And there was evening, and then there was morning:


(Genesis 1:5)


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Please listen to Gerald being interviewed by the brilliant Kevin Moore on May 2018 as it will help you understand fully the just published message for 2023 below.

The information contained on this page is perennial and crucial for our times. Please go over the material repeatedly, as every instance will reveal more. This knowledge is meant to become Knowing through experiencing it and so much more…  We shall all benefit from it and you shall find that the gates of wisdom are truly infinite. So please use every minute carefully and preciously to climb back the ladder of the Eternal Tree of Life Back to the DIvine KIngdom to be crowned, then come back and bring the Inner Divine Kingdom to the earthly KIngdom and help others do the same, engaging in the Eternal Dance that can never stop!


December 25, 2022:

To my dear brothers and sisters: Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023!

Yes, we made it so far, we are almost out of the dark Matrix of Fear! Let us lift each other up and help one another until we reach the other shore of the sea of the END  (yam sof in Hebrew ), our true beginnings.

Let us welcome the new birthing and festival of the True One Light to ALL. Let the Son/Sun become the Father GOD because they were both ONE to start with, and let us dance to a new song, a new Creation, a new beginning, and an Eternal Covenant! Hoshannah!

It is time to arouse Its Living waters from the Jerusalem we all carry deep inside and welcome its Holy Presence within (Shekinah) and thenceforth without! Let us ALL engage, with joy and with true faith in One, and so bridge the Bridegroom (the One) to His Holy Bride (Creation) in our proximate and most crucial and hopefully beautiful year 2023.

May the “Force” be with you and bring you total centering into Full STILLNESS amongst the chaotic storms raging evermore fiercer and closer around us all.

This coming year shall be a turning point. I know so, and I shall explain.

We are about to release, after 25 years of operations and teachings, the full secrets of how to reach and cross the One “Portal to the One Universal Mind,” which we all carry inside individually, albeit in a dark hidden recess. This will reveal the “secret” of how to gain full co-Creator status if we truly desire it, and align with the concept of Truth which is the Oneness of ALL, and the Love which then arises within the ones who aligned with the True Reality and not the fake untruths projected to us for so long.

This subject shall be addressed in the next weeks and months, and we shall be here to guide as many as we can, everyone at their level of understanding and evolution into Oneness.

This knowledge – hidden for millennia by dark spirits in order to keep mankind enslaved by a misplaced and manipulative elite of selected power-hungry controlling humans – is dearly needed and shall be openly revealed as our Creation is teetering on the edge of falling to the very depths of true darkness, and is now operating in a very low hum because separative unawareness is spreading like a virus, causing conflicts, often of a very violent nature, to sprout everywhere between human groupings and between mankind and the formerly pristine but now very wounded Kingdom of Mother Nature.

Just knowing and reading this knowledge that we shall reveal shall not do the trick since this is LIVE knowledge which requires experiencing it to enjoy its purported liberating effect. Yes, you can free your Self from the drudging slavery and from all the thousands of years old Pyramid-based (social, political, economical, religious, spiritual, and financial) schemes, false pyramids missing the One EYE-capstone of Oneness of the One. Yes, I know that pain and fear are now great in the land. I feel all this.

I realize that our “tower of babel structures,” which we thought would keep rising forever to quench our thirst for evermore power and “things” whilst fully keeping us from our true re-integration with our common One Source and from welcoming It, are floundering badly as of late. We do not speak a common language anymore, but rather speak different views, and most do not understand each other’s words, nor even try to consider another’s point of view. So yes, the tower of our uncontrolled egos is plagued with conflicts and fissures which we temporarily patch, and it is, in fact, about to crumble rapidly!

And do not think that this is but coincidence, but in reality, it is ALL happening to ALL by a decree of the One due to Its burning Love to get Its children back HOME to Oneness manifested.

