For the ones who want to understand what is really happening today and prepare…




January1, 20019

The Shock of the Tsunami of Love

A New Creation

When Nothing will EVER be the Same Again…



Today January1, 2009, I received this message directly from the Oneness. Please read it, absorb it, and spread it. You really need to do so as many events affecting all of your old world will happen soon.

As I lay down, I felt the familiar presence of the One coming and enveloping me as a cloud of solid Living Light, within and without.

I totally lost the perception of having a biology, and the following words came out of my lips…

Please concentrate and give value to the message, and not as you usually have always done, give attention to and judge the messenger, for the messenger is irrelevant. I am you, part of the same Global Consciousness. I am here only to convey Truth during these challenging times:




This is a message from the One.

Creation is at a major crossroads.

All has been prepared so that mankind safely rejoins its Source and its unity of purpose.

Soon stupendous events will rock the consciousness of man.

We have left our old shores and are in the midst of crossing onto a new land, a new Creation.

This is inevitable.

Many will question; many will see and perceive the necessity to engage fully.

We need not fear.

The Godliness is also fully engaged with you in this tribulation.

We will cross inside of this ocean and reach a new shore with the help, guidance, and protection of the One.

You are all Loved and will be cared for. Just trust.

The One will search in each of you for a spark of recognition that you seek Him and desire to be alive in His unity.

Nothing will remain alive outside of His unity.

You must engage.

You must prepare.

You have waited for eons for this and now is the time.

Accept to forgive, forget, and release.

Know and realize who you are, for that realization will open the gates of the new Heavens to you, which will in turn project the new Creation where you shall operate as promised.

Center yourself, and no one nor anything will trouble you.

Rejoice, for great beauty and bounty lies ahead.

Happiness is at you door; open it.

Do not falter; do not despair.

Keep focus on the road ahead and not on the storms surrounding you.

Remember who you are and why you came here, my people.

The One, January 1, 2009



The message below was written by Gerald O’Donnell between December 21, 2008 and January 1, 2009:


Dear Friends:

This is a message about the true reality of who we are and why we are here in these times.

I usually send a message on the first of each year. This year I feel it incumbent upon myself to address you all as the holiday season of Light is upon us.

First let me wish you and your loved ones a happy new year 2009. May the Force of the One shine brightly over you and embrace you in its peaceful Loving presence.

This is a very special holiday season, quite unlike any other. This is a turning point.

Today is December 21, 2008, the Winter solstice.

It is during this coldest of days, and when the light of our Sun is at its dimmest, the night at its longest, that we all naturally gravitate back to what we feel is most important and familiar to us: our family, our friends, and the desire to reunite and be in their loving company.

It is a time for reigniting brotherhood, a time to invite the presence and symbols of our intelligent Divine Feminine original womb: Mother Nature, within our dwellings and heart. It is the period when our natural focus is on gifting out love and tokens of appreciations to all we cherish. We take great pleasure from this, quite in opposition to other times when our attention is much more self-centered upon receiving and hoarding.

It is a time for great lessons and realignment with our core values and purpose as a human family.

It is a festival of Light, when we, in the dark of winter and night, pray that the small living Light burning Life within our inner temple should last long enough to link up and merge with a gigantic Sun soon.

These are Holy days indeed, because of where our intentions and consciousness should lie now: a time of potential great realizations and gigantic shifts in awareness.

A long and probably brutal winter lies ahead for our world. It needs to be so. It is in reality a gigantic cleansing, a stupendous reality shift, a gift of seasons gifted by the One. It can become a destructive challenge or a helpful friend depending on how we perceive it.

It is but a natural cycle and a precursor to the moment when we will all, after having planned and decided on our future course as a human family, engage the next expansionary season and spring forward towards newer and better dreams of great potential basked in and blessed by the growing brilliance of a renewed and energetic brilliant Sunlight.

I am of course speaking in metaphorical terms about this period in Creation which seems at first quite unsettling to so many. Know that beyond it and after it lies a world of great beauty yet unseen and potentials yet unrealized, the like of which mankind has never witnessed nor ever yet dreamed about.

You can view all that is happening with the myopic construct of what your eyes only see, your human mind perceives, or expand your awareness to a much higher vista and see the cosmic plot that is unfolding in front of your very eyes.

