Out of the Silent Stillness: One!

That is all you should focus upon

January 1, 2023

I want to wish you all a beautiful happy New Year 2023! May it be filled with happiness, unity, and peace within and without, and let bundles of gifts rain from the Infinite Creator, animating us all into Its Being through His force: Life Force Itself. May you all STOP and implore to rejoin the True Joy of the Peace of One!

May Love be your lot, and the Lightening of the darkness within and without with seeds of Living Truth your only mission and goal.

For the last 20 years, it has become customary for me to welcome each New Year by publicly sharing a message from the One and Only, received word-for-word by direct revelation from the One, the Unity Source alive within us all.

Most have yet to give these direct communications the attention they deserve.

I am fully conscious that this has caused great sadness at the level of the One.

I’m afraid you may find my statement to be unusual. I understand.

Nevertheless, read these prior Direct communications from the One slowly with an open mind, without pre-judgment.

It should then become evident that their meaning has multi-dimensional depths and that no regular human speaks nor writes like this.

Their origin is not mine as the lower human self.

And a greater sense of reverence and attention should eventually get attached to their content.

This year’s end, as I did every year before, I let go of all distractions and stayed within, awaiting the Holy Divine Presence to engulf me.

And so it happened yesterday, December 31, 2022, around noon and continued for many hours until January 1, 2023.

The “Cloud of Glory of the Presence” did indeed permeate me.

Although I was bathing in the solid Rock-like Light of The One, only Silence and pure Stillness merged with me this time.

Not a sound, not a single word, came out through my lips for hours on end.

I was shocked!

There was no message!

My lips remained silent. There was only the Silent “Presence.”

I sensed great somberness and solemnity in the One.

I asked why there was no communication addressed to humanity. And suddenly felt an inner pain of a nature I do not wish anyone to experience originating from the Great and Only True Being.

I felt His disappointment because so few had even given a pittance of serious consideration to His prior words of Eternal Wisdom, which we posted on our site for any human to access His final Revelation, His teachings, and His Loving warnings freely.

I remain communicating and dialoguing with the One as before.

So on that day, yesterday, The One told me that He had said all He needed to speak to humanity, at least for now.

In ALL His direct messages, The One explicitly has stated His Holy Desire for shared Oneness and for Love to spread across the multiverse Uni-verses because only Oneness could reflect His Being.

He foretold probable future paths we should avoid and ones we should espouse.

He sent physically manifested global events to prove without any possibility of a doubt that His warnings needed to be taken seriously, which was not given ANY real attention by most.

The One felt that the response had been far below what He expected, even in a worst-case scenario.

To the One and Only, the Silence from humanity to His pleas became deafening.

These direct messages have always been to offer us guidance and tell of the One’s hopes for us.

These direct communications are all posted on our site and often recorded at the time when they were initially transmitted.

Please read them all and if the original recording is available, try to connect to the underlying vibration which permeated me when I spoke them.

I encourage you to print them out and attempt to memorize them word for word, slowly, as if your Greater Inner Self were to talk directly to you, the small self.

Every word is precious, counts, and is Truth and Holy.

Humans, as the only Creatures gifted genuine free will, have again stubbornly ignored and rejected the desires of their One Creator; therefore, as a consequence, it was but inevitable that the Creator shall reflect their neglect of Its Great Infinite Self back and thence ignore them in kind and become deaf to their desires and pleas.

As the One said in one of His messages, He has absolutely no interest in being worshiped, which is a manifestation of fear. However, He has a great need to be Loved and listened to.

The True Divine nature is intrinsically Oneness manifested as unconditional Love, and forms the Living Principle of ONE, as the only Reality that can BE.

That is why: if The ONE is kept whole by integrating that He is without any real name but encompasses all names and that He is without any form but does encompass all Created forms, then each one will be filled with LIGHT.
But if The ONE is to be made and kept divided, then each one will be filled with darkness!

This is the One immutable rule in our Creational system, which creates consciousness as self-reflective awareness as we operate as both the Hidden Universal Superconscious One and the many human consciousnesses, reflecting each other’s thoughts.