Yes, the One Himself is activating and raising the dark program of the “Beast of Tohu Bohu” back from the underworld and is sending unsavory egomaniacal oppressing autocratic and dictator-like characters together with manifold sudden critical crisis situations across the land so that we finally say:  “enough” all around our planet!

And, as we lose faith in all these proven old established malefic systems, we should then kneel, bow down, and go WITHIN – each and every one of us,  and ask for the help of The One Sourcing all realities, and be ready to leave the land of enslavement to painful experiences of constant fear caused by separation from each other and from God. Divisive figures and groupings are rising everywhere, promoting the Pharisees’ ways (Perushim in Hebrew, meaning the ones who “divide”) all over our planet; everything is split in unmanageable 50/50 splits, and on purpose so, so that we stop repeating our former ways, and finally learn from our sad and painful history!

Gospel of Teumim (twins or Thomas) 
39. Yeshush said, “The Pharisees (the divisive ones) and the scholars have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered, nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so.

Yes, The One is causing us all to implode our overblown individual and group egos and all economical, spiritual, social, and political bubbles supporting such. This is the end of fear ruling over Love, selfishness over sharing, and the final collapse – no matter what temporary patches are applied – of ALL the old systems you have been imposed as mankind and have followed for so long.

Gospel of Thomas 16. Yeshush (as Yod Heh Vav Heh, the Father) said, “Perhaps people think that I have come to cast peace upon the world. They do not know that I have come to cast conflicts upon the earth: fire, sword, war.

This is the end of your looking for answers amongst “egocentric masters” who were cunning you into giving them your power, vote, and monetary energy, while using the old tool of “divide and conquer” whilst they were selling you short and feeding you only empty wares. In that act, they have but disempowered you as many of them knew the true way, but kept you from looking truly within, fearing that you would then bypass their tainted advice as you would have found Direct access to the Inner Kingdom of the One and Only where infinite Wisdom originates from.

These arrogant elites of human false gods/idols, many of whom had become the “stars” of your longings, rather offered you a cheap placebo based on the worship of personas/egos to believe in, and they caused the masses to blindly follow and respect their self-serving counsel and false-claims of unconditional care. Some even started to act as self-anointed God’s police which is total anathema to the idea of our Divinely gifted free will of choosing between good i.e. Love and inclusion, or evil i.e. hate and division.

A blind man cannot lead a flock of blind sheep, for they shall both fall into a dark pit!  The old adage is so true: “If I do not take care of My SELF, who will? And If I only live for myself, who am I? And if not NOW, then when?

We are running out of perceptual time, out of breathing space, and the answers offered to our cascading problems are growing in degrees of complexity, and are but temporary panaceas addressing symptoms and not the true cause of our global dis-ease, for the true CURE cannot but be the simplest possible, universally so: ONE.

May you soon allow us to gently guide you in successfully achieving the ultimate quantum jump in awareness as you remain totally STILL and your brainwaves quiet down to almost undetectable levels, reaching a frequency of 1HZ.  And then, even lower, as you enter fully the “Portal of much Higher awareness,” and your ego and biology go into a state of temporary hibernation (true REST as the true “Shabbat“), aka suspended animation and something gloriously transformative happens to you as you are truly made alive and are truly “reborn inside the One,” after positioning yourself at the “PORTAL” to the ONE, in pure STILLNESS, by stilling your created brainwaves ego-based separative Matrix to almost zero (point energy). It is in that totally passive act that the Oneness shall bless you with immense joy, full health, Eternal Love, and prosperity, forever so!

Gospel of the TWINS (Thomas)
7. “If you do not fast from the world, you will not find the (Father’s) kingdom. If you do not observe the Shabbat as a Shabbat, you will not see the Father.

Psalm 46:11
Relax/Let go (plural: let go of your physicality and persona/id by sinking down to your hidden center of Being and BE STILL), and then KNOW (without any doubt) that I am God.