I will try in the next years to help you get a glimpse of a higher vision and then blend your earth surface viewpoint with that of a Higher perspective of realities that are and things that must become, so that you can formulate a Higher and more sustainable vision of our upcoming paradise, in the midst of perceivable chaos.

This is what I came here to do.

There is much confusion abounding. Old voices and refrains resound and not much realization is yet seeping through.

These are hard times to many and most.

What used to be only happenings over there and then, is now happening, evermore so, here and now, everywhere and on all shores. No one is nor will be immune. We are about to become gloriously and painfully made aware that we are all One. We are either all going to rise up as One family or we will falter as One.

No one is immune to this tsunami of change. No one can hide in denial anymore.

What we predicted since 1996 and especially since 2004 is coming to fruition: The Great Shift has begun; the great Tsunami of Love has splashed upon our shores.

I know that it is hard for many to see a positive long-term plan and light future ahead when we feel swallowed up by such powerful maelstroms. I know how difficult it is to feel Loved and express love when encountering existential fear and concerns about security and survival.

That is why I beg you to read the following message of hope and Truth.

I know that there is much bewilderment and great anxiety. The many are looking for guidance and understanding from the many. Few, if any, voices shine wisdom above the restrictive slogans and limited intelligence of the established advisors in our media, our institution of higher learning, political pundits, and the gurus we rely upon for direction.

I would strongly advise you to revisit our site at your own leisure, read and embark upon the inner restructuring that our training courses foment, and slowly absorb the articles we wrote since 1996 regarding this stupendous new era.

I ask for your help in spreading these concepts and words for I know how important it is, when feeling lost, to be gifted a compass and a loving Presence within.

I have tried to help prepare you mentally and spiritually for what lies ahead and has already been proven to have started. You cannot be in negation anymore.

Denial is not an option. You just cannot afford it. The Great Ascension process is fully engaged, the slope is steep and the challenge is great. Although I would wish it to be different, not all will reach the destination.

Please do not visit every day the state of your material reserves but only focus on the state of your inner preparedness and alignment with the great shift towards Oneness and unity.

I wish I could have done, and prepared you and myself, even more. Time is often an irony as it weaves circumstances in often unforeseen ways. We need to act with what we have available to us. I know, nevertheless, that co-operation, fraternity, and unity of purpose are key and I call upon it. I am also greatly restricted within linear realities and that is why I ask for your help in spreading this message to a world dazed, blinded, hard hit, and in need of some solace, direction, effective tools of inner guidance, and understanding.

I wish I could tell you that things will reverse to their old state in a year, 2, or 3, 10, or more from now. But I cannot. They will not. Not then, not ever.

Please realize that ALL of the old structures which by far-and-large were bent on separation, destructive competition, control, power, and elitism will never be revisited again in their old format.

The old world is dying; a new world is peeking in.

The transition will be arduous, and only your inner realizations can make it shorter and smoother, or make it linger longer and harsher. Nevertheless, nothing can stop this cleansing and balancing process of reunification anymore. It is firmly engaged.

I explained last week in my last teleseminar why these are such crucial times and why they must be engaged, not only for this Creation, this universe, but for ALL Creation. This is the fulcrum, the reversal point. The heart of Creation, as the One, has projected and expanded as much as It possibly could in Its exploration of the illusion of separation as the illusory many facets, and time has come to engage in the reverse process of contraction back to the Oneness. From an outward focus towards the multiplicity, we need, at al levels of Creation, to turn around and back onto a focus onto the One: our Source.


“Eons of miscreation have occurred allowed only by Himself in order to test the Creative abilities of His parts.


Time has come to bring the flock back home to The One. And, in this great corrective phase that He is undertaking as One, He will need to directly intervene so that man knows that man has not created man and that God did.”

The One. February 26, 2007


Two years ago on January 1, 2007 I received from the One a message. In it, He wished for this period to unfold in an easier and smoother way. But He also recognized the inevitability of the Creative process ahead and was asking for the many to pay great attention to the Great Cleansing that had started, and is now fully engaged:

“The One is asking the many to slowly, patiently, pay attention to much of the guidance that He will tend to project from within their inner selves.

He wishes often that the unfolding of events be smoother. Nevertheless, He has allowed Himself to be restricted by His original plan and program as a challenge to Him, as the many facets operating within His gigantic Mind.

