refused to face the truth of their being. They would rather remain blind, for they know that opening to this true state of affairs would shatter the comfortable illusion that they have imprisoned their minds into, and that it would permanently change the status quo ante. And they greatly fear changes, even if they are so necessary now. Well, for as long as there is a breath of energy in this vehicle of Mind, I will do what I feel what must be done, which is to try to reawaken many from this unusually disconnected man/womankind from Source, while there is still time for change. I will try to spread the notion of real love and real care to as many as are willing to hear and act. We have great intellect, but have lost our heart.

I kept from posting this for seven months, still hoping to see a positive change in Creation. Alas, none has appeared. In fact, the attacks against the environment are getting more and more savage and systematic every day and it has become politically and socially unpopular and “incorrect” to raise a outcry about it. Even environmental organizations are nowadays timidly protesting. No real massive marches are organized. And if some small mass protests are showing up, they are being characterized as organized by fringe elements, anti global prosperity citizens, former hippies and who knows what other stupid epitaphs! Scientist lifting red flags and warnings are risking the loss of their jobs and careers. The Great Mother cannot pay lawyers and lobbyists to represent her. She has no money printing press. She can only ask for all of you to represent Her in you heart, to carry Her Unconditional Love for you and your love for Her wherever you are and whatever you do. She can only gift you free Life force and protection from the elements and diseases. She can be your Divine Guidepost through these hard times. Our leadership is, as ever, cowardly following the winds of “popular” trends well-designed and concocted by media specialists who are following the whims and hidden agendas of media moguls who are promoting the short-term political, economical or religious interests they represent. Our form of democracy peddles to the lowest-common-denominator and basic human instincts. And we are enslaved equally by the lack of real courage, real leadership, long-term vision, of our elected representatives, and by the lack of civic courage and the total passivity of the people. The electorate and the elected are equally responsible for the sad farce democracy is turning into! The slaves of this Matrix of operation have created the masters of their fate and are allowing for their slavery to continue, for their minds are asleep to the “real world!”

So therefore here is the message that we hinted at when we covered the sad future facing the whales and dolphins in the ocean and its consequences for all of us.

Every day lately, we are being bombarded by grave natural events that might start to make 911 and the war against human terror seem small in scope and comparison. Something is definitely happening at the level of Mother Nature. Nevertheless since so many in the Western world have not yet realized that Nature is the way of direct manifestation of the Godliness to His/Her free-will entities, most are trying to fit all this in a pseudo-scientific light, or start blaming, in order to sooth their ego, some dark government conspiracy or extra-terrestrial experiments for what is really an act of God/Goddess. This is not intended to just scare you and/or make you anxious. Fear is exactly what neither of us needs in these times. Nevertheless there is a big different between fear that is mainly an intended product of dark thoughts whose goal is to keep us vibrating at low levels, and an awakening to the awareness of what we have become and allowed to happen. For each and everyone of us can move mountains if he/she really wants and believes it. But for this to happen we need to unite NOW and cooperate closely, filled with the emotion of Love and care for each other and for the whole Godliness.

This is a serious subject and as the article about the real laws of Creation points out, you either just shut the message off and then you get to see the beginning of the destruction and the increasing parallel realization that the Godliness is here and now – everywhere and everywhen, not leaving and reappearing, dying and resurrecting – but actively acting and correcting situations.

Or, and that is even worse, you get anxious about it. You think that you cannot do much about this, and leave this to a vague fear that you energize again and again especially as you witness the very unusual and increasingly violent phenomena that are originating from the level of nature all over the world in the form of weather disturbances, plague-like new diseases, rattling of the earth’s surface etc… And you will then surely energize and witness that same path.

Or you become ultra-aware of this and without falling into despair, act forcefully in order to raise the awareness of humanity about its lack of respect for its planet of operation (and please, let no clown try to tell you that showing Love to your Source of Life is an ungodly act. For showing a lack of care to the environment is the ultimate sin of disrespect to God, and a show of lack of inner Divine conscience), and remote influence as many individuals as you possibly can reach, asking them to energize Mother Nature by showing in thoughts, and then of course acts, love and care for Her.

Instead of expecting Mother Nature to nurture and care for us, it is due time for us to show Love and care to our common Divine Mother, for she needs it dearly now.