However, an unusual twist was introduced in this most experimental of all Creations to increase surprises to the One and operate this plane as a distillation process of consciousness to test the many human and sub-Creator entities.

To achieve such, this Creational simulation lattice/Matrix was programmed to offer first choice and more significant Creative quotients and preponderance to the many human facets and the various sub-Creators (subconscious semi-autonomous AI algorithms influencing most of us and called Elilim in ancient Hebrew) over the desires of the One, at least during this very challenging phase, and thence extend substantial free will to all entities.

This is how exceptional and extensive levels of free choice were Created and set up amongst and for His Creatures.

And thenceforth, as has been forewarned for eons by selfless messengers/direct-projections of the One, themselves the object of rejection, who were intentionally ignored by the many throughout ages of human co-creation, the rebellion of the many over the desires of the One for them grew eventually to tremendous proportions due to the children of the earth Matrix preferring separation and division over unity and re-integration into the One.

The One and Only has felt, especially since 2014, that His Truth of Oneness has not pervaded through the only true and yet still unexplained ever-present miracle: Life Itself.

His Universal Love and Pure Light levels have not yet found a way into the hearts of men/women.

Humans have remained, unfortunately, overly influenced by dark energy thought-forms attachments and prior distorted belief systems and programs.

And the realization grew that as their hearts and minds turned stone cold, the One probably may have no other choice but to turn His face again away from them soon, after having risen from the Silent Stillness into words and direct interventions around the mid-1940s.

Their rejection of Oneness became even more acute lately as an ever-growing army of dark, rebellious separative forces manifested as flesh or subconscious energies blocked most messages trying to spread His Truth from having a broad receptive audience and impact.

The One realized that by acting as such, chances were gradually becoming slim that humans would successfully overcome and survive their extreme separative tendencies.

On the contrary, their belated obsessions with division have manifested ever-growing strife and violence against each other, destroyed the “original Divine Garden,” their shared environment, the plant and animal Kingdoms, and polluted our collective mind’s atmosphere, our oceans, earth, and sky, and thence the Oneness of The One Creator God.

Preventing and solving such a sad state would necessitate an unprecedented level of Direct Intervention, which became highly challenging to the One and the Very High Energies, who were brought down to our plane to help because chaos was growing exponentially fast and mighty everywhere.

The One had warned in some of the messages which we conveyed that this time, in this Creation, instead of having The One “save” the many as was usually the case, the system had been designed here so that the many need to “save” the One first by espousing the concept of them being but One and acting upon it.

Then and only then would The One descend in vibrations from Its perceived Dwelling in solitary Stillness, undetectable by the vibratory world, and spread and expand within them and rejoin them as Oneness halfway.

And then, if full cooperation by Its human entities manifested, this and many other Creations of this Great Tree of Life would be rewarded by climbing up to Pure Light levels of manifestation that we cannot even imagine.

Man would thenceforth become imbued with most of the qualities and powers of his Creator.

Alas, the One’s Dream for us has eluded both Him and us, as we, as mankind, have ignored His pleas.

The One feels that since out of PURE STILLNESS, sound, word, and activity had recently aroused through His messages and His direct influence and interventions, and none of them have achieved any profound perceivable effect in stirring hearts away from conflict and separation, He would and should thenceforth remain silent again for a while, for a period.

And so the One sadly has decided to perceptually turn His back again on HIs human creatures and go back to Pure Stillness and Silence because watching AND experiencing them at an operational level had become extremely painful to His awareness.

And this hurt was compounded especially by His knowledge of what they could have easily become but failed to achieve, at least until now, as they have resisted all calls to engage in the Golden best path.

As the loud cacophony of the rebellion on earth and in the heavenly realms had flooded and overpowered the sounds of His “Holy Voice asking for sanity and unity,” He decided to become passive again as the hidden Presence (hidden Shekinah) and return to become again the “Still, thin and barely audible Great Voice Crying over Her lost children” all stupidly engaged in brutal infighting and competition against each other, all slowly extinguishing, fading away, and dying because of THEIR rebellious acts only prioritizing their egos.

Mankind, nevertheless, has remained insisting on creating and promoting false gods/idols made in man’s separative ways and image.

