Why do bad things happen to so many good people in their financial and physical health, security, and many other endeavors?





How to get out the mental barriers that we create for ourselves



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Mr. Gerald O’Donnell holds a B.Sc. in Advanced Mathematics, an M.Sc. in computer Science, and an MBA in International Finance. He was, amongst other activities in various fields, once considered one of the world’s 7 best top technical commodities trading experts (independent advisor: C.T.A.) by Paine Webber and Bache Co.. He ran extensive computer simulation on well-known and lesser-known technical indicators. A great majority of them have no real mathematical justification, but rather seem to work only because so many individuals follow them, up until they fail to perform. It is Mr. O’Donnell contention that without the psychological training that the Academy offers in allowing one to be trading in the so-called “zone”, one should not engage in such highly stressful financial activities dealing with gigantic mass consciousness polarized by greed and fear. Alike a battlefield situation, one must be rigorously psychologically trained beforehand to handled the high stress, intuitive signals, and rapid decision making required. Adding the sophisticated tools of intuition, pre-cognitive faculties, fear-less discipline, and reality creation originating from such a sophisticated biological hyper-computer as the Human brain/mind and its connection to the Quantum Collective Mind, is by far more effectively than relying solely on kitchen-like recipes based signals and making them the sole trading decisions maker. The human Bio-computer is billions of time more advanced than any modern silicone based one, but to harness it, one must learn to awaken the 90% of the neural receptors and circuitries of the brain which are sill dormant and in a state of quasi- Most of the trading tools nowadays use signals really originating from rather very primitive electronic computing machine, which mankind is so proud of in this baby era of electronic mind simulation. Most legendary and famous successful “traders” were and are acutely aware of this truism and have trained their minds to be permanently bullish about their reality.






  • Trading futures and stocks The ideas explaining our course’s training philosophy and operational principles are given below with an example of their applications to the financial markets. Each and every individual thinker (trader or not) will easily recognize the veracity of what we are trying to convey since he/she has probably paid dearly for his/her fear-based thoughts and can be easily convinced of how they have enslaved and run his life.


  • The same principle of how fear/anxiety powerfully create our reality applies to all human endeavors and is manifested at all levels of our lives – both on an individual basis and on a global one. Groups of human beings and even whole nations, after having focused very intensely on fear-based though models and scenarios, are perfect living example of how fear of “disasters” and concentration on the negative aspects of life are bringing about ever-greater manifestations of what these thoughts are energizing, no matter how much preventative measures are applied. This is because the mere act of focusing often on “what should not happen” makes the very event that one wants to avoid to become constantly energized and then eventually manifest in one’s reality.


  • Be cognizant of the power of your thoughts which is the divine creative power of the universe. Do not only try to “think and grow rich” but be aware of the “richness of your thoughts” since every thought you give power to (think about) will eventually be manifested in your life and the lives of those you interact with, either immediately or distantly so.


  • Very sadly, in our fear-based societies (that have often reached paranoid status), individuals tend to focus predominantly upon situations whose occurrences they are anxious about, but very little, if any at all, about situations that they would like to manifest in their lives and world. They therefore strongly energize the events they fear and hence see these very same feared events manifested in their lives, but rarely energize and manifest their desires.


  • Western society seems to relish experiencing more and more fears and fear-based emotions, not realizing that they tend to bring their manifestations in their own lives by that very act.


  • The example of financial trading given below easily applies to ALL other endeavors of life. So create responsibly and not haphazardly. Everybody counts and thinks.


  • Advanced and efficient trading of financial markets involves trying to immerse oneself within the stillness of the eye of a storm of mass psychology where greed (desire for money) and fear of monetary losses are the main forces that swirl markets around, up and down.


  • Trading financial markets is one of the very few human endeavors which is highly and intrinsically descriptive of the immediate effect upon reality of individual minds and their interrelationship with the global mind of the individuals who form a market.


  • In order to become an effective trader, one needs to understand some basics of mind’s effect upon reality and to have a prescient ability towards a group of minds interacting with that same reality.


  • The major invisible life-principle to remember when embarking upon a trading venture is as follows: YOU ALWAYS CREATE WHAT YOU FEAR AND ARE ANXIOUS ABOUT. Anxiety-type fear is the most creative force of the universe. Unless the fear is so great that one ACTS against it. Ex: fear in the back of your mind diseases (anxiety) and they are yours, fear slightly situations and you will experience them, loss of money and it is yours, accidents, weight problems, violence, dis-ease, sexual dysfunction, bad luck etc. . . .


  • The more one is exposed through the powerful hypnotic thought-transmission of the media, educators, parents, electronic communication, spiritual teachers, etc.. to fear-creating events and starts to subconsciously or even consciously be anxious about them, the more likely it becomes that these very events that one is trying to avoid will “pop-up” (manifest) within one’s life. So be very responsible before you put your thought concentration upon “fear-creating events” while watching the news, a movie, reading a book, or listening to another person. Giving these events thought is opening yourself to experiencing that reality.


  • The solution? Concentrate on positive life-giving thoughts that focus on peace and happiness and the bringing about of such realities. Do not focus on the glass being half-empty but on the glass being half-full. You would not believe how this simple principle can change your whole life, and if applied in a general fashion, change everyone’s universe.


  • Lets us go back to the example of the financial markets: There is no surer way of living an accelerated gamut of extreme human emotions and varied intense life experiences in a short time-frame than by trading financial instruments. This is particularly true of the futures, derivative markets, stocks trading on margin, options, and day trading. Leverage or short time ranges, magnifies everything. It shortens perceptual time, exalts emotions, magnifies fears and hopes. It is a battlefield of the mind for the courageous ones who want to test the mastery they have over themselves. A trader cannot but face the naked truth about oneself beyond the appearances he/she tries to project. It is a very humbling and often painful experience. A great mental and spiritual school.


  • I hear all of my technically oriented friends frowning at the prior statements: “All of this prior verbiage refers to fundamental traders or traders that trade by the seat-of-their-pants!” “They lack the cold unemotional discipline that is at the core of computerized or charting based decisions.” ” As technical traders, we are impervious to emotions since our trading is not based on them.” I answer: ” Yes, you are not trading based on emotional decisions, but are you immune to the effects of emotions upon your trading results?”