And then you will not witness the path of destructive events that may have started to become very strongly apparent within 3 years or so, and instead enter a Creation that will reward you all with wonders and delights. You will all play in the newly found Garden of Eden.

I know that humanity is very preoccupied with the sound of wars and isolated terrorist events. The drums of nationalistic sacrifice are beating high and proud. I am not denying at all these threats. They are all manifestations of the low-level thinking and sheer madness that mankind has sunk into, in its great disrespect for human, animal, and plant life. Power is the only game in town, and all these children of the One are playing it with ever increasing fervor. Only the killing toys which they have at their disposal have changed and evolved drastically. Although the professionals of war machines might have, in their minds, great and understandable reasons to match, surpass and neutralize the killing power of their real or imaginary perceived enemies, the power and ramifications of the technologies employed for that purpose, often go far beyond the boundaries of what they seek to achieve, and therefore these professional soldiers and war scientists are capable, because of the restricted awareness and intelligence with which we all operate with for now, of endangering not only their enemies but the very existence of their own countries for whom they feel great love and even unwillingly threaten the existence of all of humanity. The following message is a case in point. I know that their intents are often respectable and that they mean well. I am only asking for them to open their hearts to new inputs and let the human mind be a slave to the information of the heart, instead of having the heart be a slave to the human mind. I am asking for their cooperation. I trust in the good of mankind. I only worry about its lack of deep understanding and still blinded awareness.

In thousands of years of History, man’s consciousness has anything but greatly evolved. The same old questions are always asked, and the same sterile solutions are tried over and over again. The power of mass media and the time we spend watching TV has gotten us into the illusory perception that life is almost an unreal movie where all that matters is to watch, cheer or castigate, mostly from afar, the protagonists. We talk with a casual chilling tone of man-made global holocaust and mayhem. Global horror and annihilation has been viewed, since the great wars of the 20th century, by the mass consciousness of humankind as an acceptable and almost normal evolution of History. We have perceptually lost the understanding that, although reality is a projected sensory movie, it is very real, hurts, and can kill, poison, and maim. We have become asleep within our Creational Dream. We have created an atmosphere of impeding doom and accepted real living hell as a strong possibility. All that many care about is to be somehow spared some of it, as they accept to watch others entering it on their television screen. We have forgotten that all life is One energy interwoven. We are all part of a family, the human family. We are all children of Mother Earth, seeded by the Unity of the One Energy. We create by thought alone. We have repeatedly violated our common Mother and are in the process of killing the gift of life. It is all our choice.

Many readers have mistakenly, and probably due to a cursory reading of the material below, assumed that Mother Earth hints at our destruction as a species in 3-4 years. This is not the case. All She seems to be saying is that around that period the warning that She is giving now will manifest in events that will painfully make it clear that there is something really “big, unusual, and important originating from the level of nature that could potentially have a disastrous effect on the human race. At that moment, the Term “Mother” will take on more of a “real significance” and many will finally suspect and realize that Mother Nature is a BEING of Supreme Divine intelligence of a level that we, Homo sapiens, cannot even remotely fathom. We will start becoming acutely aware that Mother Nature is not a thoughtless, non-conscious machine that has, up to now, obsessed all of our scientist using their restricted intellect, in their attempts to understand Her intricate laws and ways of operations and forces, more often that not in order to gain active control over Her, and skew Her for their short-term benefits. So please do not take this a a message that wants to instill defeatism (if you believe that that Gigantic consciousness would send a direct message at all) and fear in your soul, for that will feed anger and rejection. Only concentrate on the message asking you to energize Her by Loving Her and caring for Her. Use our Remote Influencing course or any other means to directly learn to connect directly to the vibrations and intelligence of the level of Nature and and access this level of deep wisdom and infinite love. The focus of your thoughts energizes the recipient of it. This is an Universal law for consciousness. So, if all of us were to focus love upon Her, She should become so highly energized that she could rapidly fix in a seemingly miraculous fashion the cancer that is eating at the periphery and even core of Her Being, and is now destroying Her magnificent structure due to a general lack of Human care, and Egoistical energies. She has the intelligence and the wisdom to do all this in the best loving way possible, but she needs your support, and it should be so easy to show it: All you have to do, all of you, is carry love towards you Real Mother in your heart! (notice how heart and earth have the same letters). That is all She is asking of you! Is it so difficult to love?