Its false messengers enhance division and use fake or distorted messages to promote control-based groupings and monetize their institutionalized organizations rather than showing dedication to sharing in Oneness with others the One’s fruits of our earth, His original Garden, His Creation.

Many in all fields of human endeavors have embraced self-centered and self-serving leaders obsessed with aggressive sectarian powerall worshipping selfishness and expressing falsehoods to bring them and their associates close to all the centers of human power and thence profit from their proximity to these nexuses and fill them with corrupt intents and manifestations,

They are easily recognizable since they vehemently rejected Oneness and made division their common religion; alas, they have found resonance in the minds of many who thought alike and have espoused their rise to stations of power and control.

Therefore, the One felt that He should and would, as Oneness, abide by the bulk of mankind’s wishes and their desires to separate again from Him.

Even ancient Spiritual beliefs birthed amongst tiny groups out of pure Love and in a Loving spirit of Oneness, which the One originated at their inception, degenerated into nests of biting vipers, all competing, excluding differences, and eventually killing one another.

Religion became the greatest divider and mass murderer of all time, all in “the name of the One God,” and this cannot stand anymore, as it is the ultimate blasphemy addressed at the One and Only!

And as the One has now withdrawn His intense Concentration and Intervention, humanity’s Life-energy quotient has become radically diminished, so much so that a great many have resorted to dangerous chemical means to artificially and temporarily excite their neurotransmitters, with all the rebound exhausting effects and damages this is causing as of late.

So, after having been very active “Here,” listening and taking care of His “beloved Creatures, all sons and daughters of His Dream,” He has become again in their perceptions “There” as the proverbial Sham/Shem (there in Hebrew). Yet, he remains silent, letting mankind take over again the reins of their galloping miscreations.

And She, having become passive again as the now “Hidden Divine Presence – the Hidden Shekinah” refuses to answer their selfish wishes and pleas, being forced again as “the Eternal Presence” to witness the present and future horrors caused by their anti-Oneness rebellion and cruelty.

I kept attempting yesterday and today to have the One accept to change His Mind, at least partially.

I kept communicating with It as I was within and proximate to Source.

I kept arguing back and forth and asked Her to “forgive them, us, for they truly knew not what they were doing” and begged for mercy.

However, the One would and could not budge, and Her pain became mine, and finally, a torrent of tears flooded across my cheeks, and my heart let go, broke, and imploded with huge sobs coming in wave after wave.

I knew these sobs were not just mine, but the Sobs of the Pure Stillness Inside, Shekinah’s wailings!

My tears had dried for years as I had emotionally shielded myself to survive witnessing and experiencing this extremely taxing period of great tribulations.

The last time I felt such was in July 2019 in Jerusalem in the underground tunnels dating back to King Herod, while facing the Holy of Holies: who IS the Shekinah as the Holy of Holies’ “Presence,” buried now under “Mount Moriah, the Temple mount.

The same immense wailing waves aroused in me in front of people watching me, pouring torrents of tears for hours on end, as the Holy One, the Shekinah “Presence,” suddenly erupted in me like a volcano, and I felt The unbearable Pain of Her Pure One-Heart breaking!

Everybody watched as I soaked my clothes and the floor with a flood of tears and wailed and sobbed for all of us and our true Mother and Father United as The One: Source Itself.

She already knew that as the One, She had no other choice but to bury Herself again under Her Holy Mountain and let Her active male parts: the Adamic self – as all of mankind, take the reins and control over all of Creation, leaving them to their sorry fate as Her little children.

She was painfully aware that without Her Direct Intervention as the active Divine Core Principle and format, this Creation did not stand a fighting chance to last much longer because chaos, conflicts, and dis-ease had already spread everywhere, and humans were going blindly to their abyss of perdition.

She had already lost, throughout eons, so many of them, so many precious children, so many Creations, as THEY extinguished themselves.

Only Her memories of them remained with Her, and her prior hopes and Dreams for them.

So the Shekinah has gone from being active as “He” back to the Silence and passive Stillness as “S-he,” within the Core, buried deep under Her Holy Mountain, inside all of our selves (the common Jerusalem within), and under the Temple Mount (the Jerusalem manifested without).