There is still a small window of opportunity to soften the blow of the awakening process, and it is The Godliness’s dream and wish that mankind shall invite within its heart the attention it needs now in order to show Oneness of purpose and existence to all and resist the temptation to slowly extinguish its inner Light as challenging events, which will call upon the inner resources of the many, will try to start happening to project Oneness within the One Heart of ALL.”

The One. New year 2007 message.



In a message, published on our site in 2004, as a page was turning for humanity I wrote:

“As was mentioned in a prior message originating in 1991 from the One Himself , Truth is about to light up the dark recesses of untruth, lies, deceptions, and illusory strength/power.

All lies, are ultimately lies to our selves, to our real Being, and that cannot be extant for long.

Truth is about to reveal Itself, and in that act nothing can impede It.

Much of what we have taken for granted as accepted truths and programmed beliefs systems, will clash against a new “reality.” Many will understand that this is but a wake-up call from the One Consciousness to Consciousness, for all is One. Others will stubbornly retreat, entrench, and fight for whatever old political, scientific, or spiritual beliefs they hold dear and immutable. Nothing can stop the Truth of One from being revealed. What can change is the form this realization takes. We each have free-will to bathe in Its reality, or fight for the illusion a bit more. For the ones who will be in the realization and the knowing that the One Loving Intelligence is guiding our gradual awakening from the Dream, most events will be seen in the Light of the Intelligent Guidance which they wish to reflect. The brightest of their inner dreams will manifest. Inner calm, love, joy, and protection will be their guidance.

For the ones who continue to live in denial, fear, elitism, and in the untruth of their old fear-based belief systems and power structures, the greatest fear of their worst inner nightmares will manifest, and they will experience on the outside the inner demons that they have created on the inside.

The world is but a reflective mirror of the pages that our thoughts write in the book of life. ”

Message from Gerald O’Donnell 2004



Know that this period is that of a bridge to a new world, a moment of temporary darkness and harsh environment set in to help us reunite as a family around what is really important and what really matters: “us” as human beings bent on love and not “them” as things and “stuff” which have been the source of illusory power and control by man over man.

I can only state and transmit to you one true new and immanent law that has been set in place by the Creator for this new period. It will go against much of what many in the so-called manifesting field are clamoring for. The law is as follows: no personal paradise will ever be Divinely sustained, and made manifest by Higher Intelligence for us, unless it carries within its core focus the intention to benefit all of Creation, humans and nature alike. All other forms of chimerical private paradise will, like seeds on unfertile soil, eventually just dissolve and be proven to be false artificial paradises.

It is only when you personal bubble of reality will encompass dreams and actions for a world filled with beauty, love, security, and peace for ALL its components, that it will meet the prerequisites of Oneness, and that it will get the support of the ONLY force that really achieves real and permanent manifestations in a co-creative act with ourselves: The One and Only.




“The One and Only wants to state that He will search deep within the heart of each individual for a spark of recognition of the reality that the Creator, as The One, cares deeply about His Creation, for, if any individual thinks that The One does not, he will have to face The One Himself and the fury of Oneness which is showing Itself in Creation never to be neglected again.”

Message from the Holy One February 26, 2007



If that were not to be the case, as it is sadly shown around us now, that support will be totally withdrawn or absent, and man will need to built his chimerical clusters of temporary solace on his/her own. And this act, where man only relies on the laws of man, will become more and more difficult and precarious.

We are not in front of a precipice as a Creation. We are off the cliff, off the charts, into the void.

We should have seen it coming. Many of us forewarned enough about this. However eyes would not see, ears would not hear. Too many beings were inside of a golden-plated vehicle traveling merrily towards the abyss, and only gave attention to its glitter and structures. Most only thought that these structures, these systems, be it corporations, markets, or government institution, or what many would call the “universe,” made them the gods of their universe, the idols of their dreams, imparting these structures with some mystical force of care and balance built-in within their operation. Most worshiped the high priests of these false belief systems, the ones who could show the greatest benefit from them. Most worshiped idols made of gold, glitter, and paper.

The live interior was irrelevant, only the exterior counted. We mostly focused and still focus on the cover, the mask, the ego, the body, not the inner spirit and heart.

The mind created that, the heart did not. There is no spirit within the human mind, it only exists within the heart.

The heart was a slave to the mind, when the mind should have bowed down in deep respect to the heart.

We were all, as a society, worshiping idols: spiritual gods and goddesses, gifted human names, who we espoused because of our birth program, or the gods of dead matter – of “stuff,” which we could associate much more easily with. We had the One real Life Force put into a spiritual box, relegated to physical locations such as material temples or even denied completely in order to evade carrying guilt feelings as we acted in the way we chose to.