The message I am sharing with you now has nothing to do with religion, rituals, and time/space, although all of our human co-created holy beliefs, at their very core, hidden below the man-made millennial distortions, try almost timidly to send us the original intent of the perennial and same message that there is only One Source, One true God, not two nor three not more – and that we are all to awaken to Its Holy Presence WITHIN (the Kingdom) without exception and become Its Holy people as One, whenceforth we shall be finally United and operating as Oneness.

Then and only then, shall we be promoted to full-fledged co-Creators and gifted with almost the same Creative abilities as the One and Only.  No one shall teach another anymore, nor shall knowledge originate from external sources or intermediary beings claiming greater knowledge. Knowledge shall be replaced by intrinsic knowing, because all shall be connected to the One (and not to Google with insane chips!), and all shall directly get Holy guidance and infinite intelligence from WITHIN as they inhabit the True and Only “Kingdom!”

Jeremiah 31:33 and they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying: ‘Know the LORD’; for they shall all know Me (directly and connect within), from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD; for I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin will I remember no more!

And they shall no more call upon, worship, and believe only in the Father (Creator) and reject the Son (Created Projection), or believe and worship only the Son/Sun (Created projection) and reject the Father, but rather in the One Holy Spirit Uniting both as One.  And the Father shall merge slowly with the Son and the Son with the Father, for the Father and the Son were always One, but for a fleeting moment played a staged play against themselves as if they were two.

That is the promised new world to come, and it definitely will, no matter the opposition and rebellion, because it is fated by the One and Only, and nothing can block it anymore!

This very much clarifies the message Gerald received on January 2021 directly from the One explaining the shadowing of the Father from the Son/Great Sun, and our lesson as fractals of the Unity of it ALL.

“I am the One who gives Reality to Light, and through Light. And as I create in darkness, and finally realize in the darkness of my Being that I am but the ultimate ONE, I then Create Everything.

Therefore, I am the One who Creates at the level of Light projecting My Self through the illusion of the many, perceiving the Light to be outside of myself while, in reality, it is but Me, and thenceforth I manage to create the shadow selves.

And as they take on Reality in my own projection, they seem to be evil, because evil is only a Creation of My Self by MySelf.

And in the act of uniting Myself and Loving evil, loving my companion, loving the one whom I think, in perception, is outside of myself, my neighbor, I finally realize that it is, was, and in fact, will always be My Self.

And in that act of unity and unification, I unite Myself back into being One that then operates all the many but realizes that I, he, we, IS but ONE.”

The One

Yes, the ultimate paradox is about to resolve itself as The Creator and the Created Merge partially, and remain as One playing the two.

That Ultimate paradox shall be no more, because the Father (Creator) and the Son (the Projection) shall unite as One but remain with two mirroring perceptions, facing each other face-to-face. And they shall no more call upon, worship, and believe only in the Father (Creator) and reject the Son (Created Projection), or believe and worship only the Son/Sun (Created projection) and reject the Father, but rather worship and believe in the One Holy Spirit Uniting both as One!  And the Father shall merge slowly with the Son and the Son with the Father, for the Father and the Son were always One but for a fleeting moment played a staged play against themselves as if they were two.

This new phase of Creation is to become the new Holy and, this time, Eternal covenant between man and the One, with all of us who will cross and enter willingly the “PORTAL” being promoted to Divinely ordained human co-Creators  This new covenant is to be established soon, its new Holy song heard across ALL Universes. We need to WILL it to happen, to take a chance and jump into the yet unknown. I can and will help since I have been through the “PORTAL” a number of holy times. during this lifetime, and have decided to return to complete my mission.  I know the way through the maze. I understand the obstacles that the “adversary” shall put in your way to try and keep you enslaved here and can suggest how to preempt them.