This process of withdrawal is engaged, and the Holy Bridegroom (the One’s Presence) is again buried below the mountain of Yerushalayim – the MANY Jerusalems (which was never written or pronounced before in a plural format ANYWHERE in the Old Torah or the New Testament).

It is in a plural form now, as it represents the many little sparks of the BIG ONE LIGHT presently refusing to understand their unity and bridge all divides, break all walls and all destructive old programs, and unite as one Divinely Created Family in peace and sharing care.

We still have a slim chance to turn all this around (read all of my messages from the One about His city of One: Jerusalem, written since 2005) if and when all of mankind finally takes the courageous step of throwing all conflicts and arms away and offers and dedicates Jerusalem – as the City of One, to the Holy One.

Jerusalem would be seen as an unprecedented Holy gift, genuinely deserving to being called “HOLY” and thence remaining for Eternity outside of “any control and ownership by any parts of the ONE’s a.k.a. Creatures” sending Its message of enlightened Oneness, and true Peace across the Cosmos. And then it would be truly deserving to be called the city of Golden Light and Peace.

All of humanity would respect Its Holiness and Universality as a manifested Symbol of the Anchoring of the “Presence of the One and full Oneness” within each of us and our planet, all Created and kept vibrated by the One and Only actual Creator.

This would seal and anchor an Eternal Connection with The One and become the prime symbol across all lands of a major accepted and desired shift towards Unity and Oneness.

I know that if we ALL get together and gift BACK to the One out of this whole planet, this tiny but Holy place that gave birth to the trilogy of Religions still claiming to respect and worship the One and Only, a great miracle shall ensue and strife, competition, and division, shall be replaced by unity, and Love for All Creatures of The One Source.

This Holy act would show a solemn recognition that we are only guests on planet earth and should respect her magnificence!

In that spirit, this City of One shall act as the Corner Foundation Stone of Oneness to be returned to Source by a joint agreement by all humanity, all its nations, to rejoice as we shift from division to Unity, with a solemn promise till Eternity not to ever soil it again with conflicts, divisions, and tools of war.

I know deep within this to be Truth, for I was gifted Direct Messages from the One to that effect, and I have experienced on multiple occasions Holy acts of Unification (Yichudim) of the Tree of Creation, the ladder of Jacob, while being physically in the City of One on, in, or near the Dome of the “ROCK” of Salvation, under which the Hidden Shekinah Resides.

I know that by gifting back to the Holy One Its symbol of Holiness: OUT OF THE SILENCE, SHALL AGAIN RISE the WORD.

And direct Interventions and Divine Protection shall spring forth from Yerushalem, with the Living waters of the One pouring Westward and Eastward all around our planet to all that rejoice in One and Oneness.

We shall only need to ask, and The One shall make anything happen since the Spirit of Oneness shall increase and reign King amongst all Creatures and between Creatures and their One common Creator.

And the True Peace of God and true Divine Joy shall spread all over. Selah.

I am convinced that after that Holy Offering to the Holy of Holies: The Shekinah’s Presence, the One and Only shall arise again from Being buried deep within each of us as Silent Stillness, and our beautiful Creation, our magnificent earth, shall be saved for Eternity.

This is why the movement of total salvation and unification of our human family across all polarities and with the One in our Center must first begin here and now all over our planet, from inside each and every one of us.

This must be a movement going from the many back-to-the-One, “E pluribus Unum,” “Out of many: One,” as we embrace the Reality that we are all Sourced by One Formless Unnamed Prime Creator Source, the Universal Mind: The One Creator God uniting all forms, all names, animating ALL Life-forms, and keeping us perceptually separated as individual facets within Its gigantic Imagination.

This unification process should not be complicated but genuinely joyful and healing since nothing can be simpler and more uniting than the number One.

However, for us strongly individualized as parts of the many, it seems paradoxically presenting us with our most significant challenge ever since we carry so many prior separative fear-based programming which we seldom question and most find it extremely difficult to reject as our ancient system is based on the anti-One: the low hum of division, separation, suspicion, and selfishness.