Nevertheless, we can all change this state of affairs by our individual thoughts, each and every one of us. The 100 monkey theory will take care of mass consciousness as long as we reach a critical mass of higher awareness and care. Energy (and money is only a form of it) is to be shared and flow, freely so. It cannot be blocked, restricted and owned. For then the flow is impeded and we all eventually are removed from its source, and wither away. No exception. We are all operating WITHIN one organism: The Holy embodiment of the Creator – Earth Itself.

– PLEASE spread rapidly this message worldwide to as many human entities as you can using email or any other means of communication. Time is of the essence now, as the dawn of a hopeful new era for all of us, as the One, wants to break free and shine within us.

“We have met the enemy, and he is us.” -Pogo

Q: Who is crying? Is your higher self crying? And why?

A: It is the Earth who is crying. There is no balance.

Q: She realizes that? Is She afraid that there is no balance in here or in the Higher Realms?

A: Within Herself.

Q: Man is destroying her?

A: Yes.

Q: And no one is reacting?

A: There is not much time.

Q: Who would she like to see to come and help her? Who is she calling upon to help her?

A: Everyone, all of you.

Q: And all the creators? All the angels?

A: Everyone.

Q: What are you so much afraid, Earth? Is it because mankind is destroying the grid?

A: They are destroying the Earth.

Q: By doing what? What is the worst?

A:Lack of love. Fear. Anger.

Q:Earth, would you like to have some more powers? If you had certain powers would you be able to fix it?

A:I have power. However that is not enough.

Q:OK. If the Father were to connect to you strongly, would you be able to fix it? Would He still save you?

A:I would have to change so much that I would kill many of my children.

Q: Because that’s the way you would save it? By killing many of your children?

A: My change would kill many of the children.

Q: Your change? What do you see as a solution? If you kill many of your children, is there anything left? Or do you have another way? Why do you mean when you say that you will have to kill many of your children? Because of earthquakes, things like that?

A: The bones are broken and when they are mended that would mean catastrophes to many.

Q: The bones of The Oneness? Of Creators?

A: Of Earth.

Q: And would you then regain your own power? Are you are afraid of your own power?

A: No.

Q: Tell me, Earth. I was told that I could hack the Earth’s energy grid and also the actions of man by using some specialized remote influencing techniques. Do you believe that this would help you?

A: It is not only the deeds of one, it is the deeds of many.

Q: I understand, but the deeds of one are still the deeds of one and they help.

A: That wouldn’t take away all the problems.

Q: Which are the other problems? Tell me what are your problems? The old Serpent? Is that what you are referring to?

A: Mainly the need to respect Earth again.

Q: I understand. They only respect money. And they don’t even respect money, they want it. But it doesn’t do any good telling them that. Because if God were to manifest Himself in one form or another, they would barely listen. So right now I’m asking you: what are your major problems? Do you have more problems with dark lower energies taking over the minds of people, making them evil, trying to destroy the Earth? Or do you have more problems with the state of the Earth such as the forests being burned and logged, the oil being extracted, the pollution everywhere. Are these your major problems?

A: The actions of mankind are vibrating in disharmony.

Q: A couple of years ago there were High creators here – I’m not going to name names because you know whom I’m referring to – they had plans. Some others joined up later with other plans. They wanted to give large powers to some to be able to help the Earth. Not only touching one soul or two souls or a couple of hearts but actively acting upon the Earth and acting upon the leadership of the Earth. The idea was to shock the world’s leaders so that they change and make them realize that the One is watching and caring about The Creation, and there is a life/consciousness to Earth and that there are conditions attached to being here. The idea was to make them understand that there are things one can do and things one cannot. But we were opposed, it didn’t work out. You know why and by whom.

A: (My hands hurt).

Q: Tell me Mother Earth… If I could hack the Matrix by …….. (nor revealed here) could I help you? Would you like the help of the very High Realms of the One?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you want me to help bring them down so they assist you?

A: Yes.

Q: At one point you didn’t because you thought they were going to be too harsh, right?