And then the One EYE  formerly separated from the pyramid of Creation, the capstone, as Shem “there in Hebrew” who is but “the Golden Inner Sun/Son (Shemesh)” shall reconnect to all of us from within. As we write Mashiah meaning “the anointed One” in Hebrew (Christos in Greek) and reverse its four letters, we get two words CHAI SHEM meaning “Shem shall become alive” in ALL of us. And thence Shem as “there” – as the feeling of God being far away and “there,” shall not be anymore; rather God shall be “here and everywhere,” and the Heavens and Its Heavenly Kingdom shall spread all over our earth and the Peace of God, the only true REAL Peace possible and eternal, shall be established everywhere and everywhen,

All our Academy’s messages and teachings which we have shared with you for 25 years have all carried the same core message proclaiming the Oneness of all and the hidden omnipresence of the Universal One manifesting ALL life.

This paradoxically simplest of all messages and incredible implications of the One TRUTH that ALL (the illusory many facets) are but ONE, has been opposed subconsciously and vehemently by the separated egos of most humans because, at its core, it causes them deep fears of dissolution, and of loss of control and power over others. This is so because of their ingrained pyramidal belief that climbing the social, economic, and political power-based Pyramid and ascending to its top plateau can only be achieved by stepping over and controlling others below, as most humans here are pervaded by the systemically-built cruel belief that the more they control, the merrier.

We taught all who signed up for our “PORTAL RV/RI” training, powerful Mind Protocols by which they could easily relax their brain activity and reach the deepest levels of Theta brainwaves in order to activate their connection to Global Consciousness. And then we gently brought many of them even deeper into the pure Divine total sound of silence of DIVINE STILLNESS, as they reached the level of deep Delta, and would merge partially at the seams of their awareness with the full stillness of non-vibratory Light of The One, and Create from there, taking advantage of that established conscious interface with the One. All were exposed to catching a glimpse of It, and to being at the Portal/entrance to the Light hiding behind/inside them and becoming slowly familiar and used to its Reality and Power. Prior to exploring the deep dark unconscious, all these trainees had but metaphorically only lived their darkened, unawakened lives watching manipulated, projected moving shadows on the walls of their perceptions inside a dark cave, as told over two thousand years ago in Plato’s allegory of the Cave in the “Republic.”

Many mind/consciousness explorers whom we trained did have the courage to put one foot through the Portal door and saw a glimpse of the Infinite Light and did partially experience The One, some even put a mental anchor point there in order to be able to come back faster. Just by getting a glimpse of The One, they were changed forever.  This paradoxically simplest of all messages and incredible Implications of the One TRUTH that ALL (the illusory many facets) are but  ONE has been opposed subconsciously and vehemently by the separated egos of most humans because, at its core, it causes them deep fears of dissolution, loss of control and power over others, as they think that the more they control, the merrier and that Oneness is but a “naive” Gestalt.

Gospel of the TWINS (Thomas) 
50 If they ask you, ‘What is the evidence of your Father in you?’ say to them, ‘It is motion and rest.’ 

That is why messages of the kind our Academy has timidly but with great opposition tried to spread have been ignored or tagged as “idealistic” by so many because their minds are still enslaved by the forces of Separation and Suspicion (known as the “S” force in ancient biblical Hebrew which means “the adversary” and called also such by Christians and Muslims). The “adversary’s” forces were Created to spread the illusion of Separation amongst sparks of the One when the “Great Light” fractalized Itself into sparks in order to experience the many and tried to almost forget that it is but One, and these forces made it their constant mission to control us by establishing and spreading entrenched deeply separative systems and programs amongst our enslaved and stressed out societies and filled us with fear of lack, of dis-ease and of death.

This S Force of Separative perceptions originally programmed and seeded by the One became the ultimate challenge to Itself. And eventually would cause even the One to lose the perception of being Only One, and Create and operate in Him the illusion of the Many who are all dreamt into perceptually separate existences. That is why this Force is very powerful, especially recently (it has, in fact, never been stronger) in our low hum Matrix/world as it is meant to be so that we, the facets, ask for the pain and loneliness to stop and have the One acquiesce to change modus operandi to a lesser experimental and challenging one, but far less damaging system, where Oneness is built in, preventing pain and suffering or ignorance of others to be afflicted as all is connected and all reverberates back to the one causing the suffering as the perpetrator feels the consequences immediately so. At that level of Higher operations, we all become telepathic in thoughts and emotions, as everything and everyone become connected in Oneness, like what we have now in a pod of whales or dolphins, where the pain or joy of one becomes felt throughout the pod.