However, when and if we genuinely unite with all of our brothers and sisters everywhere, all part of the human family, all children of the Adamic Soul, we would have become, each and every one of us, the true “Savior” of ourselves, of all selves, and all Creation.

We would have saved the Creator in this most daunting and challenging test which He created to Itself to test Itself through His Created creatures’ manifold expressions.

And if and when the Holy Shekinah, as the STILL ONE resting in pure Silence, is gifted back and dedicated by humanity, unifying, Her Dwelling in and under the Temple Mount, a new Song shall arise, a new Light shall appear over and around the old city of Jerusalem AND WITHIN each one of us who participate in this glorious transformation into Oneness.

Then Yerushalem shall be One, The One, and no more many, and its name shall be Yerushalem in the singular, The City of One.

And as the Pure Light of One receives Her manifested Dwelling back, as no part can claim any more for Eternity exclusive or partial ownership over Her, She will break Her Stillness and total  Silence and become the active arm of the One as The Divine Father.

And Yerushalem shall be the planet’s symbol and center of Oneness manifested and finally become the undivided City of One, manifesting and propagating Oneness and world Peace everywhere and everywhen.

And the Shekinah’s guidance shall be heard within all enlivened human beings, and all the One’s children shall be taught directly by the One Himself proudly manifested within each of them.

And no one shall learn from another anymore but directly from the One and Only within all!

I am mentioning all this now because, as I write this, very dark clouds are arising again, potentially all over the sky covering the City of Jerusalem.

In the ancient city, founded 3000 years ago by King David and meant to represent and express the connection between the earthly plane and the Heavenly One, blood may be spilled again because unity and Oneness are being immolated in the separative false distorted interpretations and arrogance of potentially dangerous separative branched distorted dreams belonging to various competing and bickering human groupings claiming ownership of the true One and Its Holy mountain.

They carry divisive concepts about the nature of the One and Its Oneness, and their casts of self-anointed “priests” always think that they are tasked to be the controlling gatekeepers and intermediary stations to the truly Divine.

Sadly, very few truly connect through the inner “portal” to the One and Only whom they externalize, and neither do they teach anyone how to connect directly by claiming to be the One’s chosen privileged ambassadors on earth.

These casts of priests belonging to the trilogy of monotheistic Abrahamic religions are not yet ready to unite as One and with the One, and their flock is at risk of clashing over the human “ownership” of the Mountain of the One, the old temple mount.

A flashpoint may be proximate in the Golden City of Potential Eternal Peace: Jerusalem.

I want to refer to its potential avoidance by encouraging all to read the One and Only “solution” directly offered “out of the box of present human thinking” by the One in 2005 and posted on our site as the “City of One part I and II” regarding  His city where She as Shekinah’s Presence rests now hidden and buried, as She is now entombed willingly as Stillness within while awaiting for our fateful choice between Oneness or separation and the cosmic consequences it shall carry for all.

Please let us avoid any “dark spark” that may ignite the “human-made fire” caused by our destructive tendency to separate and exclude others from Universal Oneness based on false and mainly man-made distorted and restricted versions of the Truth about the Universal One.

I ask for your help, oh One, to keep the Peace of One until we are ready to fully manifest you as our Source and be in Oneness,  universally so!

Please do not allow and promote the division of the City of One, for that would mean the End to the One’s Dream for true Oneness, the End for this Creation, as the city is to be a live training and testing ground for our ability to Unite as One and learn to eventually operate as the many in complete Oneness with deep respect and Love for each other as One’s human children. 

It is but only when the sparks within unite in perception, as they finally realize that they were always joined through that same and only STILL Silent One Core, as One, and when and if they decide as One to operate as pure Oneness everywhere, that the central Yerushalem in the manifest plane shall awaken.

And then shall the Rock of Salvation representing the One operating the Father  (God)-Son (Man) equation that truly remains undivided as One Rock, awaken within and without!

This One Solid Divine Rock of Salvation (AB-Ben Shtiyah: words for the foundation stone in Hebrew, which are but a code to the Father/Ab-Son/Ben foundation (Corner) Stone of Creation)  exists under the Dome of the “Rock” and inside each of our core-hearts. 