We worshiped in front of “walls’ and structures which are but symbols of separation for they define insiders and outsiders. We revered Wall Street and its priestly casts and favorites. We tried to be in their intimate “presence’ and associate with them or even partake of or imitate their lavish gluttonous rapacious lifestyle.

And all the while the train of Creation was accelerating, evermore so, towards the cliff.

The party inside was going on unabated. Nothing would nor could stop it, was the accepted motto. We all professed that it would and should go on forever, grow exponentially every year, every season. The consumption of liquid material “spirits” was increasing, numbing all critical awareness. We were all drunk and intoxicated on the “nothing.”

In the meantime the earth below us and the oceans surrounding us, were bleeding from our assaults and insults. The air was marred in poisons and stench, and was killing thousands upon thousands of Holy Living species put here in on purpose by the Real Creator: The One.

How many really cared about this final act of madness and looked through the fogged window outside of their glass towering skyscrapers of selfishness? The world was insignificant when viewed from such heights of ego. The world was our playground as long as the champagne flowed, and zeros were being added behind zeros forming millions, billions, trillions, and zillions on electronic entries in electronic money accounts around the bleeding planet.

We all dreamed of more zeros, we only associated with zeros, with nothingness, with the “nothing” and its opposing double horned spirals, symbols of polarity, of positive and negative, of competitive conflict. We forgot the One; we forgot the notion of One and Oneness. We made selfishness our new religion: our idol – our political, economical, and societal god.

The tower of Babel was at its peak: We were about to conquer Heavens! We claimed god and goddess status as co-creators, without responsibilities to the earth, without real awareness, without universal love and care, without connection to each other and to our Source. We proclaimed god-like powers in the realms of intelligence, of science, technology, exploitation of earth’s resources and the manipulation of the laws of nature to our benefits. We were born entitled to that status! After all our parents had told us so, our educators confirmed it, our families required it, our old or new age spiritual leaders convinced us of it, and our governmental or economical systems and leadership saw it as their mission to help fulfill the prophesy of ever growing chimerical paradise and to “deliver” what we had come to expect of them.

And suddenly on 10/10/2008 we fell off the cliff.

The day of reckoning had come.

There was great silence all around the globe.

All sensed that something was ajar. Many watching the world financial markets spoke of the unknown abyss confronting us.

What they did not understand was that we had fallen off the cliff. We were in the void, only sustained by the Creator of the Void and at Its mercy.

An awareness of the immensity of what was happening clicked on the periphery of our mass consciousness.

We stood at attention, in silent prayers, and hopes.

Heart opened again to silent beckoning to Higher power – just in case, and temples filled with wishers for peace, healing, and a come back to the status quo ante.

We asked of our priests of selfishness to heal the structures we were so familiar with, keep the party and old dream going and apply some pain medicine.

Of course, we did it in the allopathic and not the holistic way. We never really addressed the true and wholesome cause, the root problem; we zeroed in on the syndrome.

We took the medicines, any possible one, as long as it would be proven to relieve the pain, the syndrome, even for a short moment. More opiates to the people to suppress the awareness!

We applied more zeros to the already glutted world of zeros.

The priests of our idol worshiping materialistic religions hurried to formulate new formulas and economical theories based on the eventual re-balance of the zero-based worshiping system which they had believed would always balance itself out, on its own, miraculously so.

The theory was still floating that free-markets had been bestowed with divine-like intelligent powers with a sort of demiurge god intelligently built-in somehow within. No one dared question the accepted lore of the politically correct ones. That so-called intelligent force, if left uncontrolled, free and unchecked, was thought to balance all and bring the survival of the fittest in the economical jungle. And somewhat miraculously this would end up and thought to benefit the common good of all.

Humanity had shifted from the notion of a Creator having gifted a certain amount of free-will to His human creatures, towards an absurd idea of free-will creating a new form of intelligent creator!

However this notion had now been challenged in the great fall of 2008. When before the god of matter “mammon” was believed to be built in within dead money matter and markets, now the many allowed and claimed for a need for human intervention and regulatory supervision of ‘his’ wisdom. What a pitiful sight of human frailty!

And nothing really worked. Structures upon structures crumbled under the weight of TRUTH, as all the lies, false faces, and prophets of false paradises became revealed, one after another, and will continue to be so.