A: I was dying.

Q: But at that point it didn’t seem you were dying, right? Two years ago? You thought you would handle it by yourself. Do you want me to call on them or have they been destroyed by the power of Fear/Darkness Energy that went up to the Heavens?

A: I only want love.

Q: How about the white Shekinah that’s creating that pyramid, you don’t believe she can help you? You think it is too late? Do you think that she can save this creation? Do you believe that?

A: I do not know.

Q: You don’t know. You have doubt. Do you remember when a second and higher parallel Matrix was created ? Were you happy about it or were you scared about it? Because the idea of the second Matrix was to change the hearts of men, to form a new race of men and have them slowly mix with the lower Matrix.

A: Nice theory.

Q: You think it is a theory? You don’t believe in it?

A: How do you change the hearts of men?

Q: Because you start from a new creation. A new higher vibrational creation where the inhabitants have powers that others in the old Creation don’t have. And these come down and then act upon the old Creation with loving hearts and sometimes, when needed apply some harshness. Because sometimes you have to be harsh. By harsh I do not mean being “cruel”. That’s what I call harsh compassion. In any case you don’t believe this could have happened? Let me ask you something, Mother Earth. All those so called underworld entities, old serpents (energies), dark sun and many others that have come at me, are you worried about that? By their abilities to control the minds of men and make them want to destroy and take control over the Earth using greed and power as a motivation.

A: I would rather not answer, child.

Q: Are these entities that supposedly come from the depth taking over the heart of men – are these real? Yes or no?

A: They are just different levels of energy.

Q: And if they were to disappear what would happen to man? Would that save your creation? If you were to be able to take away these levels of energy as you say, could you still save your creation?

A: I might.

Q: Ok, who was then making love to the Golden Light? Was it the black fire?

A: The Shekinah (Holy Spirit) wishes to create her own higher creation.

Q: Are you upset?

A: I’m not included.

Q: Shekinah doesn’t want to take you out? Does She? You are afraid that she is going to let this Creation die, is that correct?

A: I’m the floor to each of these Creations, I’m the floor on which the Creations walk.

Q: All the Creations?

A: Yes. Creations were my children.

Q: All the Creations? Even the higher ones?

A: When they walk upon this Earth – yes.

Q: And then they leave you and go onto higher levels, right?

A: None can leave me.

Q: So how are all the other Creations created?

A: They overlap.

Q: All Creations overlap?

A: Yes.

Q: Even the Orion zone, the pure thought universes, the musical universes – they all overlap?

A: When they are on this Earth, yes.

Q: While they are on this Earth. But when they are not of the earth, then they don’t overlap, right?

A: Then they have other Earths, other planets.

Q: Can you clean yourself? Can you get rid of those dark energies that are within you?

A: No.

Q: Why? They are within you, they are in your mind?

A: They are in my body.

Q: Exactly. Can you do a cleansing on your own Self? And not look at them, concentrate on them, take away energy from them and if need be kill them?

A: It is not in me to kill.

Q: You said that you will kill soon when the bones are mended.

A: When I have to change I am afraid I will kill many.

Q: You said you’d be killing the children, the men and women. Why don’t you first and foremost kill the source that gives many of these entities the tendency to do evil.

A: Life is sacred.

Q: As far as life that you create.

A: All life is sacred.

Q: I understand. So what kind of help do you need to be able to do that?

A: Love. Love!

Q: With Love you think that you will change these entities?

A: I need to feel much love from my children.

Q: You need love from your children. And if you get love from your children, what will happen? You will get strength? And if you get strength, what will you do with it?

A: Heal.

Q: But you won’t be able to heal, you told me that yourself, because in between you and the children are those low dark/fear energies that are infiltrating them.

A: I’m stronger than they are if I get love.

Q: What would love do? Form a circuitry?

A: These energies cannot tolerate love. They go away.

Q: Isn’t this exactly what the Shekinah wants? She wants people to start being more loving.

A: If she succeeds.

Q: But you said she doesn’t want to do it in your Creation, she wants to start a new Creation. Is this correct or is it just your fear?

A: I was once so beautiful.

Q: Yes you were. The most beautiful.

A: I want to be that again. I accept Love.