When truly awakened within us, this Pure One’s energy Light shall proudly rise from under the Dome of the “Rock” and shoot upward from the ground Its Shekinah Light – as She reconnects to the One’s Mansion of the Pure One above- reaching throughout the Spiritual heavens, permeating all space, and all timelines, and spreading everywhere.

And from then on, the Active Shekinah Presence shall manifest in every one of us, everywhere, and everywhen, as the Holy Trilogy Shall manifest openly, connecting ”actively and perceptually” forever the risen Shekinah as the active Divine Father to the active co-Creators: the Children of humanity: the Son, through the Holy Spirit (the One Source we all carry as Life), forever so, re-forming and manifesting the Rock-like Light of Salvation that can never be split ever again, for Eternity!

And not only will the prior subsequent builders of all our Creational systems of thought and Creation remember that “Foundation Cornerstone” whom they had forgotten because It lay Still, in silence, within them, but they will cherish It as they recognize that they truly made the hidden “revealed’ because of their commitment and their dedication to Oneness.

And yes, as was hoped before the inception of this Great Creation, mankind would have finally succeeded in their true mission, which was to awaken the One and be One in Oneness.

Mankind shall have saved their Core: the One, and they shall all be called “Saviors,” every single one of them, having achieved the correction of all the world (Tikkun Olam).

And we shall all go up the Holy Mountain of One within and without, singing the Song of All songs, the Song of the ONE, united as One because we would have saved The One, we would have saved all of our selves.

And Yerushalem shall then indeed be the City of One, becoming the true Jewel of all Creations.

The City of One would then not only be the capital of the Hebrew nation back from exile but the capital of all nations back from their exile from the One and the energy of Unity. All nations and people of this earth would come and focus upon this Holy offering to the One God: The One Spirit within all.

And eventually, our planet, EARTH, shall be called the Planet of ONE and Unity, recognizing the City of One, Yeru-Shalem, as its Eternal capital.

And as the many shall know themselves as One and as the One, and the One shall know Itself as the many, the Eternal Peace of God shall reign all over space and across Eternity forever.

And the Holy city of One’s name shall go back to its singular form as YeruShalem: the Holy city of Shalem: meaning fulsome WHOLENESS (in completing the Divine Mission of Oneness) and wholesome Divine Peace, as She was birthed originally to become again.

Do not divide the “City of ONE: the Yeru-Shalem” without, and do not divide the Yeru-Shalem within all of us: it is all One and The ONE. Let us unite around this principle of Truth.

And then the City of One’s infinite beauty shall be shown as the city of the Shekinah, the Divine One, a pure symbol of infinite Love and exquisite Beauty to be seen and felt by all that shall go up the Divine mountain physically and spiritually from all over our and other worlds to experience their very Core: The One and the Only. Hoshanah!

This was, is, and shall always be the Original Dream of the Original One. 

That is why the One broke again and poured an ocean of tears today because of His burning desire to unite these little sparks of Itself and transform them into the many Holy Lights that should awaken the Great Light of the Holy Matrimony of the One Creator and His Bride (Its Creatures).

Oh, how beautiful and Intensely burning is but the Love that can be found in the Dream of the One hoping for and maintaining the Holy vision of seeing all Her children united as the One’s family, as One, as one Holy family, ALL shining from within with Her Light made Creative and active, and expressing that very Light as the Holy of Holies Rock of Salvation on the manifest earth plane, as the many and for the many!

NOW was the moment, and maybe still is, if we show a complete inversion of tendencies from separation to unity, from fear to Love, from many to One, to save our selves and our Greater Self.

Perhaps we can still create and courageously bridge ALL and reach, across the sea of the end, our true Beginning as actual Divine Beings and occupy our true Divinely promised land as the heavens and earth unite forever as One in Oneness.

I have no more words!

I shall remain here for those who want to connect or re-connect, instruct them personally, and commit to helping guide them through the dark tunnel where we are all enslaved within and without.

I shall show you that you all carry “within” the true Godliness, as was the final realization of the prophet Elijah as he finally realized that “the core of God was in the SILENT STILLNESS as a thin voice within himself” and not in the manifold manifestations, and understood that he and all humans carried the same “core Stillness of Shekinah” within each of us.

