Do not let the Song of Existence Stop!



I don’t expect a ton of concerns or loving feedback in our society gone mad with most of its characters drowning in self-absorption and fake popularity.

True Divine pure Love is now to be found mainly only in the remains of Holy Mother Nature who has been nurturing us unconditionally for eons and cries seeing how stupid and cruel most of us have become.

The Northern Atlantic right whales have just been officially listed today as under immediate threat of total extinction. Does anyone care? Why should we?

Or should we discuss profusely our most ancient or most recent low-level evermore distorted and stupid human created political or religious dogmas/myths which so many have fought for, always ending up in dishing an incredible level of violence and killing to our brothers and sisters and the only cause celebre most are willing to espouse and talk about on their way to self-destruction?

I feel ashamed and pained because I happen to be fully aware of what we could have reached together had we turned away from human or golden idol worshipping!

I knew the plan, and we are so far away from our best path that only the Greatest of Divine miracles could save a part of us, let alone have us thrive. Why are we repeating history over and over again, distractions after distractions, all away from Love?

We still love to hate, and hate to love, and in that we are the exact opposite of the Divine.

That is our greatest failure as man-not-so-kind!

This planet is dying and you with it, and you seem to only care about inanely stupid irrational politics, finding emotional refuge and group strength in man-made degenerated credos or failed human messiahs past or current?

Can you exist on a scorched hellish planet or floating in space? Really?

Have you noticed the rapid warming of the air and oceans? Or are your senses bound by the requirement to be politically correct?

Are you surprised that all kind of plagues are blooming in this dying environment?

Have you bought your ticket to Mars or expect ETs to come and extract you? Good luck with that!

We have very little time left, and I mean few years, and you are sacrificing all future generations on the tabernacle of your selfishness and narrow-mindedness.

You do not truly worship the infinite Love and Supreme Intelligence of the Creator as you are hypocritically claiming to, but truly only worship yourselves!

You claim the Divine right to free-will, but apply it to incredibly irrelevant purposes.

Don’t you see that we are co-Creating our reality within the Creation which the Divine Mother/Father keeps singing and vibrating for us?

If the song stops, this Divine Dream is erased. All of it. Who will remain and complain?

Only the One will, and cry over what could have been but was not.

So absorb this if you can get your head out of the quick sinking sand in which you exist:
The day when the immensely caring co-Creators whales stop singing we shall stop existing.

I will stop posting for a while to try and keep my sanity in a world gone insane.

For additional explanations please read our February 2019 article:


Gerald O’Donnell

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