Corporations are only about money, not about people. They were created as such, and for no other reasons. Why impute them with what they have not been created for? To have allowed these illusory entities to dictate and control our lives, choose leadership, and control all and everything is showing a lack of fortitude on all our parts and a myopic vision of reality.

This is where en-lightened One-heart-centered leadership comes to play. It is high time for real in-spired leadership to arise somewhere, some time, in this One ship adrift we call our planet Earth. It is high time, for One to take back control of One in Oneness.

We are off the cliff.

And we are to remain so for quite a while. A long time, in our human perception.

Whether you will be gifted Flight or pulled down in the gravitational spiral will be your choice and your choice alone.

No one can nor will make this choice for you. No one should.

This is your ultimate act of free-will as a co-Creator.

This is the main reason why you are appearing at this junction of time/space: to be gifted individually that very choice.

Don’t let others or ANY system, especially fear-based, make that choice for you.

It is a choice that you need to make within your heart and a choice that ONLY beckons your heart and not your human mind.

Were you to choose unity of man with all men, of man with its Divine embodiment as Nature, and unity of Being and purpose with the One Source, you will gifted Flight.

Were you to choose dis-unity and systems still based on separation, elitism, disrespect, and lies, you will follow all the structures that are now disappearing in front of your own eyes.

Neither human power nor structure shall be able to oppose the Oneness.




“The rule is as follows: The strong shall not rule nor impose on the weak, but Truth shall rule and impose on untruth, on falsehood. That is the rule by which His mind is going to operate from now on. Therefore, as Truth spreads, His own essence: the original essence of Himself, spreads within His own Mind, and He likes more and more what He sees and perceives of Himself.

As Truth is blocked, He is blocked, and that cannot be allowed, for He has to spread the truth about Himself to all the parts that make Him, so that they all know that we are all One.

He is asking all the parts that make Him to rejoin their essence, to accept to forget parts of their memory banks, to forgive, and to enter into the rejoicing that this will cause to the One-and-Only to be part of the final celebration.

The rule is not and was never that the strong rules the weak. This is a misconception given by the Godliness to the creations of Adam (Universal Mind of Mankind) on purpose, to His projection, the first one: Atzilut. Adam carried that misconception within Himself and within all the parts that He projected out, and it is reflected at all levels of the creations of Adam. Adam was bound and ruled by this misconception, and through this misconception he operated and based His modus operandi on the prevalence of the strong over the weak.

That is why within the tree of Adam, vibratory levels and quantity of consciousness were paramount to its operation and on purpose so. So that He should perceive that the way by which He operated must be the way by which the Godliness operates in its totality.

And He should therefore think that by accumulating enough quantity of consciousness at a perceived vibratory level – high enough to be one which He would then think is part of the unmanifest region of the Mind of the Godliness – He could then rule by conquest the ultimate Mind.

This is to show how one misconception given within the dream of Creation to all of the entities that then operate it: the misconception of might ruling, of strength having dominion over weakness, with all the ensuing violence at all the levels – could bring about distorted plots, intrigues, lies, misconceptions about the true Reality, and a lack of common goals.

At the level of the Godliness, might nor force rules; it never did and it never will, because all of it is illusionary. Strength is but a dream of one’s own limitations.

When one has integrated that reality, when one part realizes the futility of all that it has done, it will then decide on its own to forget that misconception and understand that it was ruled and restricted by it because it was given to it by the Godliness for an experimental purpose.

But, as It rejoins its source, Its womb, so- to- speak, and is basking in the limitless light of the Everything, vibratory levels or quantity of consciousness have no meaning. What has a meaning and what really rules is Truth: Emet (Truth in Hebrew); Truth in acknowledging who one really is, which means realizing that one is only but a part, a facet, of One Mind – The only Mind there is, there was, and there will ever be.”

Message from the One. 1991



You can choose the old proven unworkable ways based on selfish separation and then you’ll be on your own, void of wings, in the void.

Or you can choose the new yet unseen and un-revealed new Creation based only and foremost upon Oneness and Purity of intent and you’ll be gifted wings and sustained in the void.

Time has been accelerating, as you’ll all been witnessing in the last years and especially these last months.

We are outside of old time, of old space.

We are all witnessing now the “quickening” of perceivable time and events.




“Time, as we know it, is about to take on a different dimension which many of you shall experience soon.