This highly intelligent S. programmed facet and its fractal children are but the most naked (aware) of all entities since they infiltrate in a Serpentine way all membranes of separation between projected live entities and realities. All of the S force Creations are but capstone-less (the One is absent in perception)  pyramidal-based groupings of both human and non-human energies, all trying to climb up the pyramidal system in order to control all others below and become their master and assert control and power. Energetically, everything is based on additive dark energy, and thence the control over evermore dark energy and its consumption becomes paramount to ascend the pyramidal structure and project power. Whereby at the level of other Creations of the One, everything is and cannot but be based on quality, not quantity, and Pure Brilliance of gifted activity to all other parts.

My dear friends, this communication has to do with you, me, and this momentous time in our enfolding as humanity, and addresses the deeper meaning of the warmth we all seek during this phase of life, first from our dear family members and friends, and truly from the Source within.

As the long night and darkness of the cycle of Life get evermore intense, and we are tired of waiting for the Great light to rekindle our life with passion and with the warmth of the Infinite LIGHT, RE-Member that after the great depth of night and the Solstice of our Souls, when we feel lost and snarling howling cold winds blow all around, and our souls feel scared and bare, it is good and essential to get warmed by the miraculous little holy lamp we carry within, keeping alive the “knowing” that if we stay and keep faith, inevitably after night must certainly come Day!


And we cherish that little miracle of the Holy baby Lamp and special Light we carry within in this dark, angry and scary world, and it, in turn, gives us solace and warms our hearts.


And as we feel all alone and isolated, we realize that the dark angel (read Genesis 32: 22-32) who has wrestled and wounded us intensely during the Long Night of the cycle of our souls is about to leave us because the darkness is to lift from us and the world. And we finally offer our inner little living pure Flame, which gave us hope and kept us alive throughout our tribulations, towards the glory of finally being reunited with and able to rejoin the Glorious Realm of Shem as Shem-esh/Shamash, the Great Divine COSMIC SUN/Son Light whose brilliant gigantic Golden fire manifests fully the One God’s Presence back on earth. And True Day Is, soon for all of us, all Its children…

And, after having wrestled with the dark “adversary” testing our hearts and commitment to Goodliness – no matter the obstacles and temptations set up to corrupt us, we ask the nameless dark Angel for a blessing because we finally understand that he was but the Holy Divine Father (EL-ohim) and his direct human-like emissaries (Enochim), all hiding behind an antagonistic harsh facet (read the Gospel of the Twins: Thomas, 1, 2-16). And thenceforth, the ultimate Divine reward and blessing are finally gloriously gifted to us as a graduation present as we are told that from now on, we deserve to be called YasharEL ישר-אל (straight to EL), which means that we are now permanently gifted a straight connection to the Original and Highest Source of ALL Life: The Eternal Living One, the All, EL אל, the Alpha, the Aleph, and reside forever in Its Mansion in a state of blissful connection which cannot ever be taken away or interfered with.

And we then know ourselves, all of us, as being without exception Its beloved Living Children for Eternity, and the great Celebration of shared Love and Intensely peaceful sweet Light IS and remains forever.

So my brothers and sisters, please guard preciously the Holy Pure anointing Oil Lamp you all carry within, with all your might and Love, for soon Day shall arise from within ALL, and the Father will lift the masks and webs of darkness and falsehoods covering your consciousnesses as you Re-Member WHO you all are: One, and One with the Universal One in the Eternal Celebration of Life which cannot end!


Happy festival of Light and of Love and a glorious 2023!❤️🔥


Gerald O’Donnell

December 25, 2022



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