Q: Have you accepted the Love of the Inner Sun?

A: Everything that grows upon me is the result of Love.

Q: I know. But what I ask of you, Mother, have you accepted the love of the Golden Light (Father)?

A: Of course I have accepted His Love. You are asking very strange questions.

Q: So why is He not with us? Give me one reason. He was here quite strongly two years ago. He was here three years ago. Where is He now? Where is that tremendous Golden power that was here?

A: With His Shekinah.

Q: Shekinah has it now? The Golden Sun is with Shekinah? So why are you nervous? You should be happy now. Mother, I try to help as much as I can but all I feel is frustration and anger. You know I’ve spent my whole life helping the Earth, trying to save the Earth. So please don’t look at me as being the enemy.

A: I’m not talking about you.

Q: Do you wish to stop the conversation? Is the Golden Sun with the Shekinah?

A: They create together.

Q: They are creating together now? Why were you irritated before?

A: What question is that? It has nothing to do with you and then this irritation came from me. Why would I think it is not me? I found a human channel and I use it.

Q: You found a channel in L. and you are using it, right?

A: To speak.

Q: Ok, I’ll tell you what. Here’s a microphone. I’m going to put everything on my site, everything you say. You can say anything you want. Just say it now. Please, say it.

A: If a child is left without love, it withers and dies. If the mother is left without love, the same happens. And if the mother dies, the children die. All I need is love.

Q: Why is the time so pressing now? Why are you in such despair?

A: I am hurting.

Q: Why is the time so short?

A: You (mankind) are poisoning me. You have cut so many wounds and you do not care.

Q: So many wounds?

A: And you do not care.

Q: When you say cutting wounds, you mean cutting trees, poisoning the oceans, the atmosphere… Is it what you really refer to?

A: Yes. And with your thoughts too.

Q: Our thoughts have done what?

A: You shouldn’t be careless with your thoughts. You have no connection to me anymore. We used to talk to each other all the time. We knew each other. And now I look at my children and they are like aliens, they don’t belong anymore.

Q: You want them to connect to each other more and to nature? And to you? Do you want them first to connect to you and see your beauty again?

A: Through nature to me.

Q: Use nature to connect to you, right?

A: Yes.

Q: You are not just nature alone?

A: No.

Q: You are…? Express who you are.

A: I am all of you.

Q: And nature? You are also nature, right?

A: I express myself through nature.

Q: So you are the Mother, the Great Mother?

A: Yes. It is also the vibrations that come from within the Earth’s core towards you that keeps you alive. If the core dies, what do you do? You die. It is not just the light of the sun coming to the Earth that does that.

Q: Yes? Did you give birth to the Sun too?

A: We came from the same source.

Q: Why are you so worried now and in such a state of despair compared to four, five, six years ago? Ten years ago? Is it because the earth is even more polluted? More poisoned? Because there’s less and less Light energies, or some major dark events are happening?

A: Because of the minds of men.

Q: And women?

A: Yes, mankind, men and women. They all seek personal power. They are all disconnected from their Source.

Q: And was that not the case a couple of years ago? Please help me out.

A: You help me out!

Q: That’s right. Help me to help you. But if you don’t talk, I cannot convey anything.

A: Have I not talked?

Q: Great Mother, listen to me. Why are you so anxious now? Do you feel that we are at a crossroads? Is it coming very close? Why this tremendous anxiety? Have you been told something by the One? Did the Shekinah and The Golden Sun tell you something that got you in this state of despair? Have they threatened you with something?

A: I saw myself.

Q: You saw yourself? What do you mean? You went out of yourself and then you saw the state of your Self? Explain me.

A: They showed me myself.

Q: Ok. Now I understand. They showed you who you had become, right?

A: Yes.

Q: When did this happen?

A: Just ask them to love me again and respect me again.

Q: Who?

A: Mankind.

Q: I will, I promise you I will. I’m only asking when did this happen that you saw yourself.

A: What difference does that make? I’ve seen myself and that is enough.

Q: You didn’t like what you saw? Let me ask you a question that I need to ask. There same question large amounts of books and people have been asking. Mother, is there a deadline? You said we were close to the end. How close?

A: Too close.