  • Let us study a typical trader’s foray into Future’s or Stocks trading. Mr./Mrs. Knows-it -little has taken courses, read books and eventually understood that in order to be a consistent and effective trader he/she must muster the help of a cold non-emotional machine such as a computer that will put its tremendous data processing power at his/her service so that the computer makes the buy/sell decisions for him/her. Good-bye emotional destructive influences! His/her seasoned advisor, Mr./Mrs. Knows-it-all, recommends to Mr./Mrs. Knows it-little the most consistently effective trading systems. Welcome to the Eldorado!


  • Mr./Mrs. Knows-it-little has well done his/her homework as far as choosing the “best” technical trading system available for sale out there. He/she has tracked the best technical traders and their systems as reported under stringent scrutiny by independent agencies (that often trade on-line imaginary accounts ) . Gone to many seminars listening to the “Master gurus of trading. ” Mr./Mrs. Knows-it-little double checks the data. Has it confirmed. And voila! He/she is ready to enter the foray and leave hopefully a mark of his great talent at making money grow on this beautiful tree of free enterprise. A future trading legend, perhaps?


  • Mr./Mrs. Know-it -little, upon the advice of many of his/her advisors and trading books, starts testing his/her super-duper trading system that often uses the most advanced mathematical pattern recognition algorithm or artificial intelligence techniques by first trading the system on-line but not with real money. He/she paper trades it and checks its validity for a couple of weeks or months. Miracle! The system delivers as predicted: over 70% accuracy – a high reward/risk ratio and perfect entry/exit points etc…. What a shame that he/she has not yet traded it with real money! What lost opportunities!


  • So, full of expectations, our trader decides to do the big jump and start trading. He/she calls a broker, and starts real-trading on-line. He/she is very cognizant of the fact that he/she has to be disciplined. He/she always listens to the trading signals generated by the system. He/she never overrides the system even if a trade does nor feel right. He/she never panics in the face or repeated losses, and trusts in the superiority of a cold mechanized approach.


  • At first, bingo! The system performs as expected, given a little slippage here and there, and profits accumulate. Wonderful thoughts creep in: “At that rate of exponential money growth, retirement is close! Why not trade from a yacht using satellite connections ? “ “Some losses do occur, but they are part of the nature of the beast. Something to be expected 30% of the time.” So far, so good. Everything goes as planned. “What a shame I did not start trading from an earlier age!”


  • And then comes the unexpected. A string of repeated losses. Odd isn’t it?! Mr./Mrs. Knows-it-somehow (promoted!) is puzzled, uncomfortable and slightly anxious with the amount lost. “A fluke, that’s what it is!” “The system is destabilized because of this and that, and will soon get back to its old good predictive self.” “Nothing to really worry about.” “We are tough and disciplined out here!”


  • His/her broker calls him and advises him/her to lighten up on a position. “Let us wait-and-see” is the advice. Mr./Mrs. Knows-his-account checks the financial damage and decides that for this time alone he/she will disobey the system and will pull out of the trade in order to avoid incurring heavier losses. “We’ll return full-fledge for the next trade” is his/her motto.


  • The next couple of trade signals arrive. Mr./Mrs. Knows-that-he-can-lose is ready to trade, but supreme injustice from heavens: he/she goes again into a repeated losing situation. First come some gains, then losses, losses, and as fear mounts, more losses, bigger losses! Anxiety and frustrations mount, losses accumulate. Greater fear ensues. The account is shrinking now rapidly. The system seems to have done something that it NEVER DID in the last 20 years of back testing. WHY NOW? WHY ME? And the great cycle of fear starts its implacable dance of forging reality.


  • Mr./Mrs. Knows-it-all (promoted again!) is now blaming slippage and bad execution of his trades. He/she resents his/her broker. And when this alone does not explain all of it, he/she turns his wrath against the system’s designer. He/she blames the veracity and quality of the back-testing. He/she threatens retribution. He/she might then even decide to try his/her hand at designing his/her own system based on “ own ideas” that he/she thinks might revolutionize the technical analysis field. Or he/she takes the easy way out and looks for another well-touted miracle trading system, often traded by a C.T.A ., pool operator, or fund manager. That is if Mr. knows-that-it-is-the-system’s-fault has enough resources left to continue trading!


  • And you know what? The same scenario is repeated again and again. But this time, often in an accelerated fashion. Downhill goes the account!


  • Are you afraid to “pull the trigger” on trades? Have you suddenly had a rapid religious conversion and engaged in a mental dialog and a quite sudden close relationship with “God” as your are asking for His help and promise the Divinity “whatever” if He were nice enough to make you this ‘little favor” of turning the general market in your favor, as a trade turns ferociously against you? You usually initially enter a trade because of pure greed and the “fear of missing a golden opportunity,” and then shift into a stubborn mode in refusing to exit it, as Mr./Mrs. Ego is refusing to accept being wrong and “knows” (hopes) that the market will come back his/her way!


  • Are you suffering from “crying-over-spilled-milk syndrome” when you feel that had you listen and taken this or that trade and not done what you actually did you would be swimming in a sea of liquid gold? Are you feeling that you must constantly watch the markets, and seize every single opportunity, while you are slowly deteriorating into a nervous physical wreck! Are you mumbling to yourself and others:” If I only had done this, listen to that etc. . !” Are you ingesting mind distorting feel-good pills? Are you perhaps flooding your brain circuitry with alcohol to become less emotional about the markets and reality?


  • Some psychological “professional guru” comes and tells you that your problem is a “fear of success.” In other words, you are desperately trying subconsciously to “hurt” yourself. You “hate” yourself because of past programming (usually from childhood comments made to you by parents, siblings, friends, and educators); you are a masochist-trying-to-shoot-yourself- in-the-foot. Solution: Regression cognitive therapy, behavior modification, and other gimmicks. You must find some Zen-like elusive “zone.” So, you play victim for a while, revisit the bad memories, and paradoxically end up energizing them even more as you bring them up to the forefront of your conscious awareness. Now you finally know why you behave in the way you do. Maybe even a past-life event is at the crux of all this negative feeling? You are told to repeat and write ad-nauseatum suggestions to the effect that you are the best thing ever created under the sun, and that you “love yourself to death.” You pay the “specialist” his/her hefty fee. And you go back in the trading arena with the “bulls” and “bears.” Ole!


