Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Interview with Gerald O’Donnell: Part I November 5, 2012 (Released October 10, 2013) The Key to Ending Our Travels and Travails through the Dark Matrix of Fear The Pole of Fear versus the Pole of Unconditional Love: Our only Possible Choice. The Real Biblical Great... read more

Shaking Away the Unreal

Dear friends : On October 10, 2011, I was interviewed by Doreen Agostino of and I consider this one of the most important interviews I have ever shared. PLEASE Listen... read more

Back to Oneness

Interview about the Nearing Upcoming Matrix Revolution back to Oneness. Very Important Interview January 11, 2011 The Final Pole Inversion Melting Into Oneness The Last “Cosmic Clash” and its Potential Resolution We hold the Key to Remote Influencing and... read more

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