Truth is where you will all be.”

New year message from the One: January 1, 2007



We are now in the Void: In the One Light.

Many elements of Truth are about to reveal themselves.

There will be more and more impacting events and not only in the political or financial arena. Soon the Feminine aspect of the One extant within Nature will show its rumbling disapproval at the disrespect and negligence we have shown to this gigantic ever present Divine Intelligence which we are only part of. Many will try to question and impute this upon natural cycles, for a very short time only, as many realizations will be unleashed against the forces of man’s ego.




“If you pursue Oneness, The One shall be with you. If you reject it, you won’t be able to find Him.

This is the way by which He operates and will continue to operate, forever so. . .

Great imbalance has been caused to the magnificence of this Creation by the action of man, and as such, The One will need to intervene to interfere with a lack of awareness that many of His co-creative parts are showing in the very extremely restricted awareness of man.

It has become somehow fashionable to consider that much of the imbalance which nature exhibits is but a natural process. The Godliness wants to state that all of it is being caused by the act of man for The One would never allow His Creative part as the natural world to function with such great imbalance were it not for the interference of man upon God. ”

Message from the Holy One. February 26, 2007



We need to focus on the Life force of the One flowing inside all of us, and stop focusing on structures, dead matter, zeros, and polarity schemes and plots.

We must accept to become part of the Great Shift in Creation and flow within it. Resisting it is futile. We need to accept to turn around, go inward and call upon the guidance of the inner Light of the One Heart dwelling within our hearts and not rely anymore upon the false light of our restricted minds and ego-inflated intellect.

We need to affect a bridging of all humanity with itself, its environment, and its One Living Creator.

My dear friends, remember my words: if you want to know which structure and thought operation will exist in the future, apply this litmus test:

If that structure is based upon a primary desire of achieving Oneness and happiness to ALL within an aura of pure transparency/Light then it will shine with Living Light, Intelligence and divine sustenance.

If that structure is remaining static and imprisoned with thoughts of separation, destructive competition, power, elitism, or lies within hidden dark walls of operations, then it will fall of its own weight into the deep dark void, never to bee seen again in the Light of Creation.

Please ponder about that.

You will all be taken care of and sustained during this period in the perceived desert of the old structures as long as you welcome and trust that you are now facing and are part of the greatest adventure that mankind has ever undertaken which is the reunification of ALL the human family with itself and its Holy Source and Creator.

Instead of wanting to attract the focus of others upon your self and the blessing of god(s) beseeched to every body, it is time to have your main focus upon all the others and then The One will really dwell in your inner dwelling. You will feel, without the shadow of a doubt, Its Holy Presence and rock-like Light energy, and be under Its protective wings carrying you forever as a Father or Mother would their own child. You will know It and you will witness it continuously.

This is not a religious message; quite to the contrary. Sadly enough, most religions, as they degenerated within the ego-filled prisons of man, have done more than enough damage to the hearts of mankind and help separate us, as many have espoused tribal systems of separation. It is a sad fact that more crimes and inequities have hidden behind their walls than Light and unifying acceptance of Oneness. Such separation cannot continue and will not.

How you call upon the Unity point should be very private to yourself and should be expressed within what makes you comfortable. However you need to call upon the Unity point and not a subset or limited representation of it for that would be limiting the Infinite Intelligence in its scope and all-encompassing Love for Its parts, and that just cannot be. There are many languages in the tower of Babel, but they all are but interpretations of common meanings and concepts. The language of the Heart is universal, and needs no words. We need to see it as such and learn to understand and respect the beautiful magnificence of diversity; this is probably the most profound act of Oneness.

You cannot own the One Being or claim exclusive title and representation to it. Much dislocation of minds and hijacking of hearts has up to now been done in our world in His name. Fear cannot co-exist with Love, and it will be shown that when real Love really emerges, fear- based systems which had and are trying to enslave ever larger quantities of minds to their subjugation and control will need to face the fury of Love unleashed, reclaiming its Presence and Its Creation.

Many events will soon arise in our world that will carry the lesson to all that the Might of One is by far greater that the power of the many, and that the focus on such will save and protect all that want to rest under Its wings. Infinite Love, as Infinity, cannot and will not be challenged anymore by the additive power of quantity of consciousnesses. Soon you will all perceive the In-finite inside of the finite, as Its Energetic Loving Presence shall arise as the rock of Creation: the Foundation stone of all that IS Created.