  • And oh, surprise again: One more streak of bad luck! And the old demons of fear/anxiety come haunting you again. Because in reality, nobody is afraid of happiness, success, love, recognition. We all strive on it. Nevertheless, many of you have so often had the rug pulled from under you just at the moment when you are about to taste success that you fear a repeat situation. And all the negative comments received by others enhances your fear/anxiety of failure. That fear is magnified, and compounded. You feel the world is watching you and really gauges your abilities with minute scrutiny. You do not want to hear derogatory comments again, they impact on you fragile self-esteem.


  • And then the grand finale: The burnout syndrome. You quit, full of deep emotional scars – hopefully, if you are lucky, with some funds left and a quasi-intact family. And you have become one of the many casualties of the fear (losses) -desire (greed) mismanaged viscous circle, due to a lack of understanding of HOW POWERFUL YOUR THOUGHTS REALLY ARE AND HOW TO MANAGE THEM in order to create positive realities…


  • And in fact it wasn’t really your fault. You really fell for the accepted lie of the last decades that states that all you have to do to trade successfully is either rely on someone’s else opinion or buy and use some wonderful infallible mechanical technical trading system either using the latest in computer intelligence and/or some mystical secret of the universe (discovered natural pattern of the markets put in by the “gods” usually with an ancient Greek or Egyptian ratio flavor!) You would not allow a computer to diagnose the state of your mental or physical health in that manner and require a human physician, but you allow blindly a machine to do the same in diagnosing alone the state of markets (global psychological expressions and temperature gauges of mass greed/fear) health and direction! You believe this needs to be done with as little human input as possible, in the name of human psychological discipline and of “sticking” to the trading signals received!


  • If this has not yet happened to you, I know that you know many individuals to whom similar events have and are happening. What is at play here? Can anyone ever make money in a sustained way in these markets. With leverage close to 80-90 % as in some futures or derivative markets, the potential for gains and commensurate losses should be enormous.


  • Futures is a zero-sum game. No money is really created. Money is only redistributed, transferred, among participants. For each individual happily holding a winning contract there is an distraught individual holding the same contract and losing the same amount. Stocks, by contrast can monetize a whole economy, on paper alone. No need to print paper money and risk inflation. We all become “stock-paper” wealthy.-alike real-estate wealthy. What a productive and wonderful way to balance government and corporate deficits, or to create artificial heaven and risk then experiencing thereafter real hell here on the earth plane, as the cycle of life goes into the reverse balancing mode!


  • After all, if one were to flip a coin and make Futures trading decisions based on it, he/she would have a 50% chance of being right. And if he/she increases his/her odds by using sophisticated technical analysis, his/her higher odds should propel him/her in a stratosphere of gains. If 50% of all contracts lose at any time and 50% gain, the leverage factor causes, at one point or another, a great amount of fear to each trader. Fear feeds on past fears. People tend to be more conditioned by past memories of fearful events than by past memories of positive ones. Hence, most traders eventually become financial casualties of their anxieties/fears, and subsequently there is subsequently the need to bring in new pools of fresh trusting participants who have not yet known market fear and are willing to interject new money in. This is well known to the in-between entities, brokers, lawyers, regulators, managers, analysts who live and feed on this ever changing pool of money and receive their intermediaries fees, no matter what the markets do.


  • What we are trying to convey is as follows. It is not that fear of losses causes one to choose losing trades, but that akin to quantum physics, the mechanics of fear-consciousness cause trades to become losing trades no matter what methodology, timing of trade, etc…, is used. Emotions literally impact upon life-realities and change them. Futures and stocks trading are but a grandstand proof of it because of the intensity of the emotions experienced and their immediate situational feedback (impact).


  • Are we saying that the interaction of one’s consciousness (thoughts and emotions) with a particular market causes the reality of that market to crystallize in a certain direction as he/she witnesses it? Yes, to a large extent, we do. Otherwise how could thought be so creative. One impacts greatly upon one’s own Universe (individual projection of reality) : Each man/woman upon his/her own private universe. Nevertheless, all the Universes intersect and restrict each other in a very original way which is explained in our courses.


  • The implications are stupendous, and only few will ever ponder and/or understand them. We are by far more powerful and creative in creating realities than most of us would ever dare to believe. Mastering such an understanding makes a profound impact upon the total gestalt of an individual. We will, at some point, in the future in very advanced courses, expand even more upon this explanation of the ultimate illusion called Life.


  • Very wealthy individuals or characters who have little inclinations to fear anything because of either a very basic lack of general awareness or a great cushion of assets, often do better at Futures and Stocks trading, because their fear factor is mitigated. Is that unfair? Maybe yes, but we are all here to learn how thought create, and this learning is what the experience of life is all about.


  • Think positively, and positive happenings are drawn to you. Think negatively, and negative happenings are drawn to you. We all know this. E-motions are the creative motions (forces) of you reality.


  • Easily said. However, how does that apply to trading, for instance?


  • Remember this principle : YOU ONLY TRADE YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM. NOTHING ELSE. Believe strongly in success and you become a success. Believe somehow in failure and you will fail. And so it is in all of life’s endeavors.


  • Our courses teaches one to get into a state of mind where he/she becomes totally in-tune with the Uni.-verse at large. The trader can learn to enter the “calm and stillness” of the “eye” of the storm of trading markets, metaphorically coined the “zone.” And then from that stillness, as his/her mind operates at the deep Theta level of brain, he/she goes above the emotions of the market, connects to the very intuitive level of the deep Delta level (universal Mind) and ask for help and guidance in his trading endeavors. He/she is hyper-concentrating towards everything. His/her point-directed attention is very lethargic. Thoughts and images flash by in a disconnected non-linear fashion- out of cause-and-effect. The trader is close to the causal (non-linear) realm. Time seems to slow, conscious analytical thoughts are sluggish or almost absent, emotions are profound and very creative, and the trader then learns to use his/her emotions to program for positive trading experiences where the facet of “love” or positive desire overcomes the facet of “fear” or destructive desire. At these levels (very deep Theta and Delta), which we teach you to reach easily, emotions are purer, thoughts profound, you sense probable future events (extremely high intuition as an act of knowing ) and can act upon them. You may be shown when not to trade because of highly volatile situations or because you are just not meant to profit in certain periods. You visualize and project success. You can desensitize from prior memories of losses and not be fear-conditioned by them. We have all known and experienced periods when a certain action or trade just felt right- as if it was meant to happen. For traders these are usually their most successful trades. They feel as if they just go with a flow of events prepared for them, and witness them as such.