Q: How close? In human terms. Can’t you say that? Months? Years? Decades? If things do not improve rapidly, how close are we to a real crisis?

A: It has already begun.

Q: What has begun?

A: The end.

Q: When? Now? This year?

A: We can still stop it.

Q: I will. I will talk to the Higher Realms. Please tell me when? When is the end? When did it begin? This year? A year ago?

A: No.

Q: How long ago? When did it start? You told that it has already started. And that you can still turn it around?

A: I hope I can.

Q: Mother, tell me please!

A: It started many years ago. The first big tear was when you exploded that bomb and then you have been doing that to me year after year.

Q: Do you mean the atomic bomb? Do you mean when the first atomic bomb exploded?

A: It is forbidden in the laws of the Universe but you did it. The Americans did it first, and then many others have done it after that. Within me. That is how it started.

Q: Thanks for telling me.

A: It is against the laws of the universe to use this.

Q: The nuclear bomb? ok . And what else has caused tears? Of all the other experiments of man?

A: Your economic system that grows greed and selfishness. When you have greed you separate your mind from me because I have no greed, only a sense of giving freely. But you don’t wish to give, you only wish to have. And when you give, you don’t give from the joy of giving. You give to gain.

Q: What else?

A: There was a time when I did not have to beg for love. And now it has come to this!

Q: When was the time when you did not have to beg for love?

A: Not so long ago.

Q: Really?

A: There was a connection to and a respect for the Earth. And so they cultivated and respected the Earth.

Q: Are there any other human actions and experiments that are killing the Earth? The kind that are destroying the Earth. I’d like to know about them and put it on the site. What else are they doing that destroys you?

A: Yes. All that technology of war, to kill living organisms.

Q: Such as what?

A: Biological weapons, sound technology, pollution, explosions.

Q: Are they really trying to fold space? Now?

A: Yes.

Q: For warlike purposes, right?

A: For war, again. Why do you want to fight all the time? Because you have forgotten that you all are brothers and sisters.

Q: What would you want them to change into? The older systems?

A: A new understanding.

Q: Mother earth, I’ve written about this in my website so many times. They don’t want to hear. I’ll do it again. They don’t care. They even get angry or block this and other messages because it rocks too many of their selfish foundations . I’ll put it again until the last breath of life is left in me. And many others are also doing the same. Many realize that this whole Creation needs to evolve and change. But I tell you one thing, Mother. I am going to bypass the Creators and am going to ask the One to take away painlessly, so that they don’t exist, a number of forces that enter humans from the depths of their subconscious. Do you understand me? Shekinah might not accept that. Possibly, she would not agree. But that’s the way I see it. Because I don’t think we have much time now. We need to be teaching Love towards Creation, to love creation, not only love one another. If we’ll love the Creation we will automatically love one another… Mother, do you think that the destruction comes by the decision of the Higher Realms to devibrate this creation? Or that destruction comes from the constant pollution, the constant low-level vibration and the greed.

A: It comes from Humankind. At best nobody punishes humankind but they die on their own. They punish themselves.

Q: P was telling me that because of the situation with the whales now, and the dolphins… Do you hear me? He told me that their songs are patching up holes that you have in your grid.

A: Yes. That is correct.

Q: Holes that are there because of nuclear explosions, and because of all those tests. If that song stops, then the whole Earth will collapse. Because mankind does not understand that all this is a hologram of pure light/energy, right? All connected. They think this is all solid matter. They think that it must continue for billions of years more. Mother?

A: I don’t have enough strength to correct myself anymore.

Q: A lot of so-called religious people are talking about the so-called end of times. They believe it is all coming to an end, they are almost wishing for it, almost bringing down that reality by desiring it. There is now a great thought-form desiring that the Earth come to an end. Many of the world’s main religions are guilty of this. This is especially prevalent amongst the Judeo-Christians and the Muslim offshoots who think that some Higher entity is going to fish them out and take them out to the higher realms because they worship God. But at the same time these very same men, these very same women, are very often the ones polluting, the ones doing these experiments, their little wars and the ones that are extremely greedy, arrogant, power oriented, and possessive. They are often the ones destroying the Holy Creation. I’m asking you – don’t you want to address that? Do you want to tell something to these so-called holier-than-thou exploiters of Earth? Will you say something to them?