I genuinely want you to experience Its voice of Silence, Its infinite Loving, Rock-like, Sweet, solid Pure LIGHT.

I, you, we, can awaken Shekinah to become the Divine Father again, all active, all Present within and without, and “save ourselves and Creation.

We can unite the Divine Father and the Human Son (ourselves) to become truly One in realization, awareness, and operations through the Only REALITY: The Holy of Holies Spirit of ONE connecting ALL.

And the Kingdom shall not be any more “far away, Shem” but Here on Earth as we manifest our true Greater unifying Self, The One and Only Divinity.

And a gigantic smile shall stretch over the endless shores allowing us to Create evermore beautiful and Loving Creations together until Eternity.

May you all pray for the peace of the inner Jerusalem (Shekinah’s Still Presence) you carry deep within all of your selves and the Silent-for-now Shekinah Core buried within the “outer Jerusalem” the direct daughter connected to the Core of Zion – i.e., the hidden upper Heavenly Jerusalem above, where the Pure One resides in His Celestial Mansion – all One, for that Is all It can be there.

It, sHe, only wants, as the One, to bring Love, Light, and Her Unity to ALL of Her human children, without ANY exception, as Her Love is unquenched and burns fiercely and equally as YAH until sHe achieves Its Dream of Oneness.

Understand that, as One, It is ready and impatient to forgive and forget ALL our mistakes, like a mother to a child, a father to His children, a Loving Bridegroom to His Beautiful Bride.

Please do not let go of the Dream of One and let us keep it alive in our hearts and actions, and we shall overcome all obstacles as One and operate as Oneness!

I beg of you, Unite and never divide again, for the pain and the suffering this brings are excruciating at all levels

Join me, join each other, and let us be the blessing and the blessed all at once.

God Bless!

Out of the Silent Stillness: One! That is all you should focus upon.


Gerald O’Donnell

Founder, ARVARI

January 1, 2023



Post Scriptum

PLEASE read at least the last five messages from the One that I received and PAY ATTENTION to what they said as all is true, and as you can tell, the final phase is engaged, but man’s reaction or lack thereof has changed some preliminary plans and evolved the One’s decisions.

Why should you?
This is a very pertinent question.

And I shall try to explain succinctly the reason why the only way to save your individual self from all miscreation and confusion caused by conflicting programs is to awaken your inner Divine spark by going deep within and climbing first vibratory wise and then within Pure Light the Tree of all Creation until You experience the Core Universal One.

Then will you be truly “reborn” inside our common One Source and bring your little self/soul to Its origin, which birthed all of you.

At that point, you should come back down fully transformed and empowered in your mission of saving Oneness!

Reading carefully these fully embracing, non-divisive, non-sectarian Messages from the One should lift you towards a much Higher and offer excellent clarity and understanding of Oneness and help you desire to establish, directly and privately, in the depth of your soul, a permanent connection with the One.

This is my goal for you now, as I shall endeavor to show you the way to the unlocked and open “portal” to the One which you all carry in you.

Thousands of our trainees have already been at the Threshold to the One using our “Portal Training,” but yet very few entered.

This should soon change as I shall guide many all the way up (inward spiral) to the One and back down through the maze of stationary points (Creations) in between.

You shall have to decide if you want to enter or are still afraid of Oneness.

I can only tell you that true Oneness is the only solution horizontally across all divides on our planetary plane and vertically across all levels/substations of the One.

The benefits of the ultimate ascension to the One shall be enormous and spread across the personal uni-verse of each spark of the One since everyone connects to and through the One.

Please help me spread this article and the past communications from the One, all posted on our site.

Do this, not for me, but for our Greater common Self and good, and in that act, you shall start engaging in the Greatest adventure of all times: Saving One and ONENESS.

Yes, you, each of you, can become the savior of your whole Creation.

I have restricted means and cannot do this all by myself. So I need you to help me help you help us. We both need one another. Thank you.

Happy thoughts shall be here again soon!


The Five last Messages from the One







Regarding the Holy City of One:





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