  • One then learns to listen to one’s deep self. And as one listen more and more, one becomes more and more powerful, in creative thoughts. One learns to control and mold one’s reality. Trading becomes then a marvelous life-changing experience where you can test the effectiveness of your coherency in thoughts and integration with your life-environment. You really experience then the immense “power” of your thoughts. And so it should be. Trading is not anymore a vehicle causing a loss of self-esteem and trust in oneself and frustration at the larger realities at play. Neither does it evolve into a sense of being more “powerful” than another. Trading becomes a tool to sharpen the keen edges of your spirit.


  • So, what about the disciplined technical traders who want to follow a system that they perceive to be a “winning money-maker” and do not necessarily want to listen to the intuitive side of their mind, how would they benefit from taking our course? Would it help them calm the inner fears that they often experience before taking a technically oriented trade, and allow them to execute their trading plans without hesitation or fears?


  • Absolutely so. The reason for it is that when your mind is at deep Theta, you only experience messages rooted in the expectation of “real highly probable events” that the Delta level would like you to avoid (so-called hunches) and you do not operate anymore out of fear, based on intellectual processes laden with “what if” situations – usually heavy-loaded with memories of past lived or witnessed experiences. That is where “real” healthy avoidance-fear, given in order to avoid serious mishap, separates itself from common destructive and paralyzing “anxiety fear” that the beta mind produces constantly. This mode of deep-theta thought operation is really capital to the success of most trading and other life endeavors.


  • So to conclude. Should you use one of these marvelous trading systems offered in the marketplace? Of course, you should, if this is your inclination! They do increase winning odds. But couple them with this type of training. Otherwise, you will be shown that the power of thought (in this case fear) is more potent that any computer trading system ever devised. It is the power of Creation Itself. SO MAKE THOUGHT YOUR FRIEND INSTEAD OF YOUR ENEMY.


  • Many of our trainees only trade on the basis of Remote Viewing the Probable Future and have done quite well for themselves. This is certainly possible and only requires only great fate in one’s self. Even when operating in non-altered sates of consciousness, ALL of our trainees find out that after 1-2 months of training their natural intuitive abilities are automatically enhanced. The “little voice” in the back of their mind is tremendously increased in volume. Their own “Jiminy Cricket” is suddenly heard again. They stop being puppets subjects to the whims of others and of seemingly uncontrollable forces. For instance: If they sense, while driving, that they should apply their brakes at an intersection, they do so, often avoiding a major accident that they could not logically perceive by normal means as another vehicle suddenly crosses their path at a red light. If a plane might have a crash or be hijacked, they do not board it. If an area is about to be hit with a major natural disaster they perceive it days ahead, alike all the parts of the animal kingdom. They are deeply in touch with themselves. They sense the thoughts of others, their real intentions, and act or react upon that information. This skill will become paramount to survival at all levels in this century, because of the speed and unpredictability of major changes and unforeseen events. No matter how well sheltered an individual believes to be, no one will be really impervious to sudden and dramatic life ambushes. Any thinking individual can already see the writings of what we are addressing on the wall as he/she reads the daily world-wide news.


  • In the realm of financial trading, the same effects are felt after taking our combo RV/RI courses. After a couple of weeks of training, traders, even while operating in a fully conscious state become extremely intuitive automatically since the door to their subconscious mind has been strongly opened through the exercises in our course. Their sub-conscious is literally brought up to their conscious mental awareness, on a constant basis. If, for example you are about to put on a trade that your subconscious perceives strongly to have been put in the wrong direction, your subconscious will send a message that you will interpret as “a gut feeling” (intuition) that this is going to be a losing trade. The more serious the mistake, the more likely it is, if the market is about to “crystallize” a movement violently on the opposite side, that a strong intuitive message will develop for your protection. So, after having learned to trust yourself and having had a couple of similar experiences and learned to recognize that very special “feeling,” you will then want to act upon this type of message. This can be used as a powerful filtering process in trading. Remember, computers only predict the future based on past patterns, especially repetitive ones. They cannot foresee it. And in very volatile markets they do a poor job at predicting and adapting to rapidly changing conditions and patterns.


  • The same situation, but in reverse this time, has probably been experience by EVERY trader that has traded for a while. There are moments when, after putting on a trade, you just “know” that it will be a winner. You are calm and relaxed about it. And most often enough, that trade enfolds as if you were to be watching a “movie reel” to perfection. This feeling of “knowing” of a successful trade is what you strive to look for and listen to. These are always your best trades.


  • Beyond this, with our training you can always “sense” in advance the direction of a market. If the market is about to engage in a major round-about turn of substantial impact, you will most probably sense it and, depending on the techniques used, either sense its gyrations (chart) or in many case be given future pivot price levels. If the next move within the trading time frame that you have chosen is more insignificant, its probability might be very “fuzzy” and quite undetermined because of the rapid change of the probabilities associated with it, and then you might just get nothing (no communication about it) and have to rely on your regular trading tools – if you decide to take that trade at all. All kind of trading methodology combinations are possible, but we strongly feel that in this present type of very unstable and violent type of trading environment that the psychological tool that we provide in order to sense the mass psychology that move the markets is a “MUST” for every savvy, experienced, and especially relatively new trader. Not having it is, in our humble opinion, tantamount to walking in a jungle a night without night-vision equipment, experience of the wilderness, and a highly developed “6th sense.”


  • Let me give you an example. If you are an individual involved in the trading of foreign exchange instruments such as, for instance, the Dollar/ Euro rate, or even stock issues, most of the time the chart pattern might reflect quite a nice trending and easily predictable direction. However on occasions, sudden, and previously kept secret, powerful Central Bank market intervention and news release by Corporate Headquarters, or large hedge funds actions, can violently shift the direction of a previously perfectly trending market. No computer or system can ever predict such crucial fundamental shift and impact. Many of you might have seen in such quite common cases, much prior gains erased or worst even large losses consummated when such events impact the markets. This is where our combination RV/RI can literally save you from becoming a victim of such market shifts. Our students become highly attuned to “inner messages” and when “their inner intuitive feeling” tells them strongly that a major shift is in the making, the usually take notice, and either exit, hedge, put in reverse positions strategies, or any combination of trading techniques, in order to be protected when the event crystallizes. Unless you run a spying organization onto all these major central banks or corporate entities, or have “insiders” calling you (and we know this to be illegal) in advance of such moves, our training is the “only tool” we know that can give you this tremendous trading advantage and capital preservation hedge.