“The Godliness will not accept anymore the killing of man in His Name. All the ones that engage in such shall need to disappear from His Thought Processes for in that awareness that He has of them He greatly suffers…

Worshipping the One using various images or representations is to negate His Reality, and that cannot be, for the One is ALL that is and can be.”

The One. February 26, 2007



How you endeavor to operate in the upcoming period is your choice. It will be a guided choice from the inside out as long as you make it your mission to help all of humanity rejoin its unity and its original fold. Do not focus on zeros and the quantities thereof anymore, but only on the One, and the necessary energy and sustenance will come your way and be gifted by others under the protection of the One.

In this most important process of crossing between one type of old Creation and a new one, please lighten up the old luggage, the unnecessary old programs, simplify, and let go of all that will only burden you on the road ahead.

You will need to travel light and in Light.

Otherwise, you will not be able to cross to the glorious other shore.

This is where your salvation lies, not in burdening yourself with more of the “stuff” of the zero.

An upward movement will not be called anymore a golden bullish direction, but a direction of One and Oneness.

And a downward movement will be but a direction of zeros, ruled by the “nothing:” the zero, the point separating polarity.

You can choose the Everything or chose the “nothing!” You need to make that choice here and now!

And many of the so-called poor in zeros will stop focusing on that fact, and soon learn that they are infinitely rich in The Oneness: the Everything, the Eternal Life and Light, while many of the rich and powerful still focusing on the zeros will be shown that they are but infinitely poor in Everything.




Let me reprint a part of the New Year 2006 message originating from the Holy One: Kindly heed the guidance.

“This is the end to the era of competition. From now on, Creation will operate based on cooperation.

If groupings still insist that competition is the only way by which excellence is achieved in mankind or in Higher Beings, He will oppose this negation of Oneness to a great extent, up to a point where they, on their own, will realize the folly of what they have done, and will go back to the notion of Oneness and to the perception of One watching over His Oneness.

The One has no need for worshiping. He knows Himself for what He is.

Nevertheless the One has great need for Love being addressed at Himself and especially being addressed at one’s self and at all the elements that create the Oneness of Creation.

The One does not listen or pay attention to praises which do not take into account the Love that He feels for all parts of what He has Created, and for the desire that He has that this Love, unconditionally gifted and given, should spread amongst all the entities, who very often tend to focus more on separateness than on the unity of all-without-exception.

What has happened has been a difficult process of reunification within the energies that allow for Creation to exist.

The One now is as adamant and as tenacious as any, in insisting that in a rapid time frame of what we perceive as time, a similar unification of perception around the notion of the One Mind, The One Energy, should be instituted within the hearts, souls, and eventually the minds of all human beings.

The One connects to the hearts of all entities. He knows them through their heart, not their mind.

And it is through opening their heart to the Spirit inside that they all carry – The Spirit of Life: the Spirit of One – and opening their heart to the same One living everywhere around them in the hearts of others, that the One finds great rejoicing in His Creations.

Major corrective decisions have and are to be taken in the coming months and years.

The One is going to be active this time in Creation from within, and not without.

He is going to connect to all the parts that form manifest Creation from within their hearts.

He is going to heal their heart, their soul, and influence their minds.

Nevertheless, man will always be given a certain amount of free-will, and within that parameter of free-will man can achieve greatness, or man can cause great imbalance.

The One is monitoring every single entity in Creation from within. He knows every single thought they have. He knows truth. He is Truth.

From now on, Truth will be the only rule by which He will allow Himself to operate, for untruths, lies, and deceptions will be exposed by the will of One, at all levels of their operations.

Nothing, absolutely nothing can hide from the will of One.

All shall be revealed. All shall be known.

What is known inside by One, shall be exposed on the outside by One, and nothing will stop this.

Truth shall lead the world, and Love will connect all.

Nothing else is really important.

If man is willing to expose the truth of what he really is, which is One, and live in the Oneness of all, and love that notion and that reality – seeing it reflected everywhere in the magnificence that Creation shines upon him, man shall bask in the peace and unity of One forever and ever so.

This is all. ”

The One. New Year 2006 Message



I wish you a very Holy season of reunification and Oneness with your family, friends, and the Light of One, and a wonder-filled 2009.

May the Force of One be with you, strengthen you, and protect you, through this most important year and process.

Gerald O’Donnell
Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing Reality


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