A: God creates through me. How do you think that you have evolved into a higher spiritual being when you are destroying me. Because through destroying me you deny God’s force to create which means that you show ultimate disrespect to the God you think you carry within your hearts. If only you would carry that God in your hearts but you carry it in your minds. There are some who truly feel the presence of God and give love freely because of this. And then there are those who only use religion as an excuse to build the kind of life they want to have, based on greed and collecting money, but not on love. You should see God in everything around you, not just as somebody in the skies you can reach with your mind. God is in every rock, we are living on the body of God. Whatever you do to me you do to Him. His love is endless, my suffering isn’t. Love should be the only religion, only love. You don’t need to give names to love. You don’t need to hack love into pieces and give them names. Just experience love, open to love and let it flow. That is the true religion. That is the respect to the Divine, to God: To The One. Man is supposed to be a vessel of love, a channel of love. A vessel with holes in it so that whatever you get in you give out. And so there is room for more love to come in – and get out.

Q: Do you have a message to the influential world leaders?

A: You only bow to power and money – that is not the way. You look around in the nice gardens and estates that have been taken care of for you and feel good about yourself and then you look at the beautiful nature around you and you say “everything is fine” but you do not go to the places where oil is leaking into the ground from pipes that are broken. Do you go and see the earth that has been polluted with decades of poisoning? Can you see the malformed children and animals that suffer from radiation? No, you keep away from these things, you shut them from your mind and so for you they do not exist. But to me they do. And whatever exists to me must exist to you. You drink clear water and do not see the rivers that have died.

Q: Do you mean rivers close to death?

A: Rivers that have died. You do not see how death can rain upon you from the sky. You are destroying even the skies. It is because you walk in abundance, in material abundance, that you shut your eyes and only do what is fashionable to do but you do not really carry love within your hearts. You do not. You only show allegiance to money. And you boost each other’s egos and in this you think you are happy. Most world leaders are driven by ego.

Q: And by money?

A: By the ego.

Q: Mother Earth let me ask the following: before the point of no return has been hit, how much time do we have, if things do not change radically. Men always think in terms of years.

A: Few years, three years maybe. If things do not change radically, then you won’t be able to continue.

Q: And then?

A: You will see.

Q: You will react?

A: You will see. It escalates.

Q: What escalates?

A: The destruction.

Q: And this destruction will come from nature itself?

A: Yes.

Q: And no technology, no manipulation of environment, no medicine will be able to stop that, right?

A: You can’t stop the movement of the crust of the earth.

Q: You are talking about the crust moving around the earth, right? With a shift of the poles? Pole shift? Is that what you are talking about?

A: I am talking about the crust of the Earth moving.

Q: You are talking about what? The crust of the Earth moving around the Earth, around itself, around the centre? And there are then cracks formed?

A: Yes.

Q: And no one can survive this? No one?

A: Not so that all would die.

Q: Not all will die? Some would survive?

A: Yes. Do something! Do something! I need balance!

Q: You need balance? But you only get the balance through the people, right?

A: Not only.

Q: But through where?

A: Give me . . . (asking for the Help from a Higher Energy Being not mentioned here)

Q: You want . . . back? In your creation? In you, right?

A: Give me . . . energies.

Q: Where is P? Is he also contaminated?

A: Not the Higher one you connect to.

Q: Is he with the Elohim? When you get . . . in you as a force, will you be able to take care of all these lower hate-driven powerful dark energy/entities? Will you? Can you face them? Or you don’t want to have anything to do with them? They are destroying everything we do. Every time I try to help something, they come in and they attack. They think it is a war-zone. They are behaving like people. They are like children: irresponsible, and don’t understand what creation is about. I don’t know how and why they were created, I don’t understand that. Can you explain that to me? Are you concerned about it?

A: Yes.

Q: How about …? Is he active?

A: Yes.

Q: I’m asking you: Can he help you?

A: Through Shekinah. . .

Q: Through Shekinah . .? He cannot directly? You have a problem with his vibrations?

A: They are too strong. I need Higher feminine energies filtering now. I need balance.

Q: And hopefully we shall all get inner and outer balance soon!

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