  • The secret to this millennium’s trading is to reach the “EYE” of any financial storm and observe the market (mass psychology ) from the inside-out within the stillness of the best vantage study point. At that “EYE” (deep theta level) you can truly experience the peace and safety that this level projects, with the full knowledge that nothing really serious could ever harm you as long as you locate your awareness there.


  • The same can be said about some of the very dramatic earth-events that are about to be unleashed upon humanity. The Great Consciousness-Intelligence of Mother Nature seems to have gotten a serious case of “indigestion” about the extreme parasitic behavior of its disrespectful and exploding human organisms merrily destroying Its viable balance in a non-caring proliferating cancer-cell like behavior. Its multiple warnings, given quite dramatically up-to-know, are almost totally ignored, to our common detriment.


  • In this new millennium the ability to center oneself in “eye” of any crisis situation and listen to the advice received from the Delta level will be proven to be the most important tool available for survival for humanity. Beta-thinking technology will not be sufficient anymore. In the same way as the ability to listen to their “sixth sense” is known to be a primarily survival tool for hyper-trained jungle warfare commandos and anti-terrorist squads, the ability to listen to our common “sixth sense” will permit the trained and perceptually connected ones to weather the upcoming storms quite unscathed. The training that the team of Mr. Gerald O’Donnell gave to operational intelligence agents was viewed as a general survival tool and not as a passive intelligence gathering and “prophesying technique” to be performed from the comfort of an “isolation tank or room.” It was one of many other techniques to be used to gather information and act upon it. Albeit, a very powerful one since is does nor rely upon prior linear knowledge.


  • Let us now address the big dream-maker of the latter part of the 20th century. The Mecca of the perceived democratic ownership of listed corporations by any part of society that can afford it: THE STOCK MARKETS. The mechanics of stock market bourses follow the same fear/desire creative poles although with a somewhat different inherent modus operandi. Suffice to say that for each Futures winner there is a Futures loser. Futures is a zero-sum game. No money is ever created nor lost in the Futures markets. The stock markets are exactly the opposite. They constantly create money (wealth) and/or destroy wealth. They are NOT a zero-sum game. Market direction is therefore irrelevant in Futures trading. In stock markets, this is not the case. So that when a bull market is established in stocks, the desire for gains feeds and reinforces it for quite a while. There is almost no counterbalancing emotion of fear. Sometimes the illusion of ever lasting market growth to heaven can reach gargantuan proportions of self-delusion fed by very savvy arguments advanced by self-interest greedy institutions. Nothing, on earth, grows ever to heavens -no tree, no market (money tree), no man, not even the tower of Babel. Everything, in this creation, is prone to “gravity” as a force for renewal and change. Only the ego forever tries to achieve lofty levels, only to be taught, over and again, a lesson in humility, as it goes back to dust in the continuous process of recreation of itself.


  • At one point or another, for various reasons, the perception of ever lasting stock market growth starts hitting walls of doubt and fear starts showing its ugly face again. The greed-confidence versus fear equation starts to slowly shift towards the side of anxiety/fear. And the ineluctable, almost blasphemous event starts: The long-term downward spiral of the former price feeding frenzy. The “gurus” of the Stock Market “religion” try to calm the masses, at first successfully. All kind of elaborate investment “strategies” geared towards downward “reaction” are promoted such as “averaging down” etc . . . However, a time finally arrives where a sustained bearish market situation is recognized, and the fear of monetary losses becomes overwhelmingly established in the investors’ psyche and eventually universally felt, with almost no counterbalancing factor of hope for further gains (even long-term ones). The effects are then very deep, destructive, prolonged and lasting. Because of the proximity of such an event, we feel even more adamant in recommending our course to stocks, futures, and options traders.


P.S. March 2004: This article was originally published in February 2000, and can likewise be applied now to the international “real” estate market.

Gerald O’Donnell



Our RV and RI courses teach the following material:

  • The RV course allows any individual to easily intuit the direction and probable future level of any market. The most probable and the more important a move the more likely it is that our trainee will detect it. We do not necessarily advocate giving up all technical indicators, especially charting ones, but RV and RI can be used a strong filtering elements and greatly avoid having losses in these treacherous financial waters. Most of the Remote Viewing is then done while being in the “zone” at low Theta brain waves. We have many students who trade successfully and exclusively on the basis of RV signals. See our RV students’ feedback.


  • The RI course allows one to conduct a conversation with another individual simultaneously on two parallel levels.

1) the regular conscious-mind to conscious-mind conversation.

2) the subconscious-mind to subconscious-mind conversation.

Both levels of information are of paramount importance to understand the real thoughts and intentions of another individual and to gently try to bring him to consider your viewpoints and desires, and often accept them fully or partially.

All individuals’ subconscious thoughts constantly flow into each other as they interact. Usually without their awareness. Thought cannot be framed within time/space. It just Is and flows. Therefore ALL individuations of thought (human individuals) constantly remote view situations and each other and remote influence events and others through their emotions and the thoughts of the other individuations of thought they come in contact with. The process is usually sub-conscious and without one having conscious awareness of it.

One might as well become aware of how one really projects reality and then control this very creative process that is at the core of one’s co-creational ability. To his/her benefit and the benefit of all. So that this creation evolves from a fear-based creational focus to a love/desire co-operative status where abundance is the law and the notion of finite energy and resources abolished. Forever so.


  • This second course (RI) allows any individual using very specialized techniques to literally erase the memory of any unpleasant event, and the fear that it caused at a conscious or more likely unconscious level. You are able to erase even deep-seated fears. These are revolutionary copyrighted techniques never published anywhere before. You learn how to recreate and manipulate your memories for the betterment of all. You have then the power to erase prior emotional scars that cause, originating from a subconscious level, a vicious cycle of anxiety-fear that then in itself causes the same painful situations that were previously experienced to repeat themselves -often with increased frequency. This applies to any unpleasant and traumatic memory that we carry within ourselves, either fully conscious of it, or buried, as a defense mechanism, within our subconscious permanent storage of all the events that make up one’s life. All past events basically define who we are and have become. We can therefore change our individual and collective characters and orientations and not repeat history, either on an individual level or a global one such as within the framework of the collective thought-consciousness orientations of nation-states and/or groups.

Even at the level of the material world, we now know, through the quantum physics delayed-choice experiments of professor John Wheeler conducted in 1988 at the Universities of Maryland and Berlin, that the   past is malleable (non-fixed) and can be changed to fit our present realities.

  • Recently, mainstream Psychiatry has started to become aware that deep-seated subconscious memories could be false, even when recalled under hypnotic trance. This realization occurred mainly during highly viscous divorce trials where one party accused the other of sexually abusing their child. Psychiatrist label this now “the false memory syndrome” and leave it at that. Using the RI course, you can thenceforth learn to modify your character, tendencies, and ways of reacting to life-events. We are, all of us, always products of our perceived memories. Traders and non-traders alike, will greatly benefit from deprogramming themselves from traumatic and unpleasant memories. ONE NEEDS TO LEARN TO DEPROGRAM ONE’S SELF FROM THE PAST BEFORE ONE CAN LEARN TO PROGRAM ONE’S SELF FOR A BETTER FUTURE (PRESENT). This is the basic and major flaw in the plethora of all the positive visualization methodologies that claim to allow one to create (manifest) a better future.


  • This very advanced course addresses the techniques of creating realities by the phenomenal power of our thoughts. For the improvement of all. Many creative laws and concepts are explained and experienced. We are all willingly (consciously) or unwillingly (unconsciously) Co-Creators in the wheel of life (see our RI students enthusiastic testimonials).


We might as well be conscientious and more efficient Co-Creators, for the final goal of individual and general happiness.


Flash (April 98)

The Academy of Remote Viewing would like to post the following message as a public service: (This message was posted on Apr. 98 about a possible correction in the world stock markets for the end of the summer 98. That downturn of a large magnitude materialized in Aug-Sept. 98 and we left this posting as an example of the power of the RV methodology that we teach).

Within the next couple of months, a window will open on the near-term event horizon that shows a high probability for our world’s financial markets (especially the worldwide stock bourses) to experience quite violent and unforgiving corrections.

Remote Viewing work done at A.R.V. (Academy of Remote Viewing) seems to indicate that the late summer months of 1998 are highly probable flash points for such occurrences. We feel a duty to warn individuals, so that they hopefully can prepare for this.

We, at the Academy of Remote Viewing, strongly feel that uncontrolled widespread runaway speculation is a much greater pernicious social and economic ill than runaway inflation. We live in times of historically unprecedented institutionalized greed and financial speculation.

Authoritative governmental and monetary power-centers should have behaved more responsibly and might eventually, most probably, be made accountable for having failed to prevent such obvious man-made disasters.

Artificially-induced economical paradises are just that: Chimerical experiments of self-gratification that inevitably bring down with the collapse of their isolationist mental walls real-world realities that come then crushing down on all of us and face us with rebound strength and implacable consequences.


Flash (April 17, 1999)

Fasten your seat belts! This is unprecedented, and never to be witnessed again. An orgy of greed and artificially manipulated markets. By big players and governments, using some very complex and ingenious techniques. Is there still money to be made on the upside? Probably yes, if you have the stomach for it and are holding the right stocks. We do not like to give price predictions and usually keep it to ourselves. In this ever developing scenario, there appears to be two probable flash points for potential sizeable corrections: September 99 and then mid-December 99. The whole year becomes more and more volatile. After that 2000 looks like a bear market, slowly chipping away and eroding confidence. Don’t believe it? Well, if someone would have come and told you in 1987 that the then all-mighty superpower dictatorship called the Soviet Union would literally peacefully implode, disintegrate and release most of Eastern Europe from its iron-fisted military and security apparatus. NO ONE would have believed him, and most would have consider him a raving lunatic. Nevertheless, 2 years later the process was engaged . . . . . .

Flash (Dec. 15, 1999)

Well, it looks as if the international markets are about to let the run-away bear get a hold at rolling downhill.

Right now the probable future RV forecast is for a somehow gentler slide than had been originally foreseen in our RV sessions of last April. Nevertheless, the movement seems about to start and we are seeing great artificial manipulations of the market by very powerful individuals and entities in order to prevent a catastrophic slide. This intervention will somehow dampen the bear’s desire to frolic rapidly downward. The peak for the bull seems to be tenaciously reached and registered for all-times in a blow-off top around the first 6-8 weeks of 2000. Be aware of non-US markets.

Next year seems to show a very volatile downward spike during the March-April period that will shock many. The markets then recover and the slow meandering slide proceeds for quite a while. This time period of much gentler reality than originally foreseen should be taken advantage of in order to have international monetary authorities and systems show forth a new thought-paradigm much better suited to the necessary need of cooperation and rapid intervention that the next century will require of all of us.

Collecting creative information from the Delta level of mind (the real Mind supercomputer) by being at the Theta level of mind (mental-internet backbone interface), and processing it at the conscious linear Alpha and Beta levels in order to rapidly deploy solutions to the world’s exponentially increasing challenges and crisis situations will become paramount to the survival of our specie and our beautiful planet.

Flash (July 10, 2000)

Do you like being on a gigantic financial roller-coaster? Get ready for the ride of your life! The end of the Summer and Sept-Oct 2000 will keep your adrenaline flying sky high! Better be ready for the rush. For conservative non-expert individuals that are not advanced specialists at taking advantage of high volatility play, such as trading volatility using the options market, the prudent approach is to disinvest and watch from the sidelines. The deep fault lines that these too-fast growing young speculative financial mountains have caused are about to reveal themselves and cause great tremors on the surface of ordinary consciousness.

Other events of great geopolitical nature are about to unravel especially in the Middle-East. More than likely, great turmoil around the availability of water supplies will soon become the primary focus of world-attention, even in places where water was always plentiful, as the temperature of this planet goes soaring extremely high (global warming) and the desertification of its non-caring human consciousnesses becomes revealed and manifested as painful thirst by the great Earth Consciousness powerfully rumbling its discontent with discernment and justice in its heart.

Flash (October 10, 2000)

October 2000, and in particular the next days have a high probable future of instigating a downward correction in the stock indexes. Do not panic! There will be deep valleys and fast partial upward corrective movements, as a great amount of institutional money will be poured upon the altars of these speculative markets in order to stem a total rout. Too much is at stakes, in particular the stability of the Western financial constructs. The NASDAQ might be the initial catalyst but the NYSE “big board” will probably be the one embracing more of the bear side in long-term future percentage slide. Hopefully the bear will be cuddly. Watch these markets carefully and wisely, if you are already involved. Otherwise, it would be best to remain on the sidelines. Connect to your inner self for intuitive insight and specific ideas.

Flash (March 12, 2001)

9/11 predicted and Gold’s rise is also told.

Ok. The dice have been thrown and the reality-check games have begun. The market is poised for some rough sailing in the coming days. Interest rates have probably gone as low as they will be allowed to go for now. The bear is starting to sting. People, unaccustomed to life’s natural cycle of decay and rebirth (growth) should go and watch from the sidelines. No need to overstress. Small nervous investors will start doubting the ‘false’ prophets or eternal financial nirvana. Dates to watch are middle to late September 2001, as a violent downward correction may send jitters down the reality check-out counter, maybe due to dramatic geo-political events originating from the Middle East, especially with the Big Board. If you like riding a roller coaster, fine. If you tend to get sick with the swings, stay out.

In truth, there are many problems in this Creation that demand mankind’s attention, far and above the daily fluctuations of stock markets. Maybe the higher realms are sending a dose of their own “Ritalin” to a society suffering from advanced, almost terminal, ADHD regarding what is really important for general and individual peace of mind and happiness. Maybe, as we are playing a tower of Babel kind of game- with financial towering structures, genetic manipulations and cloning of untold horrific consequences, and perceive ourselves as the gods of our Creation- a proper redefinition of tasks, and roles is in order. A dose of humbleness to be welcomed. And undue arrogance to be squashed. We are in the middle of a big period of major cleansing. Operating at many levels. The withdrawal syndromes might feel uncomfortable, a bit. But the end result is highly worthwhile.

Where to park financial resources? gold, because Consciousness always knows that Live Gold is the symbol to the One (GO(L)D), and instinctively finds refuge in it, throughout ages, cultures, and eternally so. Government and financial consortiums, will oppose its rise, because it would endanger the culture of paper instruments and monies but eventually will succumb under the weight of large individual demand. Gold stocks are the only sector that has recently risen significantly.

Another source of investment. Companies that specialize in water purification, sourcing, and distribution. Also companies that use innovative advance technologies in order to cleanse the environment.

Good luck to all. Learn to relax and smile at all the madness, knowing that wonderful and better times are just around the corner after the purification process is over!

Flash (August 17, 2001)

(This Flash correctly predicted the 9/11 situation and the exact bottom of the correction in the markets that followed!)

The next upcoming period up to November 2001 will be extremely choppy for the markets. Expect a dip down below 10,000 in the next weeks. Possible bottoming at 9,000-8200 . And then the market might go slowly up again for a while. Major events originating in the Middle East are about to enfold quite dramatically during that very period. A great deal of worldwide anxiety will result. Precious metals will start climbing. There is the possibility of a much larger conflict looming over the Israel-Palestinian national and religious strife that may engulf neighboring countries and even Irak and/or Iran. Irrational thinking and dark cruelty has purposely hovered above that area for the last year. Undesirable dark spiritual forces are trying to impose the paradigm of fear once again to a world already badly shaken with potential instability and in a reality-denial mode. It is our duty to defuse the darkness by vibrating at high levels of light. Each individual on his/her own. We need to reach a certain critical mass of highly vibratory individuals within the mass consciousness of Mankind to affect a quantum jump in awareness for this whole Creation. And very soon so. We are all interconnected within the Lattice of life. To believe otherwise is foolish. We are all influenced and all influencing each other. For better of for worse.

Man must first find peace within himself, his home and with the rest of humanity. We must express tolerance and love towards all expressions of the One. Without exception. To believe that the Creator enjoys seeing parts of His/Her Creation destroyed “in His name” is the ultimate aggression and blasphemy against the One and Its expression as Oneness. A testimony to man’s low level of evolution and very restricted intelligence. Hopefully all this will change rapidly. A great deal of individuals and forces are at hand to help and interact in this magnificent and crucial effort at elevating the consciousness of our whole planet of operation.

Read how in January1 , 2001 we predicted the beginning of the last and final battle of fear versus Love overtaking our whole Creation and still on-going which unfolded in the events of 9/11 and beyond.

Flash: JUNE 18, 2002

The period from June to November 2002 is sadly showing great potential for international political and economical turmoil. The Middle East is on the verge of a major explosion. Much Loving Light has to be vibrated in that direction, and immediate actions taken, in order to deflect the dark intents of some groups and their terrorist cronies. The world will be seriously affected if the situation deteriorates much more. We are One, and the events in that region are just a reflection of the battle going on Within at very High Levels of the Mind. We wish we had better probable futures profiling themselves but the powers that are and want to remain, seem to have chosen such paths from the lattice (Matrix) of multiple possibilities.

Financially, The US Markets might be under a great deal of pressure, particularly after the middle of July. Levels that go all the way towards the 7000 level on the DJIA might be reached or even breached. The dollar will continue to be under a great deal of pressure stifling dollar denominated investments. Even the resonating war cries will not have the intended effect of attracting more paper money towards the US. Remember, all solutions and guidance come from WITHIN. Use the creative and protective techniques of Remote Influencing in order to remain safe and vibrating at a high level of creative input. And please keep in focus that after each storm Sunshine always pierce through without and within, as a beautiful newly created and higher orbital vibratory quanta of natural peaceful equilibrium for planet Earth and its inhabitants has been prepared for all of us, to be experienced soon, if we invite it in all our hearts with great passion and desire. Happy thoughts for all is the key to great manifestations!

Gerald O’Donnell

Flash: November 14, 2002

If you are in the equity markets, the period starting in November should be positive for the Dow. From the bottom of 7200 that was reached as we predicted in June, the markets might go up and breach the 10,000 mark again and stop before 11,000. A nice move. Take advantage of it to disinvest slowly. The period thereafter shows a choppy and very unstable outlook as the war in Iraq should unfold. Hopefully with little collateral damage to the planet.

Flash: March 31, 2003

That’s it, the genie is out of the bottle! And we seem to use our three wishes for non-salutary short term palliative feel-good goals. Sadly enough, the probable future that we detected since August 2000 has been crystallized and chosen by our Creation. One word can define it it: Fear and the desire to engulf us all in its grip. The uncertainty generated by these indecisive times will rock many old established sociological, economical and even military paradigms taken for granted. Nothing will ever be or remain as before. New inventive solutions will have to arise out of the heart, more than the mind. If you are still in the equity markets, I hope that you can stomach wild swings that will follow carefully the newly established and constantly changing world order. Trading these markets can still be very profitable if you are a seasoned professional, do not enter the fray of day trading and give yourself a trading horizon of overnight positions spanning at least 3-7 days. Old chart trading mixed with highly intuitive signals would be probably the best mix required. We still foresee Gold (physical) as a medium-term secure investment. The trading range for the DJIA will span for now from 7000 up to 11,500. Up and down again. This should make for very profitable opportunities and percentage gains or losses. The real estate market is showing high signs of halting and topping for the medium-term in many regions of the western world. Some downward movement is already present in some areas. There will be first a treacherous period of calm as sellers are not willing to unload speculative real estate investments, followed by a a bit of panic selling. Eventually the bubble will be closed to burst. And, as always when a financial bubble is ready to implodes many will claim, as they recently did when the stock market frenzy was at its highest, “that the market can only go much higher from here on since demand outpaces the offer” These individuals are in total denial of the cyclical and illusory nature of our economies. A stock is just paper. A house is just a dwelling. An office is just a business amenity. They have the value that most are willing to give it at a particular moment in time. Nevertheless they always remain the same paper, dwelling, or office space: the same illusion. We are now in a downward spiral in consciousness, precipitated by the war and the impact of the relentless greed that has permeated all facets of life and decision making. We are going to have to learn and appreciate that lesser material goods make for closer human and family ties and the need for corporations to be run in a human way, if they want to have any chance whatsoever at surviving in the 21st Century. After all, corporate entities are made up of individuals with dreams, responsibilities, family and community ties. And it is high time for the pervasive examples of corporate uncontrolled greed, dishonesty, egotistic and egoistical tendencies that have caused all this oncoming suffering, to be highly repudiated and when need be, harshly punished legally by the system, in order to send the message that this should never ever be allowed again to flourish and enslave so many. We will need to learn again the value of balance at all levels of our lives and shun excesses.

Flash: October 22, 2003

The basic comments made in August 2003 are still valid now. As far as the US markets are concerned, we foresee the Dow in a trading range between 10000-10800 as a high point, and 7000 as low. Quite a percentage change, and one that you should be able to trade if you know how to take advantage of it. Try not to play the pyramiding (called averaging-down by happy brokers) buying scheme when you think that lower support values are reached. Do not listen to interested advice, but to your own inner knowing. If you feel a tat uncomfortable about doing something, know that your Inner Self (the small voice within) is trying to send you a message. For our RV/RI students that voice might have a more resonant qualities and impact. As we have said for years now, gold is in an general upward mode, even though the-powers-to-be-for-a-fleeting-time resist it very strongly so that their illusory paper keeps the mask of value. World events will be somehow chaotic and disconcerting. One cannot dance both against and with the terror paymasters at the same time. The future will teach this, but the lesson might become costly. Also terror needs us to want to play its game in order to embellish its illusory power. Much could be achieved when working silently with the so-called shepherds of some organized religious groups in order to help them get the inner strength to disconnect from a teaching orientation emphasizing hate, separation, and destruction, which has made them the agent of some Higher Disembodied Cronies of similar tendencies, and instead have them bring back the older original teachings of love, respect, and brotherhood of mankind, no matter what belief system many sub-groups of humanity adhere to.

Many are profiteering from these troubled times, and in many ways are almost welcoming them. These will be thoroughly tested and taught many lessons. Some quite harsh. You manifest who you are and what you welcome in your heart. And the idea of benefiting from the immense suffering that these times are starting to project puts the attacker and some of the “accepting victims” on the same sinking ship.

April 2004 calls for a major shift. We will address it as we approach that date.

In any case, for the ones that desire to remain sane amongst all the folly, stay aware, but manifest happiness and remain in joy. Laughter is your best medicine, the best defense and manifesting tool you can have. Remain real caring individuals and know that great happy thoughts are on their way, to be manifested by you and you deep inner Higher Source.

Flash: April 28, 2005

Watch for the tale tell signs of the beginning of a slow downslide of general real estate prices beginning to become apparent around the July-August 2005 period. Ominous signs are already here, but are only manifesting in holding patterns by sellers and “dirty secrets” kept by real estate market professionals. Many large Real Estate Holding companies are already quietly disinvesting all around the globe. Many over-heated housing markets are prime risks and trigger points. Stagflation might become rampant soon, mainly due to artificially over heated oil prices and other basic commodity prices. The oil complex price distortions and their real causes will eventually become the focus of many disgruntled Corporations and individuals and much light will be shed upon a very dark subject matter. Do not expect much legislative or judicial inquiries, at first, as much of the worlds’ Governing bodies and corporate giants are enmeshed together in deceptive schemes of unprecedented proportions. This will eventually, and much later, impact all equity markets. Try to slowly disinvest and have a valid exit strategy. Cash and precious metals might become king soon.

Flash July 13, 20006

Remote Viewing the Probable Future of our Creation.

Flash March 13, 2008

The Gold markets. Predicting its rise, next correction and the rise in dark gold: Petroleum. Mankind at the brink. Please read.

The RI course will teach you, as you have learned to position yourself and operate at the desired deep theta level from having trained with our first course, how to shield yourself from this very unstable era that the new millennium will produce at many levels for the next 50-60 years as unpredictable events will often overwhelm us with rapid frequency. Most of us, at a very deep level of ourselves do sense that major shifts are about to happen. Some decide to go into rational denial. Others are constantly confused and refer to the plethora of old or new self-proclaimed prophets or prophecies in order to try to prepare for the unknown changes.

This RV course and The RI course are, in our humble opinion crucial to all of you. Integrate them well. These are literally survival tools made available for a very important purpose. The unification of man towards his fellow man and towards his womb: nature. The final re-equilibrium of it all within the All